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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NBC is big liar? Part 3 Censorship Doug Biviano's campaign YouTube "Throw the Bums Out" banned from YouTube!!!!!!


300 years after John Peter Zenger we have criticism that leads to more censorship!!!!!!!!!!! A political candidate, Doug Biviano running for New York State Assembly criticized for their press for lack of coverage and YouTube censored that video!!!!!!!

NBC exists because of the first amendment!!!!!!!!!! How ironic an employee goes after the 1st amend rights of campaign candidate Doug Biviano.

Note: The New York Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News and NY1 and their employees did not contact YouTube or have a huddle with lawyers from their networks which like NBC are media giants about this YouTube!!!!!!!!! Make sure to watch the new version of this YouTube posted down below.

NBC and by the way NBC claims it is not them -- it is an employee not them -- un huh (I am still entitled to my opinion right--NBC can't make me disappear like Doug Biviano's YouTube) -- acting on his own has succeeded in censorship of Doug Biviano video about how the press is not covering campaigns of political challengers with the goal to really the bums. The employee from NBC claims the YouTube showing his face and you can hear his voice in 7 seconds in a 10 minute long YouTube criticizing the press not reporting campaign challengers so we can actually throw the bums out needed to come down.....his face in that YouTube was more important than the message the press is not reporting the news and by the way NBC no longer has local news at 5PM!!!!!!

Irony is that the YouTube opens with Doug Biviano standing by John Peter Zenger unmarked grave at Trinity church -- the father of the spirit of journalism! Why? Because Zenger went to jail for 6 months for printing the news his belief the British governor's administration was corrupt. Jail in the 1700's was a hundred times more awful than it is today and it is rumored to be Alexander Hamilton as the lawyer that lead a stirring defense that got him out!!!!! Alexander Hamilton would go on to create The New York Post, The first National Bank, write the Federalist and become the first treasurer.

Note: The YouTube came down tonight and also today more information about Joan Millman who Doug Biviano is challenging has been exposed for double dipping. There will be more coverage on this so stay tuned but here was the first bit....

I can guarantee NBC won't be covering this story. In my opinion when I think of NBC I think of the British Empires governor Cosby who threw Zenger in jail. I now equate NBC with censorship!!!!!!

NBC can't throw me in jail for having an opinion or sue me at least last time I checked. I am more than disgusted and NBC is now associated at least in my mind -- in some way or any way with the take down of a YouTube.... I would love to have my lawyer grill the guy that filed the complaint and have my lawyer have him name his friend that told him about the YouTube which has a man at the front desk at NBC showing his face and voice for 7 seconds....7 seconds too much for NBC staff member in a 10 minute YouTube where the focus is about censorship by omission by the media.

NBC is in such a state of decline that they no longer report the local news at 5PM.

We can only hope NBC is to be purchased which is in the works and people that really want to report the news rather than suppress it take-over.

Here is the original link and guess what YouTube found away to remove it from my list of favorite YouTubes.....scary.....