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Monday, March 21, 2011

Christine Quinn did not have money for the rent 4 times but she has money for a speech writer and a new condo! Mike and Quinn spin and lies Scroll down on true news until you get to christine quinn.

Reminder Christine Quinn got herself a speech writer and a luxury condo in a buildings she used tax payer money to smooth the way re: some garbage issue next door and she is back to this crazy idea we believe what she says but New Yorkers are not stupid. We know when Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn talk to read the sub-titles as in lying and full of bull-loney.

Quinn sold the great lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy. Has he helped you? No!

They helped their pals.

Read The New York Daily News every day as they expose the real Christine Quinn instead of the phony puff pieces that have been strategically place on behalf of her mega-rich pals that want her in office so Mike can have a fourth term.

The NY Daily News reporters already exposed Christine Quinn was sued 4 times for not paying rent and she wants to be our mayor! She said we need Mike to help us? Well she can’t come up for money for the rent but she magically has money for a condo and a speech writer?

Do the math! scroll down until you see this!

On April 28 the Council Slush Fund Investigation Enters Its Forth Year

Its 1057 Days Since the City Council Hired Lawyers To Defend Themselves From Member Items Slush Fund Crimes

* Entire City Council That Was In Office On April 28, 2009

"Politicians in New York City and Albany really enjoy giving away the public’s money and making it seem like their own largess. As the latest news out of the New York City Council attests, these grants are, at best, a political trick intended to buy voter loyalty. At worst, they have led to outright theft." (April 29, 2008, NYT Editorial)

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