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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Iron Man 2 review by Suzannah B. Troy major praise for Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke wore his soul on his skin in his comeback film "The Wrestler" and he was breath taking in his first few minutes of Iron Man 2 when he actually has dialogue. Rourke is superb but this was not a script heavy movie and he doesn't get much dialogue or screen time but he is riveting when he does get to speak and I loved the head to toe Russian Mafia tattoos. If you haven't seen Eastern Promises, a serious film not a cartoon movie, than rent this memorable film about the Russian Mafia in England.

Iron Man 2 is fun. The critics were less than enthusiastic and for good reason but the movie will do really well at the box office. There is a superb supporting cast including the sexy siren Scarlett Johansson, John Faurvre not sexy but fun, who also directed the movie and although Samuel Jackson has a very small role he is super! There are plenty of cameos including Christine Amanpour for global news buffs, internet billionaire Larry Ellison as well as an amazing retro-car with hand painted flames that I would love to go for a ride in!

I was bored to tears in the over the top fight scenes that were techno-extreme fighting meets professional wrestling and maybe it's just me...if I have to see fighting than I would rather see be hunky guys in the flesh not cartoon like machine. At this point in my life over the top special effects are too much for me and I would have preferred to read a good book during those scenes. Even the coming attractions were over the top over, stimulating tech heavy, leaving me longing for small films like Crazy Heart.

The movie is fun and will make big bucks at the box office.
Also for New York lovers Queens is also a star in Iron Man 2 as well!!!!!

I am obsessed with "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". There is a tattoo scene in this film that is unforgettable although the film is too violent for me. I am reading the book and even got the poster in Swedish.

For tattoo buffs -- The NYC Tattoo Convention 2010 is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I special shout out to Clayton Patterson who helps put on this convention because he had my art in the window
of his Outlaw Art Museum!