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Monday, August 30, 2010

Cooper Union Student (?) underscores the exploitation arrogance abuses of Cooper Union willfully obtuse?

Below the water main break I believe the construction by Cooper Union caused. Read below my comments and know the group suing DOB and the mayor are the NY State Society for Professional Engineers. Wow at 3am a Cooper Union college kid or a troll - you almost hope a troll rather than someone so "willfully obtuse" came to YouTube and I am confident never bothered to talk to professors and the administration to give me the opportunity to highlight the shocking destructiveness to our communities by universities using the term higher education to exploit, displace and gobble up our neighborhood and under Bloomberg our safety compromised because of the reckless tsunami of development and perhaps a record setting displacement for the people of New York.

By the way, when Mike Bloomberg is not displacing the lower and middle income with all kinds of clever and viscious acts including ticketing people up to their eyeballs, raising taxes, making it impossible for small business to exist, etc. he takes time out to be racist and go over the Native Americans trying to invade their reservation here in NY and tax them which is another form of economic racism.
  • In what way is a water main break that's a block away from the building a direct fault of construction? The only construction that was performed recently at Cooper was the demolition of an old Cooper building, and the construction of a new one. I really don't see how they're encroaching on the neighborhood or pushing people out of their homes by rebuilding on their own property. Why is it the responsibility of a private school to maintain a subway? That's the jurisdiction of the government.

  • @academylife12345 I hope you are a student and not a troll. Again thank you so much. Mayor Bloomberg and DOB are being sued round 2 for tossing out the requirement that the head of DOB actually have an architectural or engineering degree. Since I made this YouTube the building has been put on halt for 2 years and I was told right here but a CU engineering student I was correct. So glad the president has left and you give me the opportunity to show the press the "imperial" and obtuse CU 'tude.

  • You argue that when one of the Cooper staff was giving a press conference she said something about the community's opinion, and you disagreed with that. What gives you more of a right to speak for the community than her? And what is your objection with holding a private press conference without inviting people off of the street? That's how press conferences are typically held, so this one shouldn't be treated differently just because its about an issue you take opposition to.

  • @academylife12345 Again thank you so much for your shocking comment. I hope you are not a troll but a student! The point is that a rep. from the school was lying about the community who sued Cooper Union so thanks again for giving me the opportunity to highlight the many ways CU is responsible for being abusive and insensitive as well as exploitive and responsible along with NYU for the hideous take-over and make-over of our community.

  • If you're so sure that the community is taking offense to the actions that Cooper Union has been taking, maybe you should ask some of the people in the area instead of bombarding the local newspapers with your letters. You argue that you have a right to free speech, any institution has the right to construct whatever they want on their own property if it's within code. I'm not trying to make a personal attack with these comments, I'd just like to address some issues I had with your opinions.

  • @academylife12345 Um, the community sued and lost! You should talk to your administration. I am posting all your comments on my blog and sending to the media. Thank you so much!