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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tree Activists!!! NYU to rip-out more trees, 167 trees for their NYU Hotel development & kicking Mayor LaGuardia statue to curb as well!

I heard on the street NYU plans to rip out of Mother Earth 167 trees for their NYU hotel insane community crushing development. I hope tree activists will protest NYU. NYU was behind the unwanted "improvements" of Washington Square Park along with Mike Bloomberg and stunning trees were also ripped out of their homes in Washington Square Park.

The massive development NYU wants to do on both sides of the street on Bleecker on to LaGuardia including displacing the Mayor LaGuardia Statue along with massive displacement done in far more subtle ways than Columbia University's eminent domain abuse includes making the area as congested as Time Square with both their campus and hotel living, block out the light and sun that makes the Village the Village and make it very congested and dangerous for traffic. The development is massive and includes Mercer Street, supersizing also the gym area..... The area will be like Time Square with massive congestion of every kind and why? Because John Sexton and NYU representative the Greed Generation. They hire public relations people to say how good they are, to see the great lie.....

Where Mayor La Guardia is will be more retail stores to make LaGuardia Place look like Broadway.

I love this photo I took on my IPhone of the small child on a razor scooter peering up with great interest at Mayor LaGuardia. He was loved and people loved him back especially kids who he read the funny papers to every week on a radio show.

He served 3 terms but he did not buy a third term and Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg pushed through a very "slushy" third term in front of a corrupt city council and denied us a referendum.

John Sexton ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a third term and his mini-me Christine Quinn sold out the people of NYC, sold her soul to real estate developers for big campaign donations..... In my opinion I think there was a back room deal....Sexton runs down and Mike runs interference to make sure NYU continues it shady corrupt real estate dealings including where I lived next door for 20 years St. Ann's from 1847 , where the USPS broke the law and did not notify the State of NY as legally required when selling air space over a historical sight. The State of NY would have come in and investigated environmental concerns and is this in the best interest of the community. It never happened because NYU and the USPS wanted to push through the deal for their own greedy destructive purposes.

The USPS is a multi-billion dollar loser each year and their service is awful with some employees making the Mafia look warm and friendly. The USPS uses their Federal Status to abuse customers and harm the community with selling air space over St. Ann's without notifying the State of NY as an example. Visit 120 East 12th Street and take a look at NYU's dirty work and it could not have happened without the help of the USPS.

Now NYU want's Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn's help to make this area by LaGuardia and Bleecker COMMERCIAL zoning in the West Village!!!!!

Back room deal, dirty dealings that makes NYC look more and more like we are heading the same direction as Ancient Rome.

Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn, Amanda the people's Burden, a socialite city planner have sold this city out from under the very feet of the people of New York and over our heads with air space deals busting through zoning.

Write the mayor of NYC and tell him to stop the madness already....he has done enough damage....terrible damage and it must stop.....

The only thing Mike Bloomberg, Amanda Burden and John Sexton have not done is provide buses trains and NYU trolleys to move the people of NYC out for NYU's unending need to expand and now more trees are to be ripped out and the West Village it to become Time Square.

When Mike Bloomberg says progress he means get your moving van.

I was asked to mention that emergency vehicles will have an impossible time navigating through NYU's insane build if they get this hellish build built because of the poor design and massive build will create Time Square congestion in the W. Village.

I include the video from GVSHP but it does not include the area on the other side of Bleecker that also will be destroyed and the trees ripped out and Mayor LaGuardia Sculpture kicked to the curb.

400 ft. tall TOWER PLAN
NOVEMBER 7th and 8th