May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Friday, October 31, 2008

hair is falling out and I feel like I am falling off the edge

I worked on youtubing Alfredo Feliciano artist, musician and activist and co director along with Kate Temple-West of the Children's magical garden lost or misplaced a video footage of this art work of Mother Earth: Oshyn and Neptune Olokun-Yemaya.  I love this footage because he talks in his lyrical way about respecting Mother Earth and I felt us women -- our boundaries and the Neptune dude is trying to act like a big bad developer....the details are wonderful.  I can' find the footage or a good photo of the entire art work but I had to put up some small piece even if it is a bad photo.

 I did my best to give you some small view into one of our unique Lower East Siders that make up the mosaic.  I posted a bunch of youtubes on him tonight but I feel so tired...getting pains in my head, more hair loss, throat burn (9-11 throat burn?)and stomach pains welcome to NYC living....I hope I look good bald or maybe I could get a Sarah Palin wig on sale, the day after Halloween.   Loved all the people and pets of all ages and sizes decked out but it is kind of like that every day here.
Good night! 

"Got food & family you will be fine" by Denis Hamill, Frank McCourt move over, read this get ready to be moved and uplifted

Move over Frank McCourt, here is a masterfully written piece from title to end point that is moving to read and a spiritual uplift.    Times are tough and it seems it is going to get worse before it gets better but Hamill reminds us if we have family and a roof over our heads we will be fine based on his childhood memories.  This reads like a short story but it is an article from The New York Daily News and  better than comfort food.
Read, learn and enjoy!

Suzannah B. Troy

East Village Halloween afternoon tapestry of beauty and I threw in one sad note.

The beautiful goddesses and witches of Flower Power, Lata has the most beautiful compassionate loving energy....Flower Power is one of my most favorite magical East Village stores!
Tompkins golden moments

Sad moment thinking of firefighters and all fire responder that did not hesitate with their lives 9-11 and how many served our military, some were highly decorated Viet Nam Vets treated badly upon return only to be made invisible post 9-11 at the site because the mayor and John Whitehead ex Goldman Sach chair are concerned that would make them some how special.  They are special and that was the largest loss of rescue workers in the line of duty in our city, state and Nation's history.
Couldn't get the shot but a fire (?), the 9th Precinct and a bunch of fire trucks filled the little street that has not been supersized....yet.
Truck driver having some fun!!!!!!!!

This got frisky, put this lady and his admirers on my other blog.

Alfredo Feliciano with his Martin Luther King drawing

I have a youtube video of Alfredo speaking about this drawing and Martin Luther King.

Just out on and about in the East Village and I am not feeling to good. It will take me most of the night to get this all upload to youtube.

FDNY has a lot of admirers!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad I don't have a zoom lens on my iphone and even if I did a camera just couldn't capture what I felt in my heart and soul at this moment.   The children so excited by the fire truck with their faces pressed up against the fence.   Anyone who knows my feelings about the FDNY and children have to be laughing as they read this!

I was walking my "Barc Dogs" (from Barc Dog shelter) Blackie and James,  who can be very verbal at times but they were well behaved, me included.  I do think that some of the most handsome men on the planet are NYC fire men and I am not alone...why is their calendar such a burning hot item?

Senior citizen needs home

This is "Bridge" and this handsome old man is so beautiful when you walk him it is like walking down the street with Bridget Bardot and I have to explain he is on his last legs, part blind and he needs a home.   He is so beautiful.  I took him home but it was too stressful  for my  old cats.

I love the people that work with these dogs and I love the dogs.   As evictions rise for two legged New Yorkers, ditto for 4 legged New Yorkers and as long as I can remember there are special New Yorker superstars of all background that take them in and give them shelter.

Feel profound love for those Olympic superstars of NYC that help the homeless 2 legged and 4 legged.

