May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mayor Mike Bloomberg and John Sexton, NYU pres. back room deal for commercial zoning for NYU hotel? by Suzannah B. Troy

Is the mayor with the help of his socialite, mega-millionaire, city planner, Amanda the people's Burden again working with NYU or should I say aiding and abetting NYU exploiting our neighborhood, crushing our community yet again? Remember we asked Amanda Burden for zoning protection to prevent the USPS from selling air space to NYU over St. Ann's? Visit 120 East 12th Street and see the horrific NYU St. Ann's mega dorm.

Another community nightmare horror story is happening again thanks to NYU, the evil empire, the purple reign of terror.
-- It is happening again with Silver Towers that is historical land marked but that won't stop NYU from building a King Kong size campus for temporary guests around it.

Is this community nightmare happening because Mike Bloomberg made a back room deal with the pres. of NYU if he ran down to city hall and testified Mike must third term and vote for him that Mike would make this happen? I don't know but people want to know!

NYU wants to put up a massive Godzilla sized hotel?

NYU mega dormed the East Village death and now wants a 40 story hotel in the West Village.

Do you want temporary massive housing or long term community members dedicated to the community and helping each other living here? Don't the people who made the neighborhood so attractive have a right to live in their communities? NYU doesn't even need to abuse eminent domain and is gobbling up the gardens, sunlight. This NYU, the Purple Reign of terror's newest plan for 2012 - 2030

They are taking away the character of the Village, Are we going to one a big piece of cement? Are we losing what green space we have left? YES!!!!!

The community garden would be history. NYU and our supposedly green mayor would be murdering off one of the last pieces of green....
Are they green with greed? YES!!!!!!!

The community would lose the supermarket called Morton Williams.

Please explain to me how the West Village, the area by Mercer, Bleeker and La Guardia Place could ever be zone for commercial use unless there were back room deals made?

For those who don't know where I am talking about it is south of Washington Square Park by the big black Picasso sculpture and it is going to be grossly out of scale except with other NYU zone busting community crushing buildings....what a nightmare and again ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

A hotel is commercial and this neighborhood residential area!!

Here is a YouTube from Greenwich Village Society for historic preservation and I did not consult them or discuss this blog posting with them.

Please read my other postings on NYU starting with this one.....

Ditto for Columbia University and the abuse of eminent domain with in my opinion Columbia U. telling a big lie stating that Manhattanville is blighted.

Juan Gonzalez reports on a huge victory re: CityTme - John Liu orders fim to fix disastrous CityTime payroll system or ELSE!

"City Controller John Liu has won a huge victory for New Yorkers by finally shutting down the out-of-control CityTime spigot."

""New York City taxpayers are sick and tired of being milked by multibillion-dollar corporations for grossly overpriced and overdue projects," Liu said in a prepared statement.

This "signals a new era in city contracting," said Liu's spokeswoman Sharon Lee.

"There have been many problems with building CityTime," Bloomberg conceded in his own statement."

Read the entire article and here is my comment:

Great work by Liu! Wish we could get a credit back on all the money spent on this Tax Payer's Titanic but it looks like Liu has stopped the bleeding and madness Bloomberg allowed to go rampant! Juan Gonzalez deserves awards for bring this news to the tax payers attention with consistency and excellent. Gonzalez stood alone like a lighthouse in the storm while other papers barely reported anything on this Orwellian Time Clock that doesn't work very well and was moving towards the billion dollar mark!!!!

Here is my posting early referring to The Wall Street Journal and I call it a mini-victory....

Mayor Bloomberg control freak freaking out over bloggers by Suzannah B. Troy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mike Bloomberg is not held to the same standards he hold school teachers and everyone here in NYC, Mike Caymen Island Investments Subpoena proof?

