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Monday, August 2, 2010

Lady Gaga Flower Power SEX Vanity Fair by Suzannah B. Troy

Yikes! The New York Post is running some sizzling photos of Lady Gaga and quotes to massage your funny bone as well as sexually titillate you or frustrate you when you hear Lady Gaga is abstaining from sex and the reason why.

Lady Gaga is confident she is unconditionally loved by her fans. Am I going to read this new article on her in Vanity Fair that comes out Wednesday here in NYC? Yes. Come on!!! Bring it on!!!

Dear Lady Gaga:

Have the sex!!! Go for it.

People with no life will project on to you, try to suck your energy, hope to get some kind of fame vicariously throught you, so don't worry about someone sucking energy out your vachina -- try and use good judgement which is very hard because there are not many good guys out there and let's face it most would use you for your money and fame but still try and find someone and just enjoy.

Recycling old lovers before you were famous -- highly recommended!!!!

Here is to flower power and recycling!!!!!!!!!!