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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The People of New York Term Limits democracy and our rights violated by Mike Bloomberg's minions

There are countless articles I have on the vile ways city council members -- not all buy many have milked the tax payers, taken advantage in every way possible and to think they can have three terms now and that we the people were denied referendums is just to awful to think about.

Democracy was flushed down the toilet last year by corrupt dealings by Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn and here we are again....Mike's appointees with the help of city council are doing it again....

I don't have to time to post the pieces on City Council's lousy attendance record -- you can look up my YouTube it has links to the article and how about them voting themselves a raise and taking lulus aka money they should not be taking and some phony city council members said oh, we are against lulu and took the money anyway....

Where else do you get to have a lousy attendance record, vote yourself a raise and get to stay on for 3 terms by denying the people you supposedly represent a referendum? Answer: NYC's city council and the answer stinks like a dead and decay rat.....
all posted on my YouTubes and blogs..

Below I just want to my YouTube on me protesting Quinn at the Jane Jacobs street naming trying to pass herself off as Jane Jacobs when Quinn is in bed with developers taking kick backs aka campaign contributions....

Miguel Martinez the only city council member that voted to extend term limits "honest" enough to admit he was stealing tax payer money from the get go and now in jail. The term limits votes tainted and should be tossed.

Seabrook voted to extend --- and under indictment and Arroyo and Stewart in my opinion are guilty of robbing the tax payers but have walked away all voted to extend term limits. Everyone that voted got either slush money, lulus, friends, wive, brothers, sisters, etc. benefiting from slush, non-profits, etc.

Note: the NY Daily News links don't seem to be working so if they don't work go to their search engine and type in "Melinda Katz campaign contribution" The title of the piece is "You can color city council green" and they use they word kickbacks about city council getting kickbacks from developers.

The damming piece by Benjamin Lesser can be found by typing in Christine Quinn Benjamin Lesser, the title of the piece is: Some City Politicians receive big campaign donations and funneled tax dollars to developers - the last two paragraph re: Quinn are scathing.

Also check out: City Council members get campaign contributions from nonprofit organizations they funded City Council members get campaign contributions from nonprofit organizations they funded
Read more:

The article about from The Epoch Times is the only one to cover me and the woman with her daughter protesting the sanitation build. Bravo!

Newest Christine Quinn scandal exposed by the Village Voice and read the NY Daily News links to read about the scandal of city council members taking money aka campaign contributions from developers including Quinn and her relationship with Dermott as exposed by Benjamin Lesser stinks of a dirty rotten scandal as well.
I stop in solidarity with protestors trying to save Coney Island.

I am extremely exhausted and it was difficult to do this because of exhaustion and stress fighting NYU and Cooper Union's community crushing development and city wide -- Mike Bloomberg betrayed my vote.

It was laughable and yet horrifying they way Jane Jacobs name was bandied about and the sheer denial of politicos pretending the Bloomberg-Quinn did not sell out and destroy New York to greedy developers from right under the people of New York's feet including how many eminent domain abuse battles going on right now here in NYC?

Why do the people of New York have such a high threshold for corruption == greater than our tallest sky scrapers and why have we learned to expect so little from the people that represent us they they feel free to steal or abuse tax payer money, hire top defense attorneys courtesy of the tax payers to defend them and vote themselves a raise and an extra term?