May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cy Vance does not have the gumption to prosecute Mike Bloomberg for breaking campaign laws....

Oh my, Wolfson, the man we pay a 6 figure salary for talks. I thought after he made some contradictory comments on Haggerty & Mike -- the money he would be consulting defense attorneys as well and since Mike put campaign staff on the payroll we have to pay for his defense attorneys as well. Mike funneled money to Haggerty the previous election as well thru the Rep. party. Cy Vance knows this because I reported Mike to Vance's Public Integrity Hotline and directed him to Ari Ronston's article in NYObserver. I have YouTubes I made on this and blog postings. Ronston says Vance just doesn't have the gumption to do so. Based on Vance releasing the info he did on Haggerty Friday when the gov. election is so close and the media picks it up and erases Mike Bloomberg it seems the powers that be are erasing Mike's role. Haggerty is innocent. He is at least as innocent as Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg broke the law by not declaring the 1.1 mill he wired the day before the election but clearly he like so many other corrupt politicians are above the law. I just hope Mike is not billing the tax payers for his lawyers. We should not be paying 2 mill for his campaign staff as he threatens to close fire houses.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christine Quinn protested by Gay and Straight protestors at pre-election rally at LGBT Center

Dear all:

On October 27th, a group of gay and straight New Yorkers held a protest against Christine Quinn at a pre-election rally at the LGBT Center. As usual, we asked NYers to take a critical look at Quinn's shameful record - her campaign & budget corruption, her contemptible human rights and humane voting records, her betrayals of her constituents, her dirty back room deals, including her role in the term limits fiasco, and, as someone recently posted on a blog, "her abandonment of even the pretense of progressive politics."

New people joined our ranks in response to the news this week that Quinn received the lowest score of all Manhattan Council Members on the 2010 Human Rights Report Card published by Equality Justice:

Among the many politicians who took our information and/or looked at our posters were U.S. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, U.S. Congressman Jerry Nadler, NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, NYS Assembly Member Deborah Glick, and Andrew Cuomo's running mate Robert Duffy. We also had the chance to thank community activist Yetta Kurland, who is leading the fight in the courtroom and on the streets to restore a much-needed hospital at the St. Vincent's site. Quinn, who should be leading this fight for her West Side constituents, was virtually silent in the months leading up to the hospital closure (see last picture). Is that because the real estate developers who are planning a high-rise condo for the site have given her $29,700 in campaign contributions?

By all measures, this protest was a success. A few highlights:

1. Dozens of people, several of whom were skeptical of us, wanted to engage with us about why we were protesting Quinn. After speaking to us, most took our information.
2. Many people said they already agree with us: "I don't need your handout. I know all about her."
3. A few people suggested that they're willing to excuse her record simply because she's gay.
4. Two people commented that this is the second protest against Quinn they've seen in the past few weeks.
4. Oddly, one person who supports our cause said, "If you want to see her voted out of office, you need to start campaigning against her right now." And here I thought we've been doing that....

While we have not yet begun contacting the press, our protests have been covered in a couple of popular blogs:

Thanks to all of the New Yorkers who participated in this protest, and thanks to anyone else who made it to the end of this long message...

On behalf of the organizers

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wow Guess what? After Mike Bloomberg & socialite mega millionaire city planner Amanda Burden let NYU mega dorm the E. Village to death + sky piercing

Wow, we finally got zoning protection. Under the Bloomberg reign of greed and stupidity that has so greatly hurt this great city, mass displacement and driven out a record amount of New Yorkers, finally now after the destruction of the East Village we finally got some zoning protection!

I went to bed in the East Village and woke-up in a bad xerox of mid-town turning into a bad xerox of Dubai. Very guilty people think this is going to some how make up for what they have done but it won't.

Just like some very wrong people have done some very bad things to me -- it will come back to them....patience is required and in every culture around the word there is a shared belief that what goes around comes around. People get their's even if it is late in the 9th inning of their lives just desserts will be served.

In the poem I wrote when St. Ann's from 1847 was still standing I tell you about a telephone conversation I had with Amanda the people's Burden. My brief conversation with her underscored my belief of what a ruthless awful creature she is. The wicked witch of The East Village and like Bloomberg she kids herself we believe the phone double talk.

