May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Iphone 4 Glass Crash design flaw + wear protection? by Suzannah B. Troy

glass crash IPhone 4 nightmare part 1

Is it just me that is finding that dropping an IPhone 4 can mean broken glass? I am a huge Apple Lover, but is there another fatal flaw with the IPhone 4 besides the antenna? I am talking about the glass screen with the slender new box like shape being a possible flaw because I keep having mine shatter. The picture you see here is a tiny glass break but click here to see the previous IPhone 4 where I show you the major broken glass and other catastrophes in my Apple world.

Suzannah w/ small glass break part 2

Apple, I believe will replace your phone if you bought it from them for $199.00 if you have Apple Care but double check with Apple. Apple is not selling cases right now and I am waiting for my delivery from Otter Box. I bought The Defender to protect against things like this happening but they are hugely popular and in demand so I did not get the delivery soon enough sad to say. Here is a video and the bummer is I just get exhausted just watching the video that instructions....

All I can say is getting something like The Defender for your Iphone 4 is like a condom with a superb is a must even if you don't want to wear protection, it is the wisest move you can make.

I converted to Apple 3 years ago and I feel hard. They customer service is outstanding, their design flaws forgivable because they are so outstanding for so many reasons. I do have suspicions about design flaws for IPhone 4 including the glass but I love this phone the best. It is not as beautiful design wise as the 3GS but it's camera and video is so much better. I love Apple.

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Racist gov. Dave Paterson wins 1st round against American Indians even thought NY is violating treaties

Comments (1)

  • SuzannahTroy

    08/31/2010 8:45 AM

    Let's see a judge ruled in favor of a corrupt politician's goal to wrongly tax the American Indians? The American Indians are not responsible for NY State's budget crisis but corrupt, stupid and greedy politicians are. Albany has yet to balance the massive budget crisis. I hate cigarettes but if you want to help small businesses than lower the tax and you will stimulate the economy but Bloomberg and Paterson want to make is as hard as possible to buy cigarettes, scapegoat the American Indians, violate treaties and force New Yorkers to go else where to buy smokes. Bloomberg has made it cheaper to buy heroin on the street I am told for 8 dollars. Racism -- blame an entire group for what small businesses tanking and why gov Paterson are they tanking because Albany and City Hall has made it as hard as possible to have a small business. Paterson thinks he is going to help the economy but wrongly trying to enforce collecting a tax that is violating treaties with the American Indians and our government? Shame on Paterson and he should redirect his energies to getting the budget balanced due April 1, 2010.

Read more:

Watch these YouTubes and look at the text portion for links....

Clubbed to Death? NYU leads the way for party central NYC

Earth to whom-ever wrote this...NYU and all the universities copying NYU like a bad xerox have recognized the big bucks they make from real estate grabs, zone busting using the term high ed and they jam pack as many college kids in to this dorms like the one John's parents tearfully visited yesterday to pick up her belongs. The colleges are greedy and use NYC and the "Friends" fantasy to lure kids here and give them zero tools but worse encourage partying big time. It is a joke. Why does the NYPD have to be responsible for every aspect of failings of people that refuse to take any responsibility and real estate magnates posing as high ed. I have asked NYU to actually hire NYPD to speak to kids about how to protect themselves including from date rape drugs being dropped in to their drinks, to always having a sober friend, etc. NYU and other Universities are responsible for mass displacement for their real estate grabs and the college kids are an after thought. NYU tore down St. Ann's at 120 E. 12 -- take a look and see the new hideous NYU mega dorm jammed packed w/college kids. The dorm will shock you and exposes the corrupt ruthless greed that has destroyed our neighborhoods and for what, why? Big bucks, real estate greed and party central. Even Bloomberg pushes be time partying and these real estate grabs for mega dorms favoring college kids partying on.

Roger Clemens A Wake-Up Call? by Suzannah B. Troy

Roger Clemens in his most natural pure state is a great athlete who needed no extra boosts although he convinced himself he did. His mental strength on the pitching mound can be seen in the court house as described in a well written piece by Mike Vaccaro in The New York Post. I point this out because in The New York Daily News there is a piece with the words "voluminous evidence". Actually the title is, "Ex-Yankee pitcher Roger Clemens pleads not guilty to perjury but Feds have 'voluminous evidence' and sums up the entire story.

