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Thursday, May 20, 2010

NYC Gov Street Conditions Observation Mini Car a big waste of tax payer money Remember I called the press and asked them to come and luckily NY1 and Channel 11 showed up. This was 3 years ago and the intersection is still a mess on both sides as is most of the area.
The intersection has never healed and a NYC City Gov mini car is parking right in front of a crater in one corner of where this medium size water main break took place one block from where Cooper Union was building it "new hideous ugly" Studio building and my opinion Cooper Union's construction was too much for "old" New York's infrastructure. I could not find the city employee that parked the car right by this infamous intersection and one store closed right after the water main break because of it. I spoke to a guy working at the church to share my frustration at this car being parked here on no city gov worker to actually do the job of inspecting street conditions. He shared my feeling and remembered the water main break well.
Your tax payer money wasted and doing nothing - parked in front of a crater East Village. Here is the back of the mini-car parked right by this on going disaster of an intersection where thankfully no one has tripped and broken their ankle or their neck and why can't the city fix this problem and ditto for St. Marks Place between 1st and 2nd where the street continues to re-open again like a wound... Did my YouTube series finally get the city to resolve a street that kept breaking open for aprox. 5 years and is it really fixed finally? Watch the YouTube series... A few blocks down by the 9th Precinct on 5th Street looking West I asked a guy working are you here working on "street conditions" and he said no, he is here working on a gas line as an outside contractor for Con Ed.
This mini-car with a custom paint job that says Street Conditions Observation Unit is parked right at this very intersection which has a medium size water main break and now remains a wound that won't heal. How many infrastructure related breaks has the East Village Lower East Side done to and including Chinatown had since Mike Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development.....? Way too many.... How can you push development without addressing infrastructure first? Easily if you are Mike Bloomberg. Here I talk about Cooper Union in my opinion endangering our community because of infrastructure concerns and since I made this YouTube the build has been put on hold for 2 years. Cooper Union renting to their little yellow Science right now to NY Film Academy but their goal is tearing down the building, supersizing and leasing for 99 years. Even Guiliani's city planner said no -- this is a shell game but Amanda the socialite mega millionaire city planner the people's Burden of course gave it and every zone buster the green light which is why are streets look like this and we have so many infrastructure breaks.