St. Ann's from 1847 survived everything all these years but NYU's need and greed to build yet another mega dorm in their quest to mega dorm the East Village to death. NYU could not get the job down without the help of the USPS which loses a record amount of money, multi-billion dollars A YEAR!!!!

My maternal grandfather was a mail man in the Bronx but what the USPS has evolved in to is a corrupt organization that abuses their Federal Status and they broke the law when they sold the air space to NYU and did not notify the State of New York as legally required. Andrew Cuomo is not going to sue the USPS over the air space siree. I had a very interesting talk with the head of Environmental Crimes about the illegal sale and had and Andrew Berman talk. The USPS is a multi-billion dollar loser a year and they want to kid themselves it is because of email but their customer service makes the Mafia look warm and friendly and they break every law possible blocking fire hydrants and selling air space without notifying the State of NY so the State can examine is this in the best interest but now after the fact, now that Bloomberg and the people's Burden destroyed the neighborhood and neighborhoods through New York they continue to lie and try and kid us they are our heroes. They will go down in history as destroyers of this great city and Bloomberg flushed democracy down the toilet with the help of Christine Quinn who is in bed with developers because she has sold her soul along with the rest of them....welcome to the greed generation.

It will take many, many years for the city to begin to repair the damage.

Have you ever seen the streets in such bad shape? They were better in Colonial Times. What about the record breaking number of infrastructure related problems like man hole covers, gas leaks, sewage break, steam pipe explosions, sink holes galoe, water main breaks.....why?

Because Mike Bloomberg and his socialite city planner Amanda the people's Burden pushed a reckless tsunami of development on "old" New York's infrastructure.

Glad we got it but I am not celebrating unless you it is in thinking of people getting their just desserts. I wish I could take the high road but right now I can't....



Join Us For Celebrations Tonight

Dear friend,

THE CITY COUNCIL HAS JUST VOTED TO APPROVE THE FAR WEST VILLAGE AND EAST VILLAGE (3rd and 4th Avenue Corridors) REZONINGS WE HAVE BEEN FIGHTING TO ENACT FOR YEARS, WHICH MEANS THEY TAKE IMMEDIATE EFFECT! These two rezonings will go a long way towards stemming the tide of inappropriate development in these two historic residential neighborhoods, and are a tremendous victory for community efforts in the face of stiff initial resistance from the city! Read the coverage in today’s CRAINS NY BUSINESSHERE.

made this youtube abut my poem and read it to you.

Now onto happy thoughts.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dead Apple Tour gets gas Soho

Mike Bloomberg Steve Rattner liars new YouTube of mine talks about Infrastructure and man hole covers exploding and look at what happen to day in E.V.

Wow my new YouTube on Mike Bloomberg and his money manger Steve Rattner being liars goes on about so many ways Mike has harmed NYC and one was pushing a reckless tsunami of development. I talk about man hole covers exploding, gas leaks, water main breaks and this afternoon from 9th Street to St. Marks Con Ed, the NYPD and FDNY had to turn up and Con Ed's emergency trucks are there now....

This is every day life and I had written Con Ed way back when and asked Con Ed to tell the mayor to slow down for our safety!!!!!!!!!

Mike Bloomberg put a big wig from Con Ed on the charter commission that did the nasty to prevent us from voting on putting term limits in place right now. They corrupt gang on behalf of Mike Bloomberg including Mr. Con Ed made it so we can vote for term limits but it won't be effective until 2020!

So corrupt and all so wrong.....

Mike Bloomberg and gangs dirty dealings to prevent voters for voting for term limits right now!!!!!!

Mike Bloomberg, the little emperor of NYC flouted the democratic process denying the people of NY a referendum and why? He said we, the people of NY needed him for a third term because of the economy. For the majority of New Yorkers not of "Mike Bloomberg's ruling class" the economy is worse.
The king of New York, Mike Bloomberg appointed a charter commission that could not come up with a simple yes or no question for voters to have term limits apply and now and instead we have a Catch 22. Why do I say that?

Catch 22 because if you vote "no" term limits are dead. If you vote yes, term limits doesn't kick in until 2021 which makes a Catch 4848. (22x22=4848 , 22 squared)

and my newest YouTube calling Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner liars and by the way Rattner urged Mike to run for a third $ term...but guys have no respect for limits.

