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Monday, March 7, 2011

Man who punched woman in to a coma said it was a reflex so why is he out

This is a hate crime against women. I hope there is video tape because she is so petite it is hard to believe she could reach up that high and hit his face repeatedly. If he has a reflex problem why is he out on bail. Clearly he is a danger. Not one woman politician has spoken up including Christine Quinn who got a speeches writer and millions to try to be mayor as in Mike for a 4th term. This victim would have to be gay for Quinn to speak up in outrage.

Quinn is all talk -- she can say all the right things but look at her actions! Look at who is donating big bucks for her mayoral run. Look her up here and see for yourself

Why are women politicians silent, especially those from the East Village?

What are the statistics re: Violence towards women. Rapes have been reported up! Welcome to Misogynistic NYC.

Look at the graffiti in NYC -- x percentage is so sick and sexually twisted directed at women -- pathetic.

Listen to high school kids language even girls and it is shocking.

Welcome to Misogynist NYC.


Welcome to Misogynist NYC! Remember what ever the stats they are under reported.