Roger Clemens needs to make a very long list of all the good deeds he has done and I am sure there are many and throw himself at the mercy the powers that be. Clemens needs a wake-up, a reality check but all the tools that helped me to be a great pitcher like steely calm on the mound and mental toughness are helping him to dig a hole so deep he won't be able to wiggle out of. I wrote in my Naomi Campbell post on the Blood Diamonds, super models don't go to jail. Roger Clemens does not have have the Naomi Campbell luck and at the rate she is going she is going to run out of luck.

When celebrity believe their own celebrity and that they are above the law at some point they are in for a harsh awakening and Roger Clemens has clearly not hit that point yet.

Babe Ruth, Thurmon Munson are among my favorite Yankees and I can't imagine either of them doing anything foolish to have a competitive edge. In fact Babe Ruth seemed to do just the opposite. His Yankee coaches had to ask him to stop eating in the dug-out as I recall reading a biography. Babe Ruth hardly ate the breakfast of champions, trained like an obsessed athlete trying to break records at the Olympics.

I do think that baseball statistics will have to be reported differently with an "S" after any athlete that has been proven to have used steroids any other letters to indicate any other enhancing edge that was not kosher. Looking around at a lot of professional athletes and Hollywood actors it appears to me that they are using illegal substances to make their bodies look and perform beyond Mother Nature's gifts and for me it is creepy.

I have even greater admirations for athletes male and female who achieved their goals naturally and honestly and did not crack to the pressure of wanting to win so badly they would cheat.

Getting back to Clemens....he hold hard and fast to his "not guilty" plea to perjury and this is the worse pitch of his life.

5 U.S. Presidents Who Hid Their Illnesses

Hi Suzannah,

We just posted an article, “
5 U.S. Presidents Who Hid Their Illnesses”( ) . I thought I'd bring it to your attention in case you think your readers would find it interesting.

Either way, thanks for your time!



Throw the bums out by voting Sept. 14th Pedro Espada and others must go

Re: Hammond: Throw the bums out early

Posted: Aug 31, 2010 6:14 AM

Bravo. Doug Biviano is running against Joan Millman to fight corruption in 52nd district Brooklyn. His YouTube throw the bums out was removed from YouTube. He visits NBC, NY1, NYTimes, NY Post and NY Daily News. An employee of NBC was told by a "friend" his face could be seen for 7 seconds in this 10 min. YouTube. This security guard NBC has another title for his job consulted NBC lawyers after his "friend" alerted him and filed a complaint against this tube that starts out pointing out Zenger went to jail in the 1700's for saying the British gov.'s administration was corrupt. NBC doesn't have local news at 5PM. We need reporting not censorship of challengers.

Monday, August 30, 2010

ARTIST vendors win king Mike Bloomberg and Parks Dept. Lose

ARTIST vendors win king Mike Bloomberg and Parks Dept. Lose

Bad NY landlords going on a list exposing them city gov -- I do not think they care

What does it mean if the city can't get them to be good landlords....

I don't think these bad landlords care....

Cooper Union Student (?) underscores the exploitation arrogance abuses of Cooper Union willfully obtuse?

Below the water main break I believe the construction by Cooper Union caused. Read below my comments and know the group suing DOB and the mayor are the NY State Society for Professional Engineers. Wow at 3am a Cooper Union college kid or a troll - you almost hope a troll rather than someone so "willfully obtuse" came to YouTube and I am confident never bothered to talk to professors and the administration to give me the opportunity to highlight the shocking destructiveness to our communities by universities using the term higher education to exploit, displace and gobble up our neighborhood and under Bloomberg our safety compromised because of the reckless tsunami of development and perhaps a record setting displacement for the people of New York.

By the way, when Mike Bloomberg is not displacing the lower and middle income with all kinds of clever and viscious acts including ticketing people up to their eyeballs, raising taxes, making it impossible for small business to exist, etc. he takes time out to be racist and go over the Native Americans trying to invade their reservation here in NY and tax them which is another form of economic racism.
  • In what way is a water main break that's a block away from the building a direct fault of construction? The only construction that was performed recently at Cooper was the demolition of an old Cooper building, and the construction of a new one. I really don't see how they're encroaching on the neighborhood or pushing people out of their homes by rebuilding on their own property. Why is it the responsibility of a private school to maintain a subway? That's the jurisdiction of the government.

