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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Michael Rawson manager of The Mercer Hotel calls NYPD on Veterans & Artist vendors, NYPD leave water is thrown on Veterans from Mercer Hotel

FYI: A real Vet, a Korean War vet who is 79 and handicapped but after service no during was harassed by the NYPD today courtesy of the manager of The Mercer Hotel who thinks he is in charge of the NYPD. He doesn't want any cars illegally parked out front where it says loading and unloading and The Mercer Hotel uses the parking outside as private parking with valet service but the manager who in my opinion is an awful person who has zero respect for Veterans, handicap people and seniors demands the NYPD ticket them. Today the NYPD did not ticket them but made life difficult. After the NYPD left someone or several people from The Mercer Hotel threw water out on to the Veterans, one a Viet Nam Vet on both sides of the Hotel so on both Mercer and Prince Street.