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Thursday, February 10, 2011

CityTime: How much of the 80 million have they recovered and can we get a full refund on CityTime - close to a billion dollars? That would prevent a

Last time I checked they had recovered 28 million of the 80 million. What is the update on that and why have no SAIC employees been arrested yet? Is there a cover-up for SAIC? The SAIC MTA deal that DiNapoli killed and than MTA and SAIC said tough we are pushing the deal thru anyway...what is the status on the crime, oops deal and the lobbyist for SAIC for MTA deal Rudy's best friend Peter Powers. Can we get a full refund on CityTime. That would be close to a billion $ - think that would help prevent some lay-offs?

These 3 links make SAIC look less than stellar....

Just a reminder, Rudy got rid of the original program AutoTime and brought in CityTime and eventually SAIC before he left office. Than Mike joined the club and when the 80 million was reported stolen he sang SAIC's praises and pushed SAIC and CityTime like it is heroin. Than there is that funny coincidence that Peter Powers just happens to be the lobbyist for SAIC and the MTA. Than I looked up lobbyists on NYC gov's website and funny coincidence, Peter Powers and Sal Salamone are both lobbyists for another company! Sal was one of the highest paid consultants for SAIC and Powers is a lobbyist. Also Mark Page was appointed by the mayor to MTA committee. Do you think they all know each other. Page says he doesn't know Salamone. Does he now Powers?