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Monday, August 23, 2010

Vanity Fair HBO's Emmy Success and Suzannah b. Troy's thoughts

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Hey everybody, it is me Suzannah B. Troy, a NYC artist with a unique perspective on just about everything... Here is an article from Vanity Fair on The Secret of HBO's Emmy Success. When you get to the bottom of this piece, they talk about great scripts so that means great writers but my take not mentioned in the article is, sex, sex, violence and no tv commercials. Yes, the scripts are good but what local television stations can compete with graphic sex scenes so sizzling hot they are mere inches away from being porno and the violence it just way too graphic for me but people love it. They love violence. As seen in my new YouTube asking an adorable young man about The Expendables his only suggestion to make it better is too add more explosions and make it longer!

A humorous note is just look at True Blood. I call it "True Bloodiness" and would prefer to use my imagination but I am not imagining that all the actors in this season have spent even more time hitting the gym except for Tara who was in superb shape all seasons. Sex sells and people want to go to there TV's to watch it. True Blood also has some of the finest actors on TV but so do other local TV show like House which win Emmys as well. HBO rakes it in because they use have more good writers, good actors and a lot more sex, sex, sex and violence. Yes, it is a no-brainer Martin Scorsese will win lots of gold as in Emmys for his HBO series Boardwalk Empire. Here is a photo I took posted on my blog of the set from the Scorsese series coming to HBO.

True Blood is bloody good....
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