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Saturday, October 9, 2010

NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia University the "greed generation" lead by presidents of the universities by Suzannah B. Troy

Welcome to the "greed generation" that symbolizes NYU, Columbia U. and Cooper Union. The greed generation is lead by John Sexton and fellow presidents of these real estate magnates that want the communities removed, the history destroyed for a temporary population of youngsters and the staff that caters to them and a small elite group that actually teach them.

Peter Cooper has to be rolling over in his grave. He wanted to help people. Look at the stats of who Cooper Union helps and I am guessing a small percentage are actually poor. A neighbor attended Harvard and her family was fabulously rich yet she got a free education at Cooper Union. She is driven around in a Porsche.

Cooper Union has joined NYU and Columbia U. as being a real estate magnate first and foremost. The now departed president of Cooper Union admitted on television, Cooper Union is a real estate magnate.

Cooper Union is going to tear down their little yellow Science building and supersize it way out of scale with the neighborhood except for NYU, Cooper U. dorm across the street and the sky piercing dorms and condos that followed NYU mega-dorming the East Village to death.

NY Law does not have a campus any where near the East Village but NY Law students wanted a hotel like place to vacation while they get their degrees and they have it on 3rd Street replete with balconies. NY Law won't be turning out many activist lawyers and in fact I am not aware of any NY Law student volunteering to help the community in any way, are you?

The greed generation....I demanded NYU stop mega dorming the East Village to death and give us community outreach resource centers in ever dorm, every facility where they use the term "community facility" to supersize yet exclude the community and ditto for NY Law, Cooper Union, SVA who now also has a dorm in the East Village, The New School and I remember watching the New School dorm being built way out of scale except with the NYU dorms and blocking the view I had of Beth Israel where one of my family members was born.

Cooper Union tries to say they are not as bad as NYU but truly they are -- and when you see the sky piercing hideous ugly mirrored building by the black cube know that is Cooper Union's land they are leasing. It was a parking lot. Giuliani's city planner had said NO to Cooper Union's greedy destructive ways but once Amanda, the people's Burden, a socialite mega-millionaire turned city planner, city planning is a hobby for her to help all her rich greedy friends and she and her best friend Mike Bloomberg have no respect for the people of NY, especially the middle class and poor. The only thing Mike Bloomberg, Amanda the people's Burden and John Sexton have not done is provide trolleys buses and trains.

My guess is Mike Bloomberg made a back room deal that if Sexton ran down to testify that Mike must have a third term (and by the way can John Sexton even vote in NY?) than Mike would push through the dirty dealings of making the West Village by La Guardia Place and Bleecker commercial zoning.

Mike Bloomberg and Amanda the people's Burden did similar dirty dealings with St. Ann's helping to push through a corrupt illegal air sale by the USPS over St. Ann's. The USPS had to notify the State of NY they were going to sell air space over St. Ann's from 120 East 12th Street but just like blocking the fire hydrants the USPS could not be bothered to and used their Federal Status to abuse the law and the people of the community is a factor in why the USPS is a mega-billion dollar loser of $ on a regular basis.

Visit 120 East 12th Street and take a look for yourself. The State of NY never came in to investigate is this in the best interest of the community including environmental concerns. Never happened because the USPS and NYU were and are too greedy and corrupt and do not have any respect for the community.

At least a small group of Columbia U. students talked to me and stood proud and loud saying "Not in our name" joining the protest I filmed and posted on YouTube fighting the abuse of eminent domain by Columbia U. forcing an entire neighborhood to move called Manhattanville.

All with Mike Bloomberg's blessing and his socialite pal who thinks city planning is a hobby to help her rich greedy friends and get more invites to A list parties.

John Sexton is trying to push through yet another heinous zone busting building, an NYU hotel. Sexton will get prime real estate in hell for his dirty dealings but he will have a lot of company.

There is no anti-authority, anti-establishment group of college kids in NY anymore especially on New York issues and the community. That is why I wanted the community outreach resources in every dorm in the Village from Chelsea to South St. Seaport and NYU should be forced to leave Stuy Town which was meant to be affordable housing. The college kids would be forced to see that the communities are struggling and be motivated or required to volunteer even being given credits if need be.

John Sexton symbolizes the greed generation and for me he is the president of the greed generation running down and testifying at City Hall we must flush democracy down the toilet, we must deny the people of NY a referendum and this could not have happened if Christine Quinn who tries to pass herself off as Jane Jacobs did not sell the people of NY out and flush democracy down the toilet and why....? Why?

For real estate deals, dirty, dirty deals, busting through zoning that was put in place for a reason. Under Bloomberg-Quinn and the people's Burden I believe a record amount of New Yorkers were forced to move and many also left NY and more will be forced out.

They did not use machine guns, they did not send us to concentration camps but what they did and how they did it was so corrupt they have earned themselves prime real estate in hell.

Welcome to the greed generation. You won't find any kids protesting on behalf of the community on NYU and Cooper Union's campuses. Bravo for the small group of college kids I met who loudly voiced these words, "Not in our name" on the campus of Columbia University.