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Saturday, February 19, 2011

CityTime Crook hires Mafia Defense Attorney???!!! by Suzannah B. Troy

The lawyer representing Mark Mazer, kingpin of CityTime fraud....The lawyers name is Gerald Shargel as in :
Best known as the "house counsel" to the Gambino Crime family.

Question: If true where did Mazer get the money to hire Shargel?

p.s. There is good news though! We don't have to pay for his defense attorney! Someone in NYC gov. okayed high priced defense attorneys for Christine Quinn and staff including Sullivan and Cromwell -- the same firm Goldman Sachs uses.

By the way -- are we in closer to recovering the 80 million dollars of tax payers money so far exposed as STOLEN and this was for CityTime which was suppose to prevent union workers -- low tier workers from stealing!!!