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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How the mayor & rich partying ruling class uses the NYPD to sweep vendors off the street

Has king mayor Mike Bloomberg set a new record for "wrongful ticketing"?
I believe he has.

I also believe more New Yorkers have been displaced or moved under the Bloomberg "reign" of on...

I believe more New Yorkers have been displaced by eminent domain abuse and or other tactics but Mike found out pre-his 3rd term that people no longer lived in their homes when his campaign people got "this telephone number has been disconnected" or hang-ups, people furious with his denying us a referendum and stealing a third term and his and his socialite city planner Amanda the Peoples' Burden reckless tsunami of community crushing development.

The mayor and his rich ruling "party class" uses the NYPD to sweep hard working New Yorkers off the streets. One of the creepy skanky offenders is Michael Rawson of The Mercer Hotel who does not want any of his buddies and clients illegally parked outside to get parking tickets but calls the NYPD on Viet Nam, Korean War Veterans including an 79 year old Vet Rawson would be rude and disrespectful to him and show his delight to the Vet as he called the NYPD on him - Rawson's thrill for the day.

I have even had an NYPD officer that acts like he is employed by Rawson come up to me and tell me they have a right to park there (all these luxury vehicles but it says loading and unloading only) and this very same officer has been involved in wrongful ticketing by the NYPD and I say wrong ticketing because the tickets will be thrown out. Go to my blog engine type in Mercer Hotel to learn more on this story....there are a lot of entries -- keep reading including the posting on the officer I mention above, not young police officer Caro but an older police officer and you will know the posting when you read it.

Well today in the park mayor Mike has "Best Buy" taking up a big part of our public space because he sees public property as one big advertising arena for big businesses as Mike continues to do his best to crush small business entrepreneurs and violate artist's 1st Amendment Rights.
Please note Mike has not made advertising space available yet on The Statue of Liberty but he -- king Mike Bloomberg did take advertising space on the steps of Grand Central and the ad instructed us "To Think Bloomberg". I called his offices at both his public and private empires and the company that handles advertising space for the MTA which by the way discriminated against me and refused to give me a price on how much Bloomberg paid, ditto for his public relations woman Ms. Snook and I was refused a price on how much an ad would cost me if I want to run one with the MTA.

THE ADS BY KING MIKE on the steps of Grand Central Station HAVE ALL BEEN REMOVED. You see I expressed concern that king Mike Bloomberg had blurred the line between his private and public empire once again especially with "Think Bloomberg".

King Mike Bloomberg and his rich wannabe buddies wants to use the NYPD to ticket Veteran Vendors and Artists trying to make an honest living but what you may not realize is we are heading into an even bigger budget crisis and unemployment is high, higher than reported and of those working there are too many not earning a living wage. . I bet a lot of NYPD would agree that they do not earn a living wage. That is why many have a 2nd job. I would rather they earned better bigger salaries but had to take a harder test and their focus was on catching criminals including from the "wealthy partying ruling class" here in NYC's Oligarch central.

You would think Mike wants to keep as many people employed honorable. Mike has created 2 New York-- a heavenly one for his rich buddies who have crushed this city with their greedy ruthless agendas, busting through our zoning, abuse eminent domain to mass displace NYers and the other New York is collapsing dilapidated, the middle and low income are being ticketed up to their eyeballs, crime and violent crimes are on the rise and Mike's rich friends use the NYPD to turn a blind eye to them and use ticketing New Yorkers as a form of harassment and to fill NYC's empty coffers because Mike insists on making tax payers pay for his 6 figure salaried campaign staffers estimated cost 2 million dollars, the people have to pay for NYC workers including Scott Stringer who refuses to take a subway -- for their limo and car services which is big bucks, the list goes on....

By the way heroin is cheaper to buy and sell on the street than a box of cigarettes in Mike's new hideous NY and king Mike has spent over 5 grand on booze of tax payer money but we all knew were Mike stood on boozing from all the screaming drunks because Mike is the nightlife party mayor....women being brutally tortured, raped and murdered was just a small glitch in the SLA, community boards run by bar owners, and NYU party central....just a small glitch for Mike. Imette St. Giullen and Jennifer Moore rest in peace. Jennifer was under age....No one should die the way they did but the emphasis is on NYC being party central and catering to the rich that own the bars and nightclubs and hotels and if they want honest innocent people ticketed and arrested they seem to be able to get that to happen.

Welcome to king Mike's hideous new New York.