Earth to the editors! I know your boss is thisclose to Steve Rattner -- the money manger and BF to Mike Bloomberg as well, and Rattner may be banned by the SEC for 3 years but I am so sick of the little emperor of NYC and he has broken every promise, used smoke and mirrors to perpetuate lies and pat himself on the back and he has left NYC in worse shape from the street conditions to a massive budget crisis. You don't want to applies the laws and standards to our mayor that you would to teachers. Why hasn't Haggerty's lawyer and the Manhattan DA demanded Bloomberg, Harris, Sheekey, Wolfson, etc. turn over their emails -- serve them all with subpoenas but Cy Vance is asking the mayor for more $ for his budget. Bloomberg is trying to push through a renewal with SAIC who should not be involved with NYC gov to the tune over 110 mill plus for an Orwellian Time clock that like the mayor gets an F- for robbing tax payers blind. Bloomberg denied us a referendum 2 years in a row with the help of that fellow crook Christine Quinn flushing democracy down the toilet. Why haven't the Justice Dept. come in effectively investigated the dirty dealings at City Hall and the campaign of Bloomberg that rivals Nixon's Watergate. Make Bloomberg show all his expenditures and if he did not declare them he belongs in jail doesn't he? Just like his investments via Steve Rattner in the Cayman Islands Mike Bloomberg wants to be subpoena proof and above the law and above the standards he holds New Yorkers to ticketing us up to our eyeballs, etc. corruption stinks the most at City Hall and Albany and Bloomberg broke all his promises and sold the city out to greedy community crushing developers who love to give Quinn campaign donations.

Praise for Giuseppi Logan's composition on my YouTube by Suzannah B. Troy

bootysurgeon has made a comment on Giuseppi Logan, I give him a copy of Sound to Noise, GL tells me about generous NYC:

The head of Satan's Dance is one of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard. Thanks for tracking him down and posting this. Logan's a treasure that should not be lost.

You can watch my YouTube documentary on Giuseppi Logan on YouTube!!!!!

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Needs to RESIGN Now by Suzannah B. Troy

Bloomberg needs to resign. He did not keep his promises and he is all smoke and mirrors. Right now SAIC wants 110 million Sept. 30 to continue with an Orwellian Time Clock for city employees that does not work and won't save the city money for at least 50 years but makes consultants with no time clock very rich moving towards the billion dollar mark of tax payers money but Bloomberg wants to sign with SAIC -- a big federal company with some big scandals on it's resume - feels like a white collar crime against tax payer. The NY Post exposed Bloomberg wiring money out of his personal account to the Independence Party funneled to Haggerty and the NY Post forced Cy Vance to do his job why has the Manhattan DA not served Mike Bloomberg, Kevin Sheekey, Wolfson, etc. with subpoenas? Is this like Bloomberg trying to make the Deutsche Bank law suits go away- Firemen Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino's family. Is king Bloomberg going to make his Watergate go away? If we don't get one democrat who can beat Quinn in the primary run and not a group to split the vote we will have Bloomberg running the city through a woman that helped him deny us a referendum also criminal in my opinion. Mike will run the city for a 4th term from the golf course but he should resign now and belongs in prison with everyone that aided and abetted him for campaign improprieties, denying us a referendum and 109 million and real estate dealings to his buddies who insisted he deny us a referendum all need to be investigated.

Monday, September 27, 2010

HBO Adrian Grenier Paparazzo by Suzannah B. Troy

Adrian Grenier first documentary on finding his Dad and I thought the film was terrific!,,20037890,00.html

Grenier is on a roll. Another good documentary.

This is about a 13 year old paparazzo boy in Hollywood. He takes us inside visiting his parents who live separately and they look like they had this boy late in life.

Austin is 13 years old going on 40 and he makes serious money. Austin is stunning. He is just a gorgeous boy. He has to be the most stunning paparazzo as well as the youngest.

Grenier interviews an older paparazzo from the Lower East Side and asks him to give Austin advice. He said try and get as much money from your agency and than go in to business for yourself. There is no doubt that he will.

The older paparazzo from the Lower East Side stops and says to Adrian Grenier - I want to be you but he lacks Grenier's good looks so you get the vibe on some level following the celebrities around he has been living vicariously through them.

Austin is so beautiful he could be the next Adam Grenier with a successful HBO tv show.

Concerns are brought up for his safety but Austin has street smarts and survivor skills plenty of people will never develop. He has also promised his parents to never do drugs. Smart move.

Grenier's first documentary is far more compelling because finding his Dad is far more moving but Grenier is not an empty headed vapid Hollywoo-wood type so he gives the subject matter more depth and complexity than you might imagine....and yes there is some compassion. Celebrity and paparazzo have a symbiotic relationship. They do need each other to make money but I do believe there needs to be laws to protect people and keep them and their loved ones, especially children of celebrities safe.

