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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The NY Post's powerful reporting on E. Village the Hells Angels got a lock for their bench no reports on massive corrupt real estate dealings NY Law


02/08/2011 8:02 AM

It is really sad with all the corruption in NYC gov and real estate dealings being pushed through the East Village and the Lower East Side that the NY Post can't report on that starting with the "hotel" you report next to the Hells Angels which is actually NY Law Dorm. NY Law has no campus in the E. Village but aided and abetted by Amanda the people's Burden, a socialite mega millionaire city planner NY Law was able to bust through zoning in this case illegally but surprise they are above the law. There have been countless water main breaks, main hole cover explosions and do you think it is because of all the corrupt zone busting builds in the neighborhood like Cooper Union now pushing yet another shady wrong zone buster tearing down the yellow science building to supersize and lease for 99 years like they are leasing the property where there was a parking lot by the black cube but it is now a sky piercing mirrored building that looks half empty. Thanks to Bloomberg and Burden are safety is at risk, mass displacement, illegally shady zone busting deals like the USPS air sale to NYU that illegally by passed the State of NY. Good reporting on the East Village.

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Visit 120 East 12th Street to see the scene of the crime -- St. Ann's now a zone busting NYU dorm that never should have been built since the USPS never notified the State of NY as legally required. I called the head of Environmental Crimes under Cuomo NY State Attorney General and he said we had a case against them but apparently no one wants to bring a case against them and I guess you need a lot of $ to take on the USPS and NYU's illegal air sale.

I wrote 2 short stories that are podcasts in ITunes -- Murderville East Village where an infamous motorcycle club is blamed for a murderer and they are innocent and guess who is guilty and why. The story involves the corrupt real estate deals and a site that happens to resemble St. Ann's.

The other is Chopping the Street -- a story about how White Collar Crime is above the law and how it is costing the tax payers billions. I wrote this before Wall St. actually imploded.

Since I wrote this -- who knew we would see the most corrupt real estate dealings right in our face and all above the law under Mike Bloomberg?