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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mental Disorders 101 picks up my blog postings on Lawrence Taylor, Tiger Woods and Jesse James: sex addiction

Several of my postings have been picked up and they all give you insights in to sex addiction in relation to the high publicity cases of celebrities such as Tiger Woods and Lawrence Taylor....

By the way I am not calling Lawrence Taylor a misogynist but the alleged pimp for sure.

Fascinated by what quotes they picked.....

A wonderful quote of mine is posted on an art site which I just adored... Thanks and love artist to artist.

By the way do you know what the actual title of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" really was or is in Swedish?

Speaks volumes and bravo Stieg Larsson who is support and understanding of the violence women endure in way too many ways and the tattoo scene as pay back and punishment for a true monster, a viscous misogynist is unforgettable.

Stieg Larssoon died of a heart attack after turning in his three novels, a trilogy and than died of a heart attack. There is a fourth story and I can't wait to blog on the story behind that...but The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo really speaks to me about misogyny as well as muck raking, daring to speak up and expose corruption. Misogyny, corruption, democracy in peril ...Larsson took on powerful topics and more than just these but the real title of his book is....