Alec Baldwin is the only one honest enough to say they photographs help their career. There is no doubt some have gotten out of hand and they are endangering people's lives.

This kid is a gem what ever he does with his life...I am interested.

Politicos above the law and No to SAIC renewal No CityTime

What took or takes so long when it comes to corruption with politicos here in NY? Re: City Council members -- what is the current tab for tax payers paying for their defense attorneys that specialize in White Collar crime some even using the same firms as Goldman Sach? Why no update on Sally Goldenberger's article on Christine Quinn and her staff and how much we are paying for their defense attorneys? Also why no follow-up on David Seifman's article on 62 emails Mike Bloomberg doesn't want to turn over he sent to Haggerty? The Manhattan DA should be asking for these emails and Patricia Harris, Sheekey's etc. but will they? I know Cy Vance is asking for more $ for his budget. href="" style="color: rgb(0, 51, 153); text-decoration: none; ">

SAIC renewal? Sept. 30 front page news Tax Payers should know + Haggerty Bloomberg's Watergate also blacked out!!!!!!

How could the SAIC renewal Sept. 30 not be front page news? The list of consultants receiving close to half million each is staggering and no time clock for them and the Orwellian Time machine does not work. Hopefully John Liu will say no!

The New York Post asked for 62 emails Mike Bloomberg does not want to turn over but where is the Manhattan DA on all this -- the Manhattan DA need to be asking that all the emails to Haggerty by Bloomberg, Keaney, Sheekey, Wolfson and all campaign staff and city staff -- the mayor blurred the line be turned over and investigate are their audio conversations via telephone calls to City Hall that are recorded if we -- New Yorkers call in -- so was and is Bloomberg recording any of these conversations as well........? If so they need to be turned in as well but Cy Vance is too busy asking the mayor for $ for his budget and or too scared perhaps --- even Cuomo has become best friends with Mike which is a dangerous career move -- the anger toward bloomberg is sky rocketing!

Why is the Haggerty trial completely no news when it is possible the biggest story since Mike denying us a referendum and paying a record amount of money to win the most humiliating and expensive win in NYC history.

No one with big buck financial dealings wants Bloomberg to face the music but if the laws really applied to him he should have resigned already. He had not right to deny us a referendum/ditto for his mini-me Quinn but I believe just like Watergate -- you need to follow the money trail and he has not declared all his campaign expenses and he funneled money to Haggerty exactly the same way he did the previous election but thru the Republican party instead of the Independence.

I continue to ask the FBI and Justice Dept. come in to investigate and the trial be moved out of the Manhattan DA's hands because of obvious reasons.

Is the Haggerty like Deutsche Bank law suits - something Mike Bloomberg thinks he can just make go away...

If Mike Bloomberg died right now NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia University, Bruce Rattner and so many more real estate magnates and certain folks from the financial sector would prop up his dead body to make sure their deals go through. Even Giuliani's city planner said "No, it's a shell game" to Cooper Union to tearing down it's little yellow science building and supersizing and leasing for 99 years.

I hope Columbia U. loses it's eminent domain case if it gets heard in the Supreme court.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don't Retire Harry of Tompkins Square Park!!!!

Don't Retire Harry Part 2 Tompkins Square Park by Suzannah B. Troy

allegedly cannon ball found in park!
Suzannah B. Troy with ultra cool elite Parks Dept. Flannel Cap Made in China but hey China owns a big part of our National Debt!
2nd Cheese Cake from Eileen's minus the typo!
Eileen's does make the best Cheese cake in NYC and is across the street
from one of my NYPD heroes Lt. Petrosino's park which is still being rennovated!
When I asked this young man about his feelings re: Harry's retirement
he was speechless!

The above link is a must read about how the HOWL festival honored Harry!!!!

p.s. We are waiting for Amy to make an appearance. She is much loved and a very hard worker but on vacation. Will she make it in today to say goodbye?

Karen and friend St. Marks Place: You can find my YouTube documentary series on politics and people on YouTube by Suzannah B. Troy aka Suzannahartist

Adorable photo and remember you can watch my YouTube series on "Karen and Love Saves the Day". I broke the news on Love Saves the Day closing on my YouTube channel and blogs.

I have a YouTube on Karen being unfairly ticketed which is popular and one of the tickets she successfully fought and had thrown out!

You can check out my YouTube series on Karen --just go to YouTube search engine and type in Karen Love Says the Day.

St. Vincent's Hospital 7th Avenue & 12th St. Oct. 17th 2:00PM We need a hospital =it could mean life or death for you or a loved one, please show up

Saturday, September 25, 2010

FDNY E. Village 2 man hole covers pouring out noxious smoke, thanks mr. Mayor for pushing a reckless tsunami of development on old NY's infrastructure

Less than a block a part are two man hole covers pouring out noxious white and grey smoke. The first is by Tompkins Square Park in front of the eatery 7A and the other is in the middle of the same street on 7th Street between Avenue A and 1st.

From China Town, East Village, West Village to Chelsea and through out NYC the streets are shot to hell and beneath them even worth condition. The streets in the East Village are repaved only to be re-opened over and over for some utility issue below ground but ultimately the problems below ground have not been resolved.

One example: Over 3 years ago I was filmed along with a diverse group of people

just a few blocks a way at a medium size water break. They have fixed the intersection and area over and over and the intersection particularly at the south east corner keeps breaking open and looks like a crater from Mars. I have photographed this over and over and reported to the City of NY. I have countless blog postings on this and even YouTubes.

Mike Bloomberg and gang pushed a reckless tsunami of development on old NY's infrastructures.

He refused to listen to activists including me demanding he slow down and put safety first. Infrastructure is not sexy -- it doesn't make money for his greedy developer friends. Do the math.

Stop Columbia University's demolition of the community

Readers: I was sent this by an activist friend uptown and I want to share my opinion. Just like NYU, the evil empire, the purple reign of terror, Mike Bloomberg and Amanda the people's Burden, a socialite mega millionaire who has zero respect for people unless they are rich like her, are responsible for mass displacement and for the continued horrific make-over take-over of our communities city wide on behalf of their rich greedy real estate magnates. In the East Village on East 3 look at NY Law dorm, not NYU but copies NYU's abuse by busting through zoning. NY Law dorm actually has balconies and SVA came and built a dorm in the East Village too but both Universities have no campus here. Then came all the sky piercing condos and hotels busting through zoning just like NYU's mega dorm and Cooper Union acts like they have no architecture school and zero respect for our neighborhood with architecture that belongs in Dubai or Miami beach or a bad hollywood B sci fi movie.

The only thing John Sexton, Mike Bloomberg and Amanda the people's Burden have not done is provide NYU buses, trolleys and trains to move us out of our neighborhoods!


Here is my interview with Norman Siegel on Columbia U. campus at a rally!

NYU mega dormed the East Village to death and now under the greedy rotten Bloomberg administration NYU wants to put up a hotel as well as more continued zone busting eating up our neighborhood the beauty, the light and Mother Earth!


United for an Open and Strong Community
POST OFFICE BOX 50 - Manhattanville Station
365 West 125th Street
NEW York City, New York 10027



Coalition to Preserve Community Meeting

Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, 6:30 PM
St. Mary’s Church 521 West 126th Street (Between Amsterdam &
Old Broadway)

A discussion about what we can do will follow very brief reports on:

(1) Why the Community Benefits Agreement needs to be scrapped

(2) How public housing is moving toward privatization, 3333 Broadway
is becoming "luxury housing," and affordable, protected housing is
being lost

(3) Eminent Domain case being appealed to the Supreme Court

(4) How biotech labs are endangering their own employees as well as the

For additional information contact Coalition to Preserve Community:
917-969-0669, 646-812-5188 or 212-234-3002 (se habla espanol) or write:
CPC, PO Box 50, Manhattanville Station, NY, NY 10027. Visit our

Stop Columbia University

United for an Open and Strong Community
POST OFFICE BOX 50 - Manhattanville Station
365 West 125th Street
NEW York City, New York 10027



Coalition to Preserve Community Meeting

Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, 6:30 PM
St. Mary’s Church 521 West 126th Street (Between Amsterdam &
Old Broadway)

A discussion about what we can do will follow very brief reports on:

(1) Why the Community Benefits Agreement needs to be scrapped

(2) How public housing is moving toward privatization, 3333 Broadway
is becoming "luxury housing," and affordable, protected housing is
being lost

(3) Eminent Domain case being appealed to the Supreme Court

(4) How biotech labs are endangering their own employees as well as the

For additional information contact Coalition to Preserve Community:
917-969-0669, 646-812-5188 or 212-234-3002 (se habla espanol) or write:
CPC, PO Box 50, Manhattanville Station, NY, NY 10027. Visit our

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Go to Suzannah B. Troy's blog to see more

too tired to jump back and forth

NYU tells us they are green as they destroy our neighborhoods with their greed by Suzannah B. Troy

How is tearing down our historic neighborhooods, taking affordable housing in Stuy Town that was meant to be for the people never an extended NYU dorm to the West Village to the East Village where NYU mega dormed the East Village to death green -- except green with greed because NYU is a ruthless real estate magnate that beats down community law suits as they tear down historic buildings like St. Ann's at 120 East 12th St. NYU clogs the community's streets with empty buses and trolleys and uses Broadway and Lafayette as their parking lot.

If Mike Bloomberg died right now, John Sexton the president of the Evil Empire, NYU would prop up Blomberg's dead body just to make sure NYU's unending need to destroy our community and inflict non-stop construction, zone busting eating up what sun and green we had can continue.

NYU is the purple reign of terror.

I got this notice.......June 21 at 6:30 pm at 75 Morton Street (at Greenwich Street) where NYU will present its plans for a 40-story hotel on Bleecker Street within the landmarked Silver Towerscomplex as part of its 20-year expansion plan, ‘NYU 2031.’

NYU and the USPS pushed through an illegal air sale over St. Ann's without notifying the State of NY as legally obligated. NYU uses and abuses prime real estate like crack is John Sexton's crack cocaine and Sexton can never get enough.

Here I over hear an NYU employee bragging about getting a 100 percent mortgage.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christine Quinn protested today

Protestors chanted:

''Given all the laws she's breached, Christine Quinn should be impeached.''

And then the second one was even better : ''Democracy is not for sale, Christine Quinn should be in JAIL.''"

Donny Moss holding a sign, "Quinn Betrays Gays"

Mike Bloomberg guilty of Misdemeanor A? RESIGN!!! Ditto Wolfson! Resign!!! By Suzannah B. Troy Ari Roston' s piece is the best and most damming. You must read "TO FULLY UNDERSTAND the Bloomberg arrangement is to pick at some old threads from the mayor's 2005 election. Then, the mayor was running as a Republican, rather than an "independent," and spent $78 million to beat out Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer. It turns out, Mr. Bloomberg funded another ballot security operation-helmed by Mr. Haggerty-in that race as well. In that case, Mr. Bloomberg made two $400,000 donations to the New York State Republican Party's "Housekeeping Account." (Those parallel the two $600,000 donations he would make in 2009 to the Independence Party.) In turn, the Republican Party paid $200,000 in "poll watcher" fees to an apparently unincorporated company called Campaign Resources. Located at 205 Montague Street, in downtown Brooklyn, it used the address of the law office of the late Robert Allan Muir, Mr. Haggerty's attorney and friend."
David Seifman's exclusive a home runs and the newest buried about emails Mike won't hand over. My 2 comments calling for FBI & Justice Dept. to come in removed.
Lucky Wolfson was not testifying in court it might be called perjury.

If the expenditures were to aid the campaign," said Laufer, Bloomberg "had to report them either one way or the other," as a committee expenditure or the personal expenditure of a candidate. The section cited by Laufer makes it a Class A misdemeanor for "any candidate" not to file a sworn statement "as to all moneys paid, given or expended to aid his own nomination or election," and specifically includes "contributions to political committees."

BloombergGate Hits Home

Has Haggerty has decided to take everyone down with him or is he trying to get the heavyweights involved to stop his investigation? Stay Tuned

Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty points finger at Mayor Bloomberg's former deputy mayor
"Mayor Bloomberg's political mastermind was outed in court papers Friday as the architect of a plan to hide $1.1 million in Election Day poll-watching. Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty said in a 41-page motion that former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey convinced Bloomberg to hire the state Independence Party to do the monitoring - instead of using his own campaign team."

Mike Bloomberg holds the strings to Cy Vance's office and Cy Campaign guy Guma married to Maura Keaney. See my youtube series on this because Maura worked with Haggerty.

No wonder Mike is defending Rangel.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Demand a Hospital West Village where St. Vincent's was...