"The new improved Washington Sq. Park,Symbol exploited by NYU and behind it the fountain "flattened to discourage activity"

Any activity that took place "in the fountain and around" hanging about, singing etc. is will discouraged and these "improvements" like an unnecessary "nose job" or "breast enhancement", this wasteful spending in my opinion was done because NYU, the purple reign of terror, no. 1 real estate magnate benefits because of their real estate value and for tourism, forget about the poor parks that really need improvements.  What a waste of money for these "improvements" the community battled. 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Courage Under Fire probably Meg Ryan's best film

I love the "Katz Deli" scene in Harry met Sally, who doesn't but my favorite film that stars Meg Ryan is Courage Under Fire and it is a no brainer why....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A win for the children Lower East Side

I am not going in to details yet but it is a win for "safety" for the children on the Lower East Side that attend school -- just too tired from all the disturbing changes in my life and geography although still close by...but it took me way too many years to find out there was such a thing as a community board, than I found it there is no point in going -- I call it the "orgy of admiration club" but before I stopped going I witnessed a fellow community member so outraged about the lack of safety measures for kids involving just crossing the streets.

Later he spoke again at another community gathering and ZERO had been done so I wrote passionate letters and they agreed to add more safety signs and check on the traffic lights.

When I unpacked some of my paperwork after "the big move" I found the letter and I WROTE ANOTHER letter more fiery and passionate and I think I mentioned that Mike Bloomberg could personally donate money for what we wanted to make is safer for the kids

AND I JUST GOT THE NEWS -- we are getting one.  

I am not spelling it all out -- I am not giving the details at this time but I will tell you when I got the letter about the moves the city was taking to make is safer, silly me -- I showed a community board member -- I think he is called a public member and he looked down at his nose at me and said YOU WILL NEVER GET blah blah blah.

We the "uncool" ungentleman was wrong and the kids that walk in and out of school and play around there are going to be a notch safer I hope.

Too tired and I want to see it in person before I elaborate BUT GETTING THE NEWS YESTERDAY MADE ME UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY -- unfortunately for me happiness is a difficult state to hold on to.

I don't have children but I love them and the city is just filled to the brim with them.  We laugh because even some famous gay bookstores have turned in to maternity stores so times and neighborhoods are a changing.  Just glad that 2 passionate community members got this to happen for the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!    And thanks to whom ever in city government heard us and got the message even though it took a lot of messages.

Oliver Stone's "W" reviewed by film scholar, author Ken Geist with an Oliver overview as well!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rescue 2 in Manhattan, I have to say seeing them made my day

I am exhausted and it is a new camera which I am not happy with including not figuring out how to remove the date/time stamp which I am not sure is set right anyway... technology is wonderful and the opposite of wonderful.  

I had just walked from the WTC site and made a 3 minute video on the WTC memorial and honoring our rescue workers.   They didn't hesitate with their lives, they died in record number in the line of duty, many were decorated in the military and within their dept. and clearly people from all over the world wanted to honor this record loss as documented by me just filming for 3 minutes yesterday but the mayor in league with John Whitehead refuse to so far because they don't want to make them some how special.  There ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty should have been up on the fence all these years with their name rank and dept.

The Rescue units I think of as the Harvard and Yale of the know me and my funny sense of humor.   The rescue units are considered elite and you have to have a scuba license.   Anyway, I was really exhausted and drained for so many reasons and I had some heart and soul pain that is part of my artist's emotional make up I long to let go of....but seeing Rescue 2 was a spiritual uplift.   Also a fireman that always made me feel loved, not a lover, we were not even tight but he always seemed to give me this vibe he admired my over the top fiery passion and intensity, he spent time in Rescue 2, he never tried to break my spirit and I was wearing a patch from Rescue 2 on my Indian Motorcycle jacket when I happen to see them.   A survivor  gave me the patch after 9-11.  

 I saw the guys, seeing them  gave me a much need lift.

I have 2 youtube videos up on honoring the rescue workers and this letter is dedicated to the highly decorated Viet Nam Vet fireman that was not my lover but made me feel loved because my intensity and passion is full throttle that took the Express to Heaven and to a younger fireman that had a 5 alarm fiery in my ears and heart about downtown and I woke up and emailed The Wall Street Journal because all the fiery emotions he shared with.

In memory of everyone that took the Express to Heaven that day and all loved ones and to Firemen Bobby Beddia and Joe Graffagino who in my book are 9-11 heroes after the fact.

Extremely exhausted today...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

NYU student housing Chinatown w/movie advertisements contrasted by Police building condos next door w/senior center,NYU owes community ctrs in dorm

NYU dorm in China Town has movie advertising on the building no community outreach resource centers see the historic NYPD building condo w/senior citi

Here is the base of a supersize hideous ugly NYU student housing in China Town that I believe should have a community outreach resource center in it.  It does have advertisements for movies including "W", typical NