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Sunday, August 22, 2010

NY Daily News poll get rid of cars NYC? Could mean death to politicians!

I am not an NYPD officer but this looks fake to me or should I say an abuse of power. What do you think? By the way if you see something that looks fake you should call 311 or Internal Affairs especially if it looks homemade and has NYPD on it stuck in a car window. I just took this photo to try and understand -- valid or not valid to do what this person driving a luxury vehicle is doing....?

So what does this have to do The New York Daily News poll asking if we, NYC, should do away with cars?

If I am correct and this parking permit is not valid and it was in a fancy car than it is just one example of how people would find every way possible to get around having the law, exploit, abuse -- the laws dont apply to me mentality in NYC anyway and the people exploiting the no car rule would be the people that serve New York.

I left out city because it has been reported that the accidental gov. besides being an alleged chronic liar who refuses to take responsibility for his actions is also wasting tax payer money having all this added security driving around in a big cavalcade so massage his ego.

Scott Stringer refuses to take public transportation.

The NY Daily News I believed exposed city gov. workers spending over $100,000 on car services to taxi them home from work. And we found out we, the tax payers are paying to chauffeur king Mike's top deputy and how many others I wonder to work on his charity and Mike is really confused about where the line that separates his public and private empire.

The newspapers have exposed city officials abusing flashing lights in cars rushing to get somewhere and they should not have been using them. King Mike sent out a memo but have his staff and anyone with them really straightened up.

If we get rid of cars and judging by the high level of pollution hanging in the air and all the air advisories that sounds like a good idea - it would be more in our faces how public servants are this need to be above the law, be chauffeured around when they should not be, how their families too are getting perks and New Yorkers might resort to pelleting their cars and they are often luxury cars with eggs, tomatoes and perhaps even spray paint.

If NYC banned cars even more people taking advantage of their jobs working for the city would be exposed and we can't have that can we?