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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arrests at St. Vincent's Hospital Activists Can Be Heard Chanting in Paddy Wagon!!!!

Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn (aka known as Ms. Slush and Intimidation want to tell people where they can and can't smoke and they say it is a health issue but when it comes to saving hospitals they don't give a damn! They help their real estate buddies but a hospital in the West Village is a non-priority.

Bravo and well done for these activists!!!!

Subject: 6 activists arrest St. Vincent's



Contact: Jonah Price


*Arrest: Community Activists Arrested at St. Vincents Hospital Sit-In*

New York, NY – On February 8, at 10:30 am, four former patients and
impassioned community members entered the building at the location of the
closed down Saint Vincent's Hospital. These activists then sat on the
ground, unfurling a banner that reading "Guilty: Negelct!" and began to
chant - refusing to move. Saint Vincent's personnel closed off that section
of the building - currently operating as a Credit Union - and refused entry
to members of the credit union as well as persons employed within the
building. Two hours after their arrival, the four activists were arrested
and taken away by the police.

For 284 days, 1.3 million New Yorkers have been without a hospital in the
West Village. Since St. Vincent’s illegal closure on April 30, 2010, the
community has been laden with false promises, patronized with a bogus needs
assessment and forced, with tragic consequences, to seek emergency or
medical care at already overcrowded uptown or East-side hospitals.