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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mark Page didn't really know Sal Salamone CityTime Scandal but does Peter Powers (Rudy's guy) since Powers and Salamone are both lobbyists for EMC Cor

Sounds like Sal Salamone is now potentially in big trouble from this article --- not only from his role as one of the highest paid consultants for SAIC on CityTime but also because he quit just before an investigation by Dept. of Investigation way back when under mayor Dinkins -- click on NYDN article to read.

"In an August 1993 report, DOI accused several aides to Mayor David Dinkins of improperly favoring a troubled city vendor, Lockheed Information Management Services.

In 1986, Lockheed was accused of bribing city officials in what became known as the Parking Violations Bureau scandal.

By 1993, Lockheed was angling for a contract to computerize the city's parking ticket system. That's when DOI probers found evidence Salamone leaked a rival's bid secrets to Lockheed.

When the Investigations Department told the city about the leak, the then-parking bureau director said there was a "very strong likelihood" the bid had been compromised. The bid was terminated.

Salamone retired weeks before DOI's report went public.

Peter Powers and Salamone have SAIC and EMC in common. Mark Page and Peter Powers have the MTA and SAIC in common. I would love for them to be questioned on such have much....

Question: Sal Salomone, Mazer get to come back and work for NYC gov. ?

Does Bloomberg's company get any breaks from this tech companies Salmone and Powers lobby for?

Click to see larger Rudy brought in SAIC to handle CityTime when Rudy was still mayor. The other youtube link in this post talks about timeline re: SAIC and Peter Powers. Remember Peter was Rudy's deputy mayor and I believe he left before Rudy brought in SAIC but I would want to ask Peter when and how he developed a relationship with SAIC and the MTA. Than we have Mark Page being appointed by Mike to be on the MTA committee....