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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Richard Nixon & Facebook? Resign Mike, resign, by Suzannah B. Troy

Bloomberg evokes Nixon because Bloomberg knows Haggerty is Watergate and he should resign in disgrace like Nixon. Mike doesn't want you to have an opinion. He wants you to believe what the press reported and if it wasn't for the Post (not NY) Nixon might never have been exposed. That was why the little emperor attacked bloggers and he doesn't want you to know or care about what his administration and campaign people have done although you would have to have concrete for brains not to see it from the wretched state of the streets to info available on his campaign mis-dealings. Resign Mike and to New Yorkers have an opinion! Mike is worried because the NY Post asked him to turn over 62 emails I believe phone calls between he and Haggerty and deputy mayors, campaign people may be taped as well as emails that could be his undoing as well as his campaign people as if he and Christine Quinn's slushing dealings denying us a referendum wasn't corrupt enough.

The above is a comment I posted on The New York Post and I do not know if it will remain up because "strange" things do happen like my entire YouTube channel coming down and the G. Gordon Liddy of YouTube and the internet, Mike's not very bright cyber thug identity thief doing his cowardly dirty deeds to take down channels of those with opposing views to the mayor, have them censored and removed in the dirtiest ways possible.

Mike Bloomberg has the same best friend and money manager as owners of The NY Daily News and The New York Times from what I have heard and Rupert Murdoch and Mike Bloomberg joined forces to testify in Washington so is it possible the 3 media heads along with Mike Bloomberg's other media mogul friends are doing there best to bury Ari Ronston's article in The NY Observer that lays out the facts really clearly about how Mike Bloomberg in my opinion clearly broke the law and could if he was you or I go to jail.

The NY Post asked Mike to hand over 62 emails he sent to Haggerty and Mike said no -- they are too personal so we bloggers talked about how this is Mike's Watergate.

I asked if Mike had any telephone conversations recorded between him and Haggerty and his deputy mayors etc. because if you call 311 or NYC gov. you all know our conversations are being recorded.

That is why Mike is evoking Nixon and he again is trying to use fear tactics to shut you up and shut you down but New Yorkers don't be afraid.

Bloomberg made his fortune with technology. Why come out against facebook and twitter? Why was he crying to The NY Times and MSNBC about "lawless partisan bloggers" which is the title I believe of the Village Voice piece that was posted on their blog? Because king Mike Bloomberg is the lawless one! He and Christine Quinn denied us a referendum. That in my book is criminal but investigate his campaign dealings and you can find action that is criminal...just read Ari Ronston's piece.

Michael Bloomberg instructs us to "Think Bloomberg"! He spent a record amount of money to steal this election and he could not win honestly and his win was the most expensive and humilating. I believe there were back room deals made re: real estate with NYU, as well as with finanical sector players as well as groups getting charity pay-offs? Am I allowed to think this, wonder this and also ask for this to be investigated besides demand the Justice Dept. to come in if the Manhattan DA won't demand Bloomberg and his staff turn over their emails and any taped conversations, audio or video?

Bloomberg brought up Nixon as a warning but he is the man that should be afraid. By the way, Nixon wasn't a party animal like Bloomberg. He was a very hard worker. He won a presidency while Mike will never, ever be president which was and is his dream. Nixon did not need to do any investigation of the Democratic party to win the presidency but clearly he lost his mind, his moral compass something like Mike Bloomberg except Mike needs to get a lot more parnoid and I don't think Bloomberg ever had a moral compass.

Mike doesn't want you to have an opinion. Bloomberg fears the power of Facebook and Twitter. He doesn't mention YouTube but the combination of YouTube, blogger, FaceBook and Twitter almost brought him down meaning he almost lost the most expensive and humilating election in New York History so that is why he doesn't want you to get on facebook.

I will have a YouTube on this later today.