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Friday, October 22, 2010

Randy Credico WINS! Judge Dearie rules in his favor and he will run to 2 lines against Chuck Schumer! Gary Donoyan, Randy's lawyer rocks!

Breaking NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Randy wins and it is a win for us all who are sick of the political machine and the damage done especially here in New York!!!!!!!!!

The news!!!!!:

The motion for a preliminary injunction was granted. A written decision will be

issued on Monday. Randy's name will appear on the lines of both the LP and

the APP on the November 2 ballot; not just one of them - Libertarian and Anti-Prohibition.

Randy's lead lawyer is the dynamo Gary Donoyan with Len Weinglass and support from Margaret Ratner Kunstler.

Highest praise for Gary who I spoke with on the phone (not today but previously) and he GREATLY impressed me!

I spoke to Randy Credico briefly on the phone and he said he is excited and thrilled....The State Attorney General can use this as an opportunity throw out the Jim Crow Era voting system from the Tammny Hall days.

By the way, Randy's adversary, Chuck Schumer and even the State Attorney General who happens to be also running for governor, Andrew Cuomo are running on three lines.

I was also given a heads-up that Randy and Gary should check the Board of Elections and ask for a sample ballot to make sure the BOE get's it right. They are prone to inconvenient happenings -- that wasn't the terminology.

And as I have said before I LOVE YOU JUDGE DEARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo from Suzannah B. Troy

I say that a lot but luckily most people, okay the sane ones get it....!!!!!

This could be a precedent for future elections!!!!!!!!!

oh, p.s Randy Credico was endorsed by Richard Nixon sorta....