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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dave Paterson gets on NYU, the evil empire's payroll, why am I not surprised?

NYU is the evil empire crushing our communities so how appropriate they hire a liar and a guy that I believe ever so politely intimidated a victim of spousal abuse by his friend he put on payroll courtesy of the NY tax payers.

After I wrote this blog posting it was revealed that Paterson called her directly as well as having his staff contact her.

No surprise NYU would rush to hire him. He has been accused of lying, zero integrity, etc. Perfect. John Sexton is the Darth Varder of NYU minus any redemeening quality. I would say he sold out but Sexton sold his soul and bought up our neighbors. The only thing Sexton, Bloomberg and Amanda the people's Burden have not done besides tear down our historic buildings is provide buses trains and NYU trolleys to move long term community members out. Dave Paterson is perfect for the evil empire.

NYU is a drug dealers dream school -- same for anyone selling booze -- party time -- Dave is a party boy so perfect.