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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg Haggerty Gate Hits home + Christine Quinn Slush Gate
"BloombergGate Hits Home"

"Has Haggerty has decided to take everyone down with him or is he trying to get the heavyweights involved to stop his investigation? Stay Tuned

Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty points finger at Mayor Bloomberg's former deputy mayor
"Mayor Bloomberg's political mastermind was outed in court papers Friday as the architect of a plan to hide $1.1 million in Election Day poll-watching. Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty said in a 41-page motion that former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey convinced Bloomberg to hire the state Independence Party to do the monitoring - instead of using his own campaign team."

Suzannah B. Troy's thoughts: I made this YouTube in response to this article. Haggerty is Bloomberg's Watergate. Bloomberg doesn't want to turn over 62 emails and by the way our conversations to 311 and City Hall are taped...are Bloomberg and his staffs taped as well and if so turn them over king Mike! I also address Christine Quinn and slush gate!

Ditto for Christine Quinn, City Council and staff -- have they had any conversations taped like the people of NY calling city hall and if so why haven't prosectors investigated and called for tapes and emails to be turned over....?

Question: The Feds are handling the Christine Quinn City Council slush gate....?
How is that case going? All we know is that we the people of NY are paying for top defense attorneys including a law firm that Goldman Sach uses!

Can anyone effectively prosecute Haggerty and the fall-out which could mean Mike Bloomberg himself could end up being prosecuted if the laws actually did apply to everyone.

Has any candidate running for office actually made a donation of a million dollars or more before the election...or was it a donation......wired out of Mike Bloomberg's personal account.

Oh, I forgot to mention Steve Rattner who urged Mike to run or steal a third term. Both Mike and Steve have no respect for limits. It is rumored that Rattner urged the NYTimes to buy the new eminent domain (abuse?) building the Albatross that sunk the old grey lady yet his friends stick like glue...go figure?

How can the SEC not ban him -- he pleaded the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg ran for mayor?


p.s. Bloomberg, Quinn and gang -- it would be amazing if this was exposed, successfully prosecuted and all financed my Mike's people but we can't even get city council corruption prosecuted can we, Charles Rangel or Mike to hand over 62 emails...hand over? How about serving him with a warrant -- oh you ask a king? Mike flushed democracy down the toilet denying us a referendum so why should he be served legal papers forcing him to turn over emails to haggerty and believe me his people have a lot to hide...let us see their emails. How ironic -- Mike famous for policing his companies emails could in theory be taken down by his emails.