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Thursday, September 9, 2010

NYU's "Spiritual Center" another slick real estate move to supersize destroy the beauty of NYC for GREED!!!!!!! by Suzannah B. Troy

I show you one small section of the area around the park that NYU has not torn down and supersized!
Just past the construction you see a big dark building and that is the hideous ugly Bobst Library which has be come the suicide capital of NYU and Universities across the United States. NYU was forced to install a suicide barrier.

NYU is so dam evil that John Sexton is going to get real estate in Hell he will get to supersize over and over for eternity in a far less friendly environment.

Any excuse to break through and destroy the history and beauty, displace as many people as possible.

As I have been saying for years now, the only think king Mike Bloomberg, Amanda , mega-millionaire, the socialite city planner and John the Church Murderer Sexton have not done is provide NYU trolley and buses to move the community, an inconvenient presence out for NYU's unending need to expand and exploit real estate in any way possible using their status as higher ed as a cover for higher greed!

Visit 120 East 12th Street and see how John Sexton got his name the church murderer....see the facade of St. Ann's from 1847 and he couldn't have gotten it done with out an illegal air sale to NYU by the USPS. The State of NY is not going to prosecute the USPS or NYU -- those lucky devils but the USPS loses mega-billions at an alarming rate. St. Ann's from 1847 survived everything all these years but NYU's need and greed to build yet another mega dorm.