Mike Bloomberg Term Limits He lies like a rug...look at the economy it is even worse now except for his exploitive greedy pals who profited greatly


It is Good to Be the King: Bloomberg: 3 for Me 2 for You

It is Good to Be the King
Bloomberg: 3 for Me 2 for You

Bloomberg, Term Limits and the Press

Mayor Has Secret Meetings with Media Moguls on 3rd Term - Gothamist

Mr. Bloomberg’s Third Term(NYT Editorial)
The law is particularly unappealing now because it is structured in a way that would deny New Yorkers — at a time when the city’s economy is under great stress

New York City lost 17,000 private-sector jobs in September

Mike Bloomberg Steve Rattner liars! Larry Flynt 's Hustler offer to Carl ...

NYPD Hero Feris Jones is promoted to Det. & praised by NYPD Brass for her marksman or should I say markswomanship, even the criminal's Mom praises her

I guess 50 year old women do it better and I am 48 so I look forward to 50 but BRAVO and high praise for NYPD hero Feris Jones.

The NY Post has their uniquely written article and points out the mother of the thug who robbed the hair salon and started firing his gun has many domestic complaints filed against her own son.

Commish Kelly and brass praised NYPD hero Feris Jones for her reserve and marksman or should say markswomanship and she was promoted to detective!!!!!!!!!

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo!!!!!!

Michelle Dortignac is performing two shows at the JCC to raise money and awareness for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

I'll be performing in a show at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan on Wednesday evening, October 27. The JCC is located at 334 Amsterdam Avenue @ 76th Street, and there are two shows: 6pm and 8pm. Tickets are only $15, and the money is going to raise awareness about Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Tickets can be purchased at the door. I hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Michelle Dortignac

Monday, October 25, 2010

King Mike Bloomberg continues to lie like a rug and thinks we actually believe him...on term limits

I wish lying carried prison time. Mike Bloomberg with the help of fellow corrupt politician Christine Quinn pushed through a third term and did so with slush money (aka abusing tax payers money) and intimidation. Mike Bloomberg lied and said we need him to help us through tough economic times but the truth was NYU wanted him in to push through a change in zoning from residential to commercial so NYU could have a massive NYU Hotel and make the areas from LaGuardia to Bleecker to Mercer in to a massive new hideous sky piercing development so the Village will continue to resemble mid-town and a bad xerox of Dubai. Bloomberg is even helping NYU to kick the statue of Mayor LaGuardia, a real mayor that cared about people and read stories and cartoons to kids on the radio instead of business man selling out NYC to greedy ruthless developers and financial creeps like his money manager Steve Rattner! Bloomberg created "the greed generation" and his appointed charter commission has again prevented us from voting to have term limits with a craftily worded ballot with "yes" or "no" answers. I called Board of Elections today and asked can I write in "I want term limits" and they said no. Thanks corrupt Mike Bloomberg for wasting for newspaper space with your lies.

Heard on the Street: NYPD and Sanitation Cops giving summons with NO warning for ATM machines outside stores, Mayor Bloomberg must really be s

NYPD SANICOPS giving summons (WITH NO WARNING) for ATM machines OUTSIDE a store.

Every middle class and poor person please be careful because Mike Bloomberg is continuing his reign of terror with insane and unfair ticketing and no warnings either.

Next maybe jay walking ...?

It is so disturbing how the poorest and most vulnerable are being target. I know one small business surviving by credit cards and donations from community sad is all this...economic racism and under Mike Bloomberg a record number of small businesses have closed, record number people have been displaced and or moved, left NYC....

Welcome to Bloomberg's New York....

21 year old stabbed to death in the East Village by neighbor fragile NY

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Crazy Piano Man with a pint size admirer

Oct. 26 at 6PM LGBT New Yorkers and allies

Chalking Party in support of the American Equality Bill

Adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the Civil Rights Act of

October 24, 2010 -- New York, NY – On Tuesday, October 26, at 6 p.m., LGBT
New Yorkers and allies will gather outside 780 Third Avenue in Manhattan, to
write chalk messages on the sidewalk outside Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s
legislative offices.

Date : Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Time : 6:00 p.m.
Location : 780 Third Avenue, btwn. 48th / 49th Streets

Register to attend at :

Bring Your Own Chalk.

