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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bloomberg's ruling party class -- another casualty

Suzannah B. Troy
08/28/2010 6:21 AM
Mayor Bloomberg and his ruling party class push drinking and remember Jennifer Moore underage was raped and murdered. Imette St. Guilllen legal raped and murdered. At the time I had been going out community board 3 meetings in the E. Village complaining about too many dorms and too many bars. It is in the minutes. Not once did the chair and the community board manager Susan Stetzer said for the record please note the chair David McWater owns 10 or more bars. I was shocked when I found out and wrote the mayor, Scott Stringer, SLA and went to the 9th Precinct community meeting and I am in the minutes there as well talking about all of this and in the minutes for that meeting as well. Stringer did nothing & I made up the term "orgy of admiration club' for when he came and visited the community board, a group of people we did not vote for. This paper I believe exposed the fact Bloomberg has spent over 5 grand of tax payer money on booze. Bloomberg has pushed the mass displacement of our communities for NYU, Columbia, Cooper Union's, NY Law's expansion and the encourages the party ruling class above the law. College students think this is party central and drug dealers welcome them as do any place that sells booze and beer and how many unreported incidents of date rape, violence, robberies occur. How many drunk driving incidents, murders? This is a tragic death that could have been avoided if the Bloomberg ruling party class was not in power.

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