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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mayor Mike Bloomberg and John Sexton, NYU pres. back room deal for commercial zoning for NYU hotel? by Suzannah B. Troy

Is the mayor with the help of his socialite, mega-millionaire, city planner, Amanda the people's Burden again working with NYU or should I say aiding and abetting NYU exploiting our neighborhood, crushing our community yet again? Remember we asked Amanda Burden for zoning protection to prevent the USPS from selling air space to NYU over St. Ann's? Visit 120 East 12th Street and see the horrific NYU St. Ann's mega dorm.

Another community nightmare horror story is happening again thanks to NYU, the evil empire, the purple reign of terror.
-- It is happening again with Silver Towers that is historical land marked but that won't stop NYU from building a King Kong size campus for temporary guests around it.

Is this community nightmare happening because Mike Bloomberg made a back room deal with the pres. of NYU if he ran down to city hall and testified Mike must third term and vote for him that Mike would make this happen? I don't know but people want to know!

NYU wants to put up a massive Godzilla sized hotel?

NYU mega dormed the East Village death and now wants a 40 story hotel in the West Village.

Do you want temporary massive housing or long term community members dedicated to the community and helping each other living here? Don't the people who made the neighborhood so attractive have a right to live in their communities? NYU doesn't even need to abuse eminent domain and is gobbling up the gardens, sunlight. This NYU, the Purple Reign of terror's newest plan for 2012 - 2030

They are taking away the character of the Village, Are we going to one a big piece of cement? Are we losing what green space we have left? YES!!!!!

The community garden would be history. NYU and our supposedly green mayor would be murdering off one of the last pieces of green....
Are they green with greed? YES!!!!!!!

The community would lose the supermarket called Morton Williams.

Please explain to me how the West Village, the area by Mercer, Bleeker and La Guardia Place could ever be zone for commercial use unless there were back room deals made?

For those who don't know where I am talking about it is south of Washington Square Park by the big black Picasso sculpture and it is going to be grossly out of scale except with other NYU zone busting community crushing buildings....what a nightmare and again ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

A hotel is commercial and this neighborhood residential area!!

Here is a YouTube from Greenwich Village Society for historic preservation and I did not consult them or discuss this blog posting with them.

Please read my other postings on NYU starting with this one.....

Ditto for Columbia University and the abuse of eminent domain with in my opinion Columbia U. telling a big lie stating that Manhattanville is blighted.