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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Judge Schoenfeld Union Sq. Artist Power will restraining order stay in place?

Monday the artists vs. NYC Parks Dept. City of NY -- I believe will be meeting with Judge Schoenfeld who for now has been protecting the artists serving the Parks Dept. with a restraining order regarding the Parks Dept. letting them set up in their usual spots.

Tomorrow artist activists go before the judge and we are all praying he rules in favor of the artists.

If not there will be major protests organized of vendors city wide to fight for the rights of vendors to earn an honest living minus harassment.

City Council should remember vendors besides paying taxes also are voters!!!!!!!!!

Note: The photo above is one of NY Shining Stars Miriam is my YouTube interview with her. I love her jewelry but she can't sell her jewelry which is her art in the park! There are so many rules and they are designed to push out the people who are mostly minority business people and all with a legal right to be there.

I bought her color intensified Coney Island Cyclone Photo!!!!!!!!

I have more postings on her and her art so go to my blog's search engine to check her out....amazing person!!!!
My interview with Miriam West!
Here I interview Tony her partner at a protest in the rain at Union Square.

These guys have a message for the mayor click on photo


Suki Weston and bestest friend! if you want custom NYC pet cards

Stay tuned...Here are the artists in the park in their usual spots today, Union Square.