  • @academylife12345 I hope you are a student and not a troll. Again thank you so much. Mayor Bloomberg and DOB are being sued round 2 for tossing out the requirement that the head of DOB actually have an architectural or engineering degree. Since I made this YouTube the building has been put on halt for 2 years and I was told right here but a CU engineering student I was correct. So glad the president has left and you give me the opportunity to show the press the "imperial" and obtuse CU 'tude.

  • You argue that when one of the Cooper staff was giving a press conference she said something about the community's opinion, and you disagreed with that. What gives you more of a right to speak for the community than her? And what is your objection with holding a private press conference without inviting people off of the street? That's how press conferences are typically held, so this one shouldn't be treated differently just because its about an issue you take opposition to.

  • @academylife12345 Again thank you so much for your shocking comment. I hope you are not a troll but a student! The point is that a rep. from the school was lying about the community who sued Cooper Union so thanks again for giving me the opportunity to highlight the many ways CU is responsible for being abusive and insensitive as well as exploitive and responsible along with NYU for the hideous take-over and make-over of our community.

  • If you're so sure that the community is taking offense to the actions that Cooper Union has been taking, maybe you should ask some of the people in the area instead of bombarding the local newspapers with your letters. You argue that you have a right to free speech, any institution has the right to construct whatever they want on their own property if it's within code. I'm not trying to make a personal attack with these comments, I'd just like to address some issues I had with your opinions.

  • @academylife12345 Um, the community sued and lost! You should talk to your administration. I am posting all your comments on my blog and sending to the media. Thank you so much!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Louis Flores YouTube on Suzannah B. Troy activism use technology!

Here is my YouTube Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! posted on May 4, 2009 way before anyone else would even entertain the reality that would shake the media machine here in NYC up!

Judge Schoenfeld Union Sq. Artist Power will restraining order stay in place?

Monday the artists vs. NYC Parks Dept. City of NY -- I believe will be meeting with Judge Schoenfeld who for now has been protecting the artists serving the Parks Dept. with a restraining order regarding the Parks Dept. letting them set up in their usual spots.

Tomorrow artist activists go before the judge and we are all praying he rules in favor of the artists.

If not there will be major protests organized of vendors city wide to fight for the rights of vendors to earn an honest living minus harassment.

City Council should remember vendors besides paying taxes also are voters!!!!!!!!!

Note: The photo above is one of NY Shining Stars Miriam is my YouTube interview with her. I love her jewelry but she can't sell her jewelry which is her art in the park! There are so many rules and they are designed to push out the people who are mostly minority business people and all with a legal right to be there.

I bought her color intensified Coney Island Cyclone Photo!!!!!!!!

I have more postings on her and her art so go to my blog's search engine to check her out....amazing person!!!!
My interview with Miriam West!
Here I interview Tony her partner at a protest in the rain at Union Square.

These guys have a message for the mayor click on photo


Suki Weston and bestest friend! if you want custom NYC pet cards

Stay tuned...Here are the artists in the park in their usual spots today, Union Square.

Racist governor Paterson blames and scapegoats the American Indians and king Mike same page

Below are comments from the article above exposing Paterson's racism and willful obtuseness or plain stupidity.
Showing 5 comments

Roger Murdock 15 hours ago
My g-d. If Paterson had any less brain power, he would not be able to breathe on his own.
1 person liked this. Like Reply

Mikey 15 minutes ago
Cig. taxes, gasoline taxes are the very reason NYS has no economy... Regardless of the Cig. health issues.. Sales are off 28% on cigs. at the retail level, that means less income, thus a decline.. Yes the damn taxes are the problem.. What the lug head should have said is; it is a unfair advantage to those trying to earn a living, not blame it on the Indian tax collections.. Remember ya can't fix stupid! I guess he means well, but ya need brains to function.
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Suzannah B. Troy 16 minutes ago
I made this YouTube: Mike Bloomberg Dave Paterson racist scapegoating Seneca Tribe American Indians!!! It is racist and disgusting that a governor of NY gets away with planning an entire group of People for NY State and king Mike Bloomberg in actuality hurting small businesses! You want to help small businesses that sell cigarettes than lower the tax instead of scapegoating the American Indians. If anything the U.S.A. owes Native Americans mega-bucks. The budget crisis has nothing to do with the American Indians but everything to do with Albany and City Hall's corruption, stupidity, greed and lack of leadership. Stop the racism in NY against Native New Yorkers, American Indians.
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Spa1973 11 hours ago
Our small businesses can not be competive because of our state leglislature, not the Native Americans. Keep taxing the hell out of things Mr. Patterson

I have made two YouTubes on this issue and by the way post 9-11 I have acid reflux and 2nd hand smoke burns my throat.