Printable Version / PDF:

Please Join Us for a Rally:
100 Days Without a Hospital

In an Emergency, Every Minute Counts

Sunday, October 17th at 2:00pm
The Former St. Vincent's Hospital on 7th Avenue at West 12th Street




• SENIORS know that every minute in an ambulance matters.
• PARENTS know that when a child is choking, every minute matters.
• Bike riders injured know that every minute matters.
• Strokes : the quicker the medical care the less the destruction.
• Heart Attacks: intervention time is essential.
• Auto accident casualties can be prevented if treated in time.
• Brain aneurysms need quick medical attention.
• Drug overdose can kill if intervention is delayed.
• Burn victims need immediate trauma treatment.
• For People with AIDS in a health crisis every minute matters.
• Another terrorist attac k or other disaster needs a Trauma 1 ER.

Urgent care means non-life-threatening care.
We need, deserve, and DEMAND a new, full-service hospital on the St. Vincent's
Hospital site, using the facilities and infrastructure already in place. There is
no reason to build a new hospital somewhere else, spending unnecessary millions
of dollars, letting the St. Vincent's facilities be turned into luxury condos. The
needs of the community come first, not the profits of developers.

Let 's join together to tell our elected officials
a full-service emergency room!



Undie Party & Heard on the Street..little yellow Science building owned by Cooper Union to be torn down in 1 year not 2! by Suzannah B. Troy

Desigual Undie Party -- show up and stand on line to get in and you get free undies or something like that....

Remember my YouTube about Cooper Union endangering our community --- and that I was gang banged on YouTube by a group of students until one contacted me and said they had a class project and decided I was actually correct!

Just a reminder -- before Cooper Union and NYU were community crushing real estate magnates!
The build was put on hold for 2 years and that was a good thing because the infrastructure was shot to hell and Cooper should never, ever have gotten the green lights they got to do what they did from the parking lot in front of Carl Fischer what was Carl Fischer and is now a glittery sky piercing empty looking building reflecting a history destroyed and a community no longer welcome.

Mayor Bloomberg Haggerty Gate Hits home + Christine Quinn Slush Gate
"BloombergGate Hits Home"

"Has Haggerty has decided to take everyone down with him or is he trying to get the heavyweights involved to stop his investigation? Stay Tuned

Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty points finger at Mayor Bloomberg's former deputy mayor
"Mayor Bloomberg's political mastermind was outed in court papers Friday as the architect of a plan to hide $1.1 million in Election Day poll-watching. Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty said in a 41-page motion that former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey convinced Bloomberg to hire the state Independence Party to do the monitoring - instead of using his own campaign team."

Suzannah B. Troy's thoughts: I made this YouTube in response to this article. Haggerty is Bloomberg's Watergate. Bloomberg doesn't want to turn over 62 emails and by the way our conversations to 311 and City Hall are taped...are Bloomberg and his staffs taped as well and if so turn them over king Mike! I also address Christine Quinn and slush gate!

Ditto for Christine Quinn, City Council and staff -- have they had any conversations taped like the people of NY calling city hall and if so why haven't prosectors investigated and called for tapes and emails to be turned over....?

Question: The Feds are handling the Christine Quinn City Council slush gate....?
How is that case going? All we know is that we the people of NY are paying for top defense attorneys including a law firm that Goldman Sach uses!

Can anyone effectively prosecute Haggerty and the fall-out which could mean Mike Bloomberg himself could end up being prosecuted if the laws actually did apply to everyone.

Has any candidate running for office actually made a donation of a million dollars or more before the election...or was it a donation......wired out of Mike Bloomberg's personal account.

Oh, I forgot to mention Steve Rattner who urged Mike to run or steal a third term. Both Mike and Steve have no respect for limits. It is rumored that Rattner urged the NYTimes to buy the new eminent domain (abuse?) building the Albatross that sunk the old grey lady yet his friends stick like glue...go figure?

How can the SEC not ban him -- he pleaded the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg ran for mayor?


p.s. Bloomberg, Quinn and gang -- it would be amazing if this was exposed, successfully prosecuted and all financed my Mike's people but we can't even get city council corruption prosecuted can we, Charles Rangel or Mike to hand over 62 emails...hand over? How about serving him with a warrant -- oh you ask a king? Mike flushed democracy down the toilet denying us a referendum so why should he be served legal papers forcing him to turn over emails to haggerty and believe me his people have a lot to hide...let us see their emails. How ironic -- Mike famous for policing his companies emails could in theory be taken down by his emails.

