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Friday, September 10, 2010

Miriam West's Jewelry top right colored photo of Coney Island by Suzannah B. Troy

The necklaces are two sided often with another photo or a spiritual quote....a spiritual uplift. Miriam West has amazing necklaces made from parts having to do with clocks and time as well.

This is a key to wind up a clock and again there are two sides to each art work that is also jewelry to be worn.

I made a video but I lost it by accident. Miriam is not allowed to sell her jewelry in Union Square Park. It is against the law like selling heroin but sadly it is easy to buy and sell heroin than it is jewelry art like this. She had to take her jewelry out of hiding to show me and than put away.

For now the artists have won a restraining order but there is another court date coming up this week.

Stay tuned.

Also Miriams' colorized photos that you can buy from her at Union Square Park should be featured in Architectural Digest coming soon! Here is Miriam's website and you can contact her there!

Here is an old YouTube I made interviewing her....

Since filming this the artist group Artist Power have won a huge round in court and the parks dept. has been ordered to restrain themselves literally to leave the artists alone!