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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Iphone 4 Glass Crash design flaw + wear protection? by Suzannah B. Troy

glass crash IPhone 4 nightmare part 1

Is it just me that is finding that dropping an IPhone 4 can mean broken glass? I am a huge Apple Lover, but is there another fatal flaw with the IPhone 4 besides the antenna? I am talking about the glass screen with the slender new box like shape being a possible flaw because I keep having mine shatter. The picture you see here is a tiny glass break but click here to see the previous IPhone 4 where I show you the major broken glass and other catastrophes in my Apple world.

Suzannah w/ small glass break part 2

Apple, I believe will replace your phone if you bought it from them for $199.00 if you have Apple Care but double check with Apple. Apple is not selling cases right now and I am waiting for my delivery from Otter Box. I bought The Defender to protect against things like this happening but they are hugely popular and in demand so I did not get the delivery soon enough sad to say. Here is a video and the bummer is I just get exhausted just watching the video that instructions....

All I can say is getting something like The Defender for your Iphone 4 is like a condom with a superb is a must even if you don't want to wear protection, it is the wisest move you can make.

I converted to Apple 3 years ago and I feel hard. They customer service is outstanding, their design flaws forgivable because they are so outstanding for so many reasons. I do have suspicions about design flaws for IPhone 4 including the glass but I love this phone the best. It is not as beautiful design wise as the 3GS but it's camera and video is so much better. I love Apple.

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