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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Acid Graffiti East Village -- the glass can't be cleaned -- it must be replaced

Update: Too very nice NYPD officers from 9th came. Karen praised the officers which I was happy to hear.

Karen's Van...-- looks like 2 lines of text and the top right possibly says "Queer"

if so isn't that a hate crime?

The community are aware of hate crimes -- and my first hand experience was with "white males".

Click on the photo to see a milky text which can't be washed off. The glass itself must be replaced so when the person is caught and hopefully brought to justice, justice would include re-imbursing everyone for the damages. I don't know when Moishe's was hit.

43 and 44 St. Marks Place were hit as well and I am guessing the same time as Karen's van which I believe was sometime between Sunday and Saturday night.

Suzannah and Karen waiting for officers from the 9th Precinct. I left. It was cold.

It is 1:53PM now. I wrote this this morning and posted on my blog :" I will have photos and more information including a possible gay slur later today. I heard of at least on vechile and a bakery. It may take me time to get more info but I should have at least one photo by this afternoon."

One incident happened on St. Marks Place sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Karen is a Viet Nam Era Vet meaning she did not go to Viet Nam. I believe she was stationed in Germany. She has health issues and has to visit the VA hospital often like this morning. Since a woman at the 9th Precinct turned her away the other day and appeared annoyed that Karen even bothered I made some calls and paid the 9th a visit. The 9th has a large group of police officers and some are very nice and some are not - I guess like any group.

Just by asking a few questions I had learned these acid attacks occurred before including approximately a month ago on St. Marks. I spoke to someone who said he did not bother to contact the police last month because he believed the NYPD they do not want to do the paper work. The last time he did so he had video footage of someone dumping garbage in front of his building and the NYPD did not want to be bothered. He is convinced it is a paper work issue.

p.s. I feel sorry for the good police because their pensions were mishandled and if anything they are owed money not the other way around as in having their bonuses taken from them.