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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Racist governor Paterson blames and scapegoats the American Indians and king Mike same page

Below are comments from the article above exposing Paterson's racism and willful obtuseness or plain stupidity.
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Roger Murdock 15 hours ago
My g-d. If Paterson had any less brain power, he would not be able to breathe on his own.
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Mikey 15 minutes ago
Cig. taxes, gasoline taxes are the very reason NYS has no economy... Regardless of the Cig. health issues.. Sales are off 28% on cigs. at the retail level, that means less income, thus a decline.. Yes the damn taxes are the problem.. What the lug head should have said is; it is a unfair advantage to those trying to earn a living, not blame it on the Indian tax collections.. Remember ya can't fix stupid! I guess he means well, but ya need brains to function.
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Suzannah B. Troy 16 minutes ago
I made this YouTube: Mike Bloomberg Dave Paterson racist scapegoating Seneca Tribe American Indians!!! It is racist and disgusting that a governor of NY gets away with planning an entire group of People for NY State and king Mike Bloomberg in actuality hurting small businesses! You want to help small businesses that sell cigarettes than lower the tax instead of scapegoating the American Indians. If anything the U.S.A. owes Native Americans mega-bucks. The budget crisis has nothing to do with the American Indians but everything to do with Albany and City Hall's corruption, stupidity, greed and lack of leadership. Stop the racism in NY against Native New Yorkers, American Indians.
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Spa1973 11 hours ago
Our small businesses can not be competive because of our state leglislature, not the Native Americans. Keep taxing the hell out of things Mr. Patterson

I have made two YouTubes on this issue and by the way post 9-11 I have acid reflux and 2nd hand smoke burns my throat.