Nicole John underage drinking, drinking madness NYC a killer

For anyone following my comments go to my blog and read this posting. You can go to search engine top left and type Capt. Winski "Capt. Winski underage drinking sting - why this saves lives - Jennifer Moore Rest in Peace". I have had to give him a hard time over the Mercer Hotel but in this piece I praise him for his underage sting to stop establishments from serving to minors. My piece and previous postings talk about the lengths I had gone to complain about my concerns about too many dorms and bars. Note: Ms. Johns blogged about partying hard and included NYU. My blog piece warns people how to protect themselves including having one sober friend to look out if you must go drink and tips about getting home safely. Read how party central Mike and Scott Stringer ignored my concerns and by the way NYU and these universities copying NYU's model of cramming college kids in to our neighborhood want the money and care nothing for us and don't prepare them for harsh realities of NYC.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Clayton Patterson the famous or infamous door

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Part 1

Part 2

As now the fine remains unpaid....stay tuned....

Darren Criss draws a crowd the Lower East Side

True Blood newlyweds pre-Emmy Bash party by Suzannah B. Troy

The back drop is a painting I wish I could get a closer look at and in a very unusual quiet why the clip made me think of Westerns I used to watch as a little girl when I had a crush on John Wayne. Eric reminds me of a very slender John Wayne but this scene has an odd elegance and beauty packed to the brim with tension! Is tomorrow night going to get very bloody?

I watched several times already in anticipation. I even check TV guide listings to make sure True Blood is on tomorrow. You might want to check out that link if you haven't. The page has all kind of fun True Blood references including an update on the actress Lois Smith who played Sookie and Jason's Granny. Check it out. Enjoy. I will meet you back here tomorrow night after True Blood.
Fangs away!

Tompkins part 2


he is carrying her pocket book and she is wearing his coat

American Indian Seneca Tribe ask for restraining order against NY State

The Seneca Tribe has asked for a restraining order against the State of New York thrusting a cigarette tax against American Indians selling cigarettes on the reservation to non-reservation residences. Indian Country Today reports "Seneca: Cigarette Tax bill is a throwback to "termination era'.

Do not confuse this with the bill the State of New York has passed making buying cigarettes more expense than heroin which I am told sells on the streets of NY for eight dollars.

I have posted on many blogs and made a YouTube about how I believe the taxing of the American Indians economic racism and you can read my explainations about why below including economics 101: The Native American Indians do not have the economic opportunities Americans have because they are on the reservation as well as the question why should the American Indians be subject to a tax to close a massive budget deficit that they have nothing to do with and hasn't our government abused, exploited and greatly harmed the American Indians enough already.

p.s. The State of NY wants to squeeze an million plus out of the American Indians but the trouble is the U.S.A probably owes the American Indians trillions for shady to blatant theft of land.

President Obama, Stop economic racism in NY against American Indians! by Suzannah B. Troy

You can email President Obama and it is a lot easier than emailing our supposedly techno-savy mayor Mike Bloomberg's. I have also written President Obama via snail mail about NYU and you can read about that as well and I will include the YouTube of me reading the letter as well.

Of course there is a word count so first read my response to The New York Daily News editorial in today's paper.

Dear President Obama:

NY's economy is spiraling downward and I believe it is from corruption and poor leadership but I am asking you to address economic racism by mayor Mike Bloomberg and gov. Dave Paterson against the Seneca American Indians!
It is pure economic racism!

They live on a reservation and they do not have the economic opportunities that Americans have and people use the word casinos like a racist to rationalize not making good and honoring Native Americans but continue oppression and also demonization of Native Americans.

Please confront this racism alive and well in NY!!!!!!!

