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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clubbed to Death? NYU leads the way for party central NYC

Earth to whom-ever wrote this...NYU and all the universities copying NYU like a bad xerox have recognized the big bucks they make from real estate grabs, zone busting using the term high ed and they jam pack as many college kids in to this dorms like the one John's parents tearfully visited yesterday to pick up her belongs. The colleges are greedy and use NYC and the "Friends" fantasy to lure kids here and give them zero tools but worse encourage partying big time. It is a joke. Why does the NYPD have to be responsible for every aspect of failings of people that refuse to take any responsibility and real estate magnates posing as high ed. I have asked NYU to actually hire NYPD to speak to kids about how to protect themselves including from date rape drugs being dropped in to their drinks, to always having a sober friend, etc. NYU and other Universities are responsible for mass displacement for their real estate grabs and the college kids are an after thought. NYU tore down St. Ann's at 120 E. 12 -- take a look and see the new hideous NYU mega dorm jammed packed w/college kids. The dorm will shock you and exposes the corrupt ruthless greed that has destroyed our neighborhoods and for what, why? Big bucks, real estate greed and party central. Even Bloomberg pushes be time partying and these real estate grabs for mega dorms favoring college kids partying on.