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Sunday, February 20, 2011

9th Precinct NYPD's Rape Cop NYPost re-reports exclusive

The NY Post is re-reporting an exclusive. The NYPost also exposed the fact a female Lt. is suing the NYPD because she was called a four letter word starting with a "c".

The Deputy Inspector than De Quattro was a good guy and maybe the current guy Lehr is as well but it seems impossible to keep a handle on what their staff is doing perhaps because the precinct is so large?

There are at least 3 women that should not be carrying a badge or gun as well but this is the dark side of the NYPD -- I am a supporter but of 35,000 staff they are some serious bad apples and the NYPD has not been successful getting them out before the do major damage as well as a percent that should never ever has gotten in in the first place.

The Rape Cop was a handsome guy that looked more like a soap opera star on TV so you can't judge a book by its cover. There was heroin hidden in his locker and I always thought he might be using that to barter sexual favors. His younger partner is a disgrace and should have reported him to Internal Affairs.

The 9th Precinct's old nick name was the S/// House and the new 9th Precinct is called the Rape Precinct. The 9th has to do some major work to re-haul their image and so far they haven't. One suggestion is bringing in as many new people as possible and rotating out as many as possible like a new blood transfusion.

City of New York: Internal Affairs Bureau

315 Hudson St # 3
NY 10013
(212) 741-8401 Let the phone ring at least 12 times if no one picks up.