Friday, September 17, 2010

911 Dispatch could completely collapse + CityTime, Steve Rattner, Haggerty Bloomberg tehcno-dreams a real nightmare! by Suzannah B Troy

Special Thanks to Queens Crap, Louis, NO THIRD TERM, JT, Juan Gonzalez, our FDNY, NYPD, EMS that put their lives on the line for us and to all the people who have reached out to support me -- this YouTube is dedicated to you with thanks and gratitude from Suzannah B. Troy

Sept. 6th News article...
posted on Queen's Crap
2.5 BIL of your tax dollars wasted on his pet project!
Over 10 preventable fire fatalities so far because of UCT911

-Anonymous NYC fireman

New 911 Dispatch System Can't Stand Up to High Volume

The Bloomberg administration's streamlining of 911 dispatch operations has hit another roadblock.

Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez reported Sept. 1 that a computer program provided by a Verizon subcontractor failed quality-assurance testing, which could lead to a termination of its $195-million contract.

'Breaks Down If Saturated'

"When the new software gets saturated with calls for [the Emergency Medical Service] and police, it can't handle the load and the system starts dropping calls," and in a "big public would just break down."

The $2-billion project is meant to shave seconds off emergency response times, and it includes the Unified Call Taker system, which Fire Department unions have condemned, saying that it resulted in units being sent to wrong addresses.

Patrick J. Bahnken, who as president of Local 2507 of District Council 37 represents Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics, was doubtful that the overhaul was necessary, saying the "old system worked fine." He then asked, "Was it possible to enhance the existing system?"

Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications Commissioner Carole Post said in a statement, "We have not made a decision. However, we are extremely dissatisfied that Verizon has failed to deliver on this contract. There is no room for anything less than a 100-percent success rate with this program. Verizon has presented us with some options; we are evaluating them."

To date, Verizon has been paid $21 million.


Pension Fund scandal fall-out still unfolding and when is the SEC going to rule on Steve Rattner Mike Bloomberg's money manager?


09/17/2010 11:04 AM

What is even more interesting is king Mike Bloomberg's money manager is implicated int the pension fund scandals and had to pay a much larger fine and may be banned by the SEC for 3 years which is huge for rich white men, celebrities, politicos usually above the law and it would mean king Mike would have to transfer the money Steve Rattner money manages yet again but this time out of Rattner's hands. We are all waiting for the SEC to make their ruling which is taking a lot of time. The story is buried just like Bloomberg refusing to turn over 62 emails he sent to Haggerty.

Read more:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Holding Back the Tides of Bloomberg by Azi Paybarah (for some strange reason this article was removed today from The New York Observer

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Daily Transom
Wall Street
Real Estate
US Open
Struggling to Hold Back the Bloomberg Tide
By Azi Paybarah
October 14, 2008 | 7:10 p.m

Here he comes.
+EnlargeGetty Images
Everyone who matters, it seems, is on board with a proposal to extend term limits legislatively to allow the mayor, and city lawmakers, the chance to run for a third term in office.

The popular mayor, who has lots of money, wants it. So does City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the leader of the body that has to approve it.

The only thing standing in the way at the moment is a hastily formed, ad hoc opposition group that includes two of the mayor’s would-be Democratic successors, labor organizations, good-government groups and, so far, more than a third of the sitting members of the City Council, as well as a handful of vocal citizen critics.

But that disorganized opposition is putting up a stronger fight than many observers expected.

“It’s something that’s good for most of the members, and both the speaker and mayor are for it. That’s a hard group to overcome,” said political consultant Jerry Skurnik.

But, he said, “it seems to me the opposition is stronger than I thought it would be.”

It should be said that, in the end, they’ll probably lose.

At press time, the opposition on the Council appeared to have a slight edge, with 19 members publicly declaring that they would vote against a bill changing the term-limits law, 15 members saying they were for it, and 17 members undecided, according to a running tally by New York 1 News. But 11 of those undecided members are in their second and (for now) final term in the Council, and do not have obvious second careers lined up.

And the public—ostensibly the offended party in an arrangement to undo the results of two referendums on term limits—isn’t exactly united in outrage at the idea of an extension, with a majority backing the idea of giving the mayor four more years, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released on Oct. 3, a couple of weeks into the Wall Street meltdown.