I also wrote you asking you to pressure NYU to give us community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm where they use the term community facility to bust thru zoning yet exclude and displace community members. They were be senior centers, free computers, etc and college kids would see and get involved in the harsh fact people are struggling to live in the communities

Bloomberg's ruling party class -- another casualty

Suzannah B. Troy
08/28/2010 6:21 AM
Mayor Bloomberg and his ruling party class push drinking and remember Jennifer Moore underage was raped and murdered. Imette St. Guilllen legal raped and murdered. At the time I had been going out community board 3 meetings in the E. Village complaining about too many dorms and too many bars. It is in the minutes. Not once did the chair and the community board manager Susan Stetzer said for the record please note the chair David McWater owns 10 or more bars. I was shocked when I found out and wrote the mayor, Scott Stringer, SLA and went to the 9th Precinct community meeting and I am in the minutes there as well talking about all of this and in the minutes for that meeting as well. Stringer did nothing & I made up the term "orgy of admiration club' for when he came and visited the community board, a group of people we did not vote for. This paper I believe exposed the fact Bloomberg has spent over 5 grand of tax payer money on booze. Bloomberg has pushed the mass displacement of our communities for NYU, Columbia, Cooper Union's, NY Law's expansion and the encourages the party ruling class above the law. College students think this is party central and drug dealers welcome them as do any place that sells booze and beer and how many unreported incidents of date rape, violence, robberies occur. How many drunk driving incidents, murders? This is a tragic death that could have been avoided if the Bloomberg ruling party class was not in power.

Read more:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy emails President Obama for help to fight racism against Seneca American Indians here in New York!!!!

President Obama: NY's economy is spiraling downward and I believe it is from corruption and poor leadership but I am asking you to address economic racism by mayor Mike Bloomberg and gov. Dave Paterson against the Seneca American Indians!
It is pure economic racism!

They live on a reservation and they do not have the economic opportunities that Americans have and people use the word casinos like a racist to rationalize not making good and honoring Native Americans but continue oppression and also demonization of Native Americans.

Please confront this racism alive and well in NY!!!!!!!

I also wrote you asking you to pressure NYU to give us community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm where they use the term community facility to bust thru zoning yet exclude and displace community members. They were be senior centers, free computers, etc and college kids would see and get involved in the harsh fact people are struggling to live in the communities

King mayor Mike Bloomberg's economic racism against the Seneca Tribe American Indians by Suzannah B. Troy

I am wearing 2 necklaces, 3 rings and a bracelet with deep spiritual meaning, great beauty and depth all made by American Indians.

Watch my YouTube and hear my outrage. Also I ask you why are no leaders including President Obama speaking out on behalf of The American Indians and this racist behavior and economic oppression.

Here is some basic economics: The economic opportunities are so limited because the American Indians live on a reservation. Unlike king Mike who makes a fortune on going global in every way possible from information services, tech and I am guessing real estate most American Indians do not have the opportunities that Americans have because they mostly live on reservations.

Please do not talk to me about casinos as end all be alls for American Indians because that is another new form of prejudice and stupidity folks which lets people ignorant people right American Indians economic injustices and far worse off.

The American Indians have suffered enough and king Mike and an embattled accidental governor that in my opinion is guilty of ever so gentle intimidation of an alleged victim of spousal abuse are getting away with economic racism. Paterson objected to Bloomberg's racism comment but joins him in economic racism against the Seneca Tribe and American Indians!

Listen to my YouTube to hear more.

Just a reminder if you do not have time to watch my YouTube -- my jacket with patches in the Sept. 11 Museum has a patch from the Seneca American Indians and why? Because they ran down immediately after Sept. 11 to help us. The American Indians helped build the WTC and NYC. They were there front line for us right after Sept. 11.

The fact this racism is being tolerated right now in New York City is intolerable and I am shocked President Obama is silent as well.

FYI: King Mike Bloomberg's city planner socialite mega-millionaire Amanda the People's Burden is responsible along with Mike Bloomberg for the mass displacement of New Yorkers; one example, aiding and abetting eminent domain abuse to make the entire community of Manhattanville move for Columbia University's expansion. I have seen Bloomberg-Burden aid NYU in the tear down of St. Ann's and the push through of the illegal air sale over St. Ann Church from 1847 by the USPS to NYU.

If the Seneca tribe could have only gotten Mike to do massive real estate dealings and financial dealing for his pals on their reservation than he would be their champion.

Right now Bloomberg needs to apologize and back off.

President Obama where are you in the face of this ugly economic racism?

p.s. In Mike Bloomberg's private empire heroin is cheaper to buy and sell than cigarettes!
Welcome to Mike's hideous "new" New York!