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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sons of Anarchy Based on Hell's Angels, merchandizing! Show a great success but the art work awful by Suzannah B. Troy

Sonny Barger had a cameo with the show's creator playing club members having a special meeting in prison and the successful show has consultants and the clubs blessing I gather.

In 2003 I came up with a story idea for an international biker club turned in to a financial service firm on wheels -- the story was really based on white collar crime and how much it costs tax payers -- billions whether the white collar crime is caught and prosecuted successfully or not.

I read up on the Hell's Angels and look at the websites. Their art work is stunning. Their logo beautiful and haunting, a skull laughing at death so perhaps after Sept. 11 one reason they caught my attention.

Houston Street, Katz's Deli.

Note: The Hell's Angels have said they are bad. They come with warning labels and imagery to underscore their point.