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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mayor Mike takes City Board of Election to task, candidate Randy Credico takes NY State Board of Election to Court Fund Raiser Yippie Museum

Randy Credico doesn't have mega-billions of dollars like our mayor, king Bloomberg but rather than criticize the Board of Elections, Randy is going to be suing them at a State level so Mike Bloomberg, mega-rich guy,------talk is cheap, do something about the dysfunctional board of election rather than just complain.

Randy Credico is challenging the constitutionality of NY law limiting
him to one line on the ballot. I am going to post very detailed info on my blog about this tomorrow after Credico and his lawyer Gary Donoyan have completed their filing in court.

Make sure to come by the Yippie Museum this Thursday night for a fund raiser for Randy's legal fees. See the bottom of this posting for more info.

For now I have to rant about complainers like Mike Bloomberg that talk about the problems but not only does he not solve the problems but bring us even bigger problems. On a city level voting this time was worse for many New Yorkers, including me, so thanks mayor Mike... By the way, Bloomberg cut the Board of Elections budget which sure did not help them either so as usual it is a no win situation for the people of NYC with Mike always wanting his cake and eating it too. Back to Randy Credico, who is taking on the establishment, the political machine including Chuck Schumer and now the NY State Board of Election fighting for his and our constitutional rights.

Randy Credico is being knocked off the ballot on the party lines he hoped to run on, being limited to one unlike Andrew Cuomo or Randy's rival Chuck Schumer who are running on three. I will give you more info on this but let's switch channels first and go back to the Board of elections on a city level which is where Mike Bloomberg is belly aching as usual with little to no results as usual.

Every mayor talks about how we need change but the Board of Election remains an antiquated piece of machinery from Tammany Hall Days. Here is a blog posting on the NY Board of Elections from 2 years ago and the author is as critical today.

Local papers report king Mike Bloomberg is giving the city board of election hell for opening poll sites late and Commissioner Ray Kelly reported that the NYPD found "... 24 locations with no functioning machines when the polls opened at 6am on Sept. 14 as reported by Frank Lombardi in an exclusive for The New York Daily News. Lombardi also reports that the Board of Elections has hired Burson-Marsteller (fabulously expensive and critics describe B-M as sleazy) to learn about voter complications as in huh and where do they get the money to do that....? The tax payers....?

Dear Friends:

This week we will be filing a suit in Federal Court agains the New York State Board of Elections regarding our status on the November 2nd ballot. We were nominated by 2 parties, the Libertarian Party and the Anti-Prohibition Party. State law says we must choose one or the other even though Schumer is running on three ballot lines. We expect to have the law declared unconstitutional but the legal fees are mounting so we are having a benefit to help defray those costs.

Thursday Oct 7

A comedy fundraiser for Credico 2010 legal fees
for suit against BOE.

Yippie Museum
9 Bleecker Street
8:30 PM

Professor Irwi
n Corey
Scott Blakeman
Randy Credicoand more TBA
I look forward to seeing you there. Please spread the word! If you cannot make it to the event, but would like to donate or get involved, please see the links below.

For more information, on the campaign, please visit the candidate profile that was just published on

Randy Credio has assembled his own dream team, lawyer Gary Donoyan in the lead with support of Leonard Wienglass, the famed lawyer who worked with William Kunstler on the Chicago Seven Trial and Margaret Kunstler.

Win Randy, win and tomorrow I will bring you more information on this blog.

By the way, I called the public relations people at both the State and City level at the Board of Elections and I am waiting for a call back. The gentleman from the NY State Board of elections did call me back. He does not know about the law suit yet but when he gets more info and researched why Randy is being limited to one line I asked if he might call me back for a comment.

Hope you can make it Thursday night to support Randy!!!!!!!