The political price, in other words, simply may not be steep enough to keep term-limited members from voting for self-preservation.

“It might offend some people in your district and they might not vote for you for reelection if you run,” Mr. Skurnik pointed out. “On the other hand, if you don’t vote for it, legally, you can’t run for reelection. My guess is, a majority will decide, ‘Well, I have more of a chance of getting reelected if I run than if I don’t run,’ and therefore they’ll do it.”

It didn’t have to be this way, say opponents of the mayor’s plan.

“I don’t understand something,” said Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, after a protest on the City Hall steps Sunday afternoon. “I think all of us, I’ve said, would go out there and work for it,” and “then he’d win overwhelmingly.”

Ms. Gotbaum was standing next to Councilman David Weprin of Queens, who had earlier told reporters, “I’d prefer three terms to two terms. However, this is about the process. It’s about democracy. It’s about an abuse of power.”

Some elected critics are recent converts to the movement.

Take freshman Councilwoman Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn, who, after a Friday morning visit from NY1 reporter Roger Clark, said she opposed the plan. She had previously declined to state a position when asked by the Daily News. “It has to be done by the people,” Ms. Mealy told the station.

Another council member from Brooklyn, Eugene Mathieu, had walked out of City Hall last week telling reporters he was just “an observer,” and had not made up his mind on the issue. Then came an on-air question from Mr. Clark, and Mr. Mathieu declared his opposition.

Other members were early opponents of changing term limits. These have tended to be habitual contrarians, many already in bad odor with both Mr. Bloomberg or Ms. Quinn.

At an Oct. 10 press conference on the City Hall steps, critical comments by Mr. Weprin, a bookish number-cruncher who is not normally a rebel, were immediately followed by comments from Councilman Charles Barron, a former Black Panther who gives his Democratic colleagues fits on a regular basis.

“I feel the people already spoke,” Barron said. “In 1996 the people said they wanted us here for only eight years. In ’93, they said they wanted us here for eight years. I personally think we should defeat the mayor’s legislation and that should be it.”

He sliced his hand across the air.

Non-incumbent opponents include civil liberties activist Norman Siegel; Mark Green, the former public advocate; Gene Russianoff, the lead attorney for New York Public Interest Research Group; and Randy Mastro, former deputy mayor for the Giuliani administration.

Mr. Green, who narrowly lost the 2001 mayoral race to Mr. Bloomberg, took a direct and personal shot at the mayor, saying the bill is the result of an out-of-control billionaire who is “being misled by personal ambition”; Mr. Mastro has offered his legal services to the extension opponents pro bono.

Another group opposing Mr. Bloomberg is the Working Families Party, led by executive director Dan Cantor. His labor-backed organization has begun tracking the position of council members, and has been raising money to run ads in hopes of pressuring enough lawmakers to block the plan. The group even “blitzed” an undecided councilman, David Yassky of Brooklyn, sending volunteers unannounced into his district to pressure him on the issue.

Mr. Cantor has sought to portray this as an abuse of power being perpetrated against the masses of voiceless New Yorkers, which, generally, fits into the message labor often delivers to its members. The fact that Mr. Bloomberg negotiated, in private, and won over the support of billionaire term-limits activist Ron Lauder almost doesn’t need to be said.

“We’ve had two citywide elections on this very topic,” Mr. Cantor said at a press conference last week. “Even Hugo Chavez had a referendum and abided by the results. Mayor Bloomberg should do the same.”

Other labor officials not directly involved in this effort have said that organized labor was hoping to use the 2009 mayoral election to “leverage” better policies and contracts from the next administration.

And then there’s East Village artist Suzannah B. Troy, whose preferred medium is YouTube.

In one video, Ms. Troy says, “I’m embarrassed for the City Council people that want to decide for New Yorkers and not let us have a say”

Ms. Troy speaks straight to the camera in videos, usually a minute long, that feature little more than her face, shoulder-length hair and background noise from whatever café she films from.

Her first video, posted the day Mr. Bloomberg announced he wanted another term, is titled “Mayor Bloomberg ‘King of New York.’”

In it, Ms. Troy says, “He’s not going to
break any laws to do it. He’s just going to change the laws.”

It is, Ms. Troy says, a “new, hideous New York.”


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