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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mike Bloomberg replacing Geithner as Treasury Secretary a done deal? Bloomberg so greatly harmed NYC, next Washington D.C.?

More interesting though was a remark from CNBC’s Larry Kudlow (around 11:45amET) – Kudlow says that a high-level source of his told him that Michael Bloomberg will be replacing Geithner as Treasury Secretary (Kudlow’s source apparently said this was a “done deal”).

Financial Sector is make happening because the glory days back and just dirty real estate dealing Mike and gang made him -- Wall St. believes he can do the same for them from The White House.

Is Haggerty going to The White House with him?

Is this Steve Rattner part 2? Steve Rattner ran to The White House when they want to get him away/ protect from the pension scandals....

and what the SEC so long -- Rattner pleaded the 5th to the SEC more times than Mike has been mayor....

Rattner took the 5th more times than all the mobsters in front of the crime commission in the 1950's.