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The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Juan Gonzalez reports on a huge victory re: CityTme - John Liu orders fim to fix disastrous CityTime payroll system or ELSE!

"City Controller John Liu has won a huge victory for New Yorkers by finally shutting down the out-of-control CityTime spigot."

""New York City taxpayers are sick and tired of being milked by multibillion-dollar corporations for grossly overpriced and overdue projects," Liu said in a prepared statement.

This "signals a new era in city contracting," said Liu's spokeswoman Sharon Lee.

"There have been many problems with building CityTime," Bloomberg conceded in his own statement."

Read the entire article and here is my comment:

Great work by Liu! Wish we could get a credit back on all the money spent on this Tax Payer's Titanic but it looks like Liu has stopped the bleeding and madness Bloomberg allowed to go rampant! Juan Gonzalez deserves awards for bring this news to the tax payers attention with consistency and excellent. Gonzalez stood alone like a lighthouse in the storm while other papers barely reported anything on this Orwellian Time Clock that doesn't work very well and was moving towards the billion dollar mark!!!!

Here is my posting early referring to The Wall Street Journal and I call it a mini-victory....