October 26 will mark the 30th day that a vigil called QueerSOS! has been
continually held outside Sen. Gillibrand’s campaign office at 15 West 26th
Street. In the month that has passed, the Honourable Senator has not said
when she will introduce the American Equality Bill. Tuesday night’s
chalking party at 780 Third Avenue is to encourage Sen. Gillibrand, who
supports the extension of civil rights to LGBT Americans, to introduce the
American Equality Bill.

Other actions sprouting up in support of the American Equality Bill :

* Since September 27, 2010, a vigil called QueerSOS! has been held outside
Sen. Gillibrand’s campaign office at 15 West 26th Street in Manhattan. The
vigil participants have been requesting that the Honourable Senator file the
American Equality Bill. For more information, please visit :

* The East Village blog of The New York Times published photographs of the
activist, Iana Di Bona, writing chalk messages in support of the American
Equality Bill on St. Mark’s and First Avenue. See :

* LGBT Americans are turning to social media power of FaceBook and have
created a group, which people are joining to learn more about the American
Equality Bill. See :

* Another American Equality Bill group has been organized in San Francisco.
See :

* A group of LGBT Americans in Ohio has been formed, and they have created
a page on FaceBook to organize support for the American Equality Bill. See

About the American Equality Bill :

The American Equality Bill would amend all existing civil rights laws,
including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to include “sexual orientation” and
“gender identity.” It would end de jure discrimination in vast areas of
life, such as : employment, housing, credit, public places and facilities,
and all programs operating with federal funding. It would also cover school
discrimination and bullying, adoption, and all federal health programs.

About Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand :

Sen. Gillibrand has said that she supports the inclusion of sexual
orientation into the 1964 Act. To view Sen. Gillibrand's statement on this
topic, listen to the following video at minute 7:43 :

Regarding the Attachments :

Photographs of Chalkings at 15 West 26th Street taken on 24 October 2010.
High resolution photographs available upon request.
Photo credit : Louis Flores
Fair Use Granted for print/web reprinting.

# # #

Suzananh B. Troy interviews Jimmy McMillian The Rent is too damn high Party live from the Lower East Side, NYC

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

NYPD activity, a police investigation so the 1 train suspended...from Notify NYC

Notification issued 10/22/10 at 7:50 PM. Due to a police investigation, the 1 Train is suspended in both directions between Rector Street and South Ferry. The R Train is bypassing Whitehall Street Station. For more information visit:

Randy Credico WINS! Judge Dearie rules in his favor and he will run to 2 lines against Chuck Schumer! Gary Donoyan, Randy's lawyer rocks!

Breaking NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Randy wins and it is a win for us all who are sick of the political machine and the damage done especially here in New York!!!!!!!!!

The news!!!!!:

The motion for a preliminary injunction was granted. A written decision will be

issued on Monday. Randy's name will appear on the lines of both the LP and

the APP on the November 2 ballot; not just one of them - Libertarian and Anti-Prohibition.

Randy's lead lawyer is the dynamo Gary Donoyan with Len Weinglass and support from Margaret Ratner Kunstler.

Highest praise for Gary who I spoke with on the phone (not today but previously) and he GREATLY impressed me!

I spoke to Randy Credico briefly on the phone and he said he is excited and thrilled....The State Attorney General can use this as an opportunity throw out the Jim Crow Era voting system from the Tammny Hall days.

By the way, Randy's adversary, Chuck Schumer and even the State Attorney General who happens to be also running for governor, Andrew Cuomo are running on three lines.

I was also given a heads-up that Randy and Gary should check the Board of Elections and ask for a sample ballot to make sure the BOE get's it right. They are prone to inconvenient happenings -- that wasn't the terminology.

And as I have said before I LOVE YOU JUDGE DEARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo from Suzannah B. Troy

I say that a lot but luckily most people, okay the sane ones get it....!!!!!

This could be a precedent for future elections!!!!!!!!!

oh, p.s Randy Credico was endorsed by Richard Nixon sorta....

It is a very powerful speech, and you have to listen to what somebody in the crowd said at 2:20 -- ‘’Too bad she didn’t win over Christine Quinn.’’

I want Yetta Kurland to represent the Chelsea district not Christine Quinn and you can see why.
And my YouTube....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tree Activists!!! NYU to rip-out more trees, 167 trees for their NYU Hotel development & kicking Mayor LaGuardia statue to curb as well!

