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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christine Quinn wants to help small businesses? Too little too late!

Crain's article pushing the lies for Christine Quinn -- all we need to do is use our eyes! Too little too late! The largest mass displacement push out under Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden including the push out of countless small businesses. I can't wait for a mayoral debate with her opponents -- they will tear Quinn to shreds and I wish I could put up photos of all the empty businesses as she spouts her bull-loney we New Yorkers are sick of her and Bloomberg selling like Quinn telling us we needed Mike to help us with the economy! They only helped their friends!

It is clear the millions tossed at Quinn to be mayor, so Mike can have a 4th term running NYC from the golf course have payed off with a 30 pound weight loss and speech writer but Quinn has to explain how she brushed aside to investigations in to CityTime thereby aiding and abetting the 80 million dollars stolen of tax payer money so far exposed because more will be revealed is talk on the street. Go to my blog where I will have a photo one block from St. Vincent's that says after 30 years closing! The picture underscores Quinn is all talk, too little too late and she and Bloomberg and the greedy developers donating to Quinn's mayoral run explain why we bail out banks but not hospitals and why we have no hospital in the W. Village? A gay man was bashed and rushed 2 blocks to St. Vincent's put in a coma to save his life and now under Bloomberg-Quinn we have a record no. of stores closed and hospitals. She is like Mike all spin, smoke and mirrors.