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Monday, September 13, 2010

Harry Greenberg Parks Supervisor Tompkins Square Park honored with Tree by Howl Festival 2010 by Suzannah B. Troy

Harry with long hair
Cooper Union before becoming a real estate magnate
Harry's door, if you pay me I will show you video of his office, wink, wink,
Harry's office is like an art museum meets a comedy show!
Howl's gift of a tree to right in Sandra Turner Garden
click to read moving words honoring Harry

Sunday, Sept. 12, Harry Greenberg, Parks Supervisor of Tompkins Square Park was honored by Howl Festival with a stunning tree and plaque for all his years of service. This is the first honor given by the Howl Festival to a civil servant. Bob Perl and Marguerite Van Cook gave rousing speeches praising Harry Greenberg for building bridges, helping them to bring people together. Bob described Harry Greenberg as a peace maker, builder of bridges, someone who exemplifies the iconic vibrancy we all associate with Tompkins. (I am paraphrasing....not a direct quote but close.) I watched the speeches on video filmed by a pal and the speeches were so moving. Marguerite was extremely passionate in her thanks to Harry all these years and she said these gifts were not enough. The gifts are stunning and Harry was deeply, deeply moved!

The tree is stunning and it is an Ornamental Weeping flowering Cherry Tree.

The plaque will be duplicated and placed near the tree which is in the Sandra Turner garden very close to Harry's office he has occupied for 22 years!

Howl Festival thanks Harry Greenberg, 1988-2010 for his service making the park a safe place for reflection, relaxation, and recreation. Thank you Harry for making us comfortable, keeping us colorful and for all your help with Howl Festival. You will always be remembered. The Board of Howl Arts 2010 states the plaque.

The Punks shouted thanks to Harry from the audience as well and Marguerite thanked Harry for helping to keep her out of trouble, being their at 5am and for his work on the Charlie Parker Festival, Wigstock, etc. (Again I am paraphrasing....)

There were rousing applauds and shouts of appreciation from the audience and The 9th Precinct added sirens and lights along with the public in attendance at 4:45PM just before Low Life began their performance!

Harry had a conversation with Lady Bunny at Wigstock 2 years ago reminiscing Lady Bunny, Harry said, I remember you as a young guy. Lady Bunny said, I remember you as a young guy too!

Harry Greenberg told me the 9th Precinct was a big help to him all these years and that Det. Jami Hernandez, Community Affairs was always there when he called praising the long serving detective who is also well liked.

Harry was really, really moved. He had no idea how many people really cared that he is retiring at the end of this month!

Harry showed me photos of the art work on display in the park at the Howl Festival 2010 and we agreed Chico's work was excellent. Harry told me Chico sold the piece Harry proudly showed me. I know Harry is taking home one of my art works and he has some of Chico's too.

There were requests that Harry not retire, mine included but a co-worker teased Harry that if he didn't retire they make take the tree back.

I jokingly asked Harry, how about running for mayor?

He laughed!

You can find Harry Greenberg on Facebook.

He loves Tompkins and although he lives in Brooklyn he has spent more of his time here in the Tompkins and he considers Tompkins his neighborhood too.

He will be back to visit.

We love and miss you already Harry. Don't retire.