I heard on the street NYU plans to rip out of Mother Earth 167 trees for their NYU hotel insane community crushing development. I hope tree activists will protest NYU. NYU was behind the unwanted "improvements" of Washington Square Park along with Mike Bloomberg and stunning trees were also ripped out of their homes in Washington Square Park.

The massive development NYU wants to do on both sides of the street on Bleecker on to LaGuardia including displacing the Mayor LaGuardia Statue along with massive displacement done in far more subtle ways than Columbia University's eminent domain abuse includes making the area as congested as Time Square with both their campus and hotel living, block out the light and sun that makes the Village the Village and make it very congested and dangerous for traffic. The development is massive and includes Mercer Street, supersizing also the gym area..... The area will be like Time Square with massive congestion of every kind and why? Because John Sexton and NYU representative the Greed Generation. They hire public relations people to say how good they are, to see the great lie.....

Where Mayor La Guardia is will be more retail stores to make LaGuardia Place look like Broadway.

I love this photo I took on my IPhone of the small child on a razor scooter peering up with great interest at Mayor LaGuardia. He was loved and people loved him back especially kids who he read the funny papers to every week on a radio show.

He served 3 terms but he did not buy a third term and Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg pushed through a very "slushy" third term in front of a corrupt city council and denied us a referendum.

John Sexton ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a third term and his mini-me Christine Quinn sold out the people of NYC, sold her soul to real estate developers for big campaign donations..... In my opinion I think there was a back room deal....Sexton runs down and Mike runs interference to make sure NYU continues it shady corrupt real estate dealings including where I lived next door for 20 years St. Ann's from 1847 , where the USPS broke the law and did not notify the State of NY as legally required when selling air space over a historical sight. The State of NY would have come in and investigated environmental concerns and is this in the best interest of the community. It never happened because NYU and the USPS wanted to push through the deal for their own greedy destructive purposes.

The USPS is a multi-billion dollar loser each year and their service is awful with some employees making the Mafia look warm and friendly. The USPS uses their Federal Status to abuse customers and harm the community with selling air space over St. Ann's without notifying the State of NY as an example. Visit 120 East 12th Street and take a look at NYU's dirty work and it could not have happened without the help of the USPS.

Now NYU want's Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn's help to make this area by LaGuardia and Bleecker COMMERCIAL zoning in the West Village!!!!!

Back room deal, dirty dealings that makes NYC look more and more like we are heading the same direction as Ancient Rome.

Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn, Amanda the people's Burden, a socialite city planner have sold this city out from under the very feet of the people of New York and over our heads with air space deals busting through zoning.

Write the mayor of NYC and tell him to stop the madness already....he has done enough damage....terrible damage and it must stop.....

The only thing Mike Bloomberg, Amanda Burden and John Sexton have not done is provide buses trains and NYU trolleys to move the people of NYC out for NYU's unending need to expand and now more trees are to be ripped out and the West Village it to become Time Square.

When Mike Bloomberg says progress he means get your moving van.

I was asked to mention that emergency vehicles will have an impossible time navigating through NYU's insane build if they get this hellish build built because of the poor design and massive build will create Time Square congestion in the W. Village.

I include the video from GVSHP but it does not include the area on the other side of Bleecker that also will be destroyed and the trees ripped out and Mayor LaGuardia Sculpture kicked to the curb.

400 ft. tall TOWER PLAN
NOVEMBER 7th and 8th

Christine Quinn-slushgate her Watergate? by Suzannah B. Troy

True News What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation? Council Slush Fund (True News)

Quinn: Why the Cover Up of the Slush Fund Investigation?
City Hall Crime Wave
What the Daily News and the NYP did not include in their editorials today is a demand that the council slush fund investigation be finished. We know that Quinn know about Councilwoman Ferraras involvement in Monserrate member item rip offs. She was the director of LIBRE which the feds say was put together to help Monserrate to win elections. The editorial boards should ask why a pol who wants to run for mayor is not working to get to the bottom of the council slush fund.

What about these Charges Quinn?

Bronx City Council member Larry Seabrook hit with laundry list of corruption charges

A 2nd pol treads on thin $lush Bx. councilwoman eyed as next fed target

Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo

Suzannah B. Troy's YouTube: Christine Quinn Monserrate Julissa Ferreras cover up City Hall?

and do not forget Haggerty debacle is Mike Bloomberg's Watergate.....

Rent Too Damn High Party NY Post

He is the only candidate to talk about poverty and that is a topic rarely presented and represented here in NY by candidates. The rents are too high and that resonates with most NYers. I may end up voting for Cuomo. I want to hear what he has to say between now and the election but he never answered the question who is behind the 50,000 campaign donation that is from a parking lot. Cuomo needs to answer that question. Democracy was compromised again because most NYer did not have access to the debate. Like baseball and basketball, street games, the debates need to be on local TV available to all people but the powers that be want to exclude the people of NY especially the poor and lower middle class from evening watching the debate. I made a YouTube on the debate "NY debate for Governor speaks volumes on CORRUPTION, NYers couldn't tune in, why?"

Read more:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NYU the destroyer wants to kick Mayor LaGuardia to the curb, the mayor that loved the people, Mike Bloomberg loves to crush the people for developers

NYU the destroyer wants to kick Mayor LaGuardia to the curb, impeach Mike Bloomberg and NYU learning the meaning of NO! NYU and Bloomberg and gang have no respect for limits by Suzannah B. Troy

I heard NYU got booed big and bad at the community board meeting when the NYU rep told the great lie that NYU works with the community. NYU, the evil empire, is not done with it's Purple Reign of Terror. NYU mega-dormed the E. Village to death. NYU tears down our historic buildings and visit 120 East 12th St. and see the facade of St. Ann's from 1847 and the newest hideous NYU Mega-dorm that looks like it belongs in Miami Beach. NYU uses Stuy Town as student housing and it was meant to be affordable housing for NYers. NYU is now bent on destroying what light and beauty is left in the W. Village and they are going to kick Mayor LaGuardia to the curb they way they have our community removing his statue for expanded retail so it looks like Broadway and Mike Bloomberg and socialite city planner Amanda the people's Burden support the destruction of our historic neighborhood and the continued push out. When Mike Bloomberg says progress, he means get your moving van. Under his reign of terror the Village looks like a bad xerox of mid-town turning into a bad xerox of Dubai. No wonder the creepy John Sexton ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a third term because no other mayor would allow this exploitative destructive expansion. If Mike Blomberg died right now John Sexton would prop us his dead body to make sure this horrific newest expansion went thru. Amazing that John Sexton and NYU can't comprehend the meaning of "NO!". It is not about higher education but clearly about higher greed and pure ruthlessness on the part of Sexton and NYU.

Look closely and you will see this beautiful little boy adoringly looking up at the mayor who loved children and read them the funny papers on the radio.

Our corrupt Mike Bloomberg should be forced to explain to children why he stands by his corrupt friend Steve Rattner who pleaded the 5th to the S.E.C. more times than Mike Blomberg has been mayor and why his best friend has to pay multi-millions to avoid jail time as well as explain to the kids about denying voters a referendum but Mike won't.

All the the lots with with greenery are owned by DOT and with one swipe of Mike's corrupt pen he can turn it all over to NYU and kiss Mayor LaGuardia, a mayor who carried about people good bye.

If there was a fire, mayor La Guardia was there. If Mayor LaGuardia had to visit a police officer or fireman in the hosptial it was with respect and caring. Mike mades rude inappropriate comments even breaking about his supposed conquests with women; Mike Bloomberg smoke and mirrors, Mike.

NYU wants to do the most massive Godzilla like builds yet but they need commerical zoning to do it.

This is not a democracy because the people continue to say NO!!!!!!!!!

They boo NYU at community board meetings, they sue NYU and if we could we would hire a good year blimp to spread the word.

NO more reckless community crushing development by NYU!!!!!

Live us what sun and greenery we have. Stop blotting out the sun and beauty of this neighborhood with your hideous ugly sky piercing architecture.

So breaking the laws knowing the NYPD will not ticket you.

2 cars parked in Fire Lane NO Parking and no tickets

This Hummer by the Picasso sculpture sums up the arrogance and the abuse of the law the NYU sky piercing mega hotel will bring.

NYU pays their public relations people to sell the great lie.

NYU is not working with the community but destroying the neighborhood and harming the environment, destroying the integrity and beauty of the Village.

The Village is not one big massive NYU campus but every hideous building they plop down here under Mike Bloomberg is another nail in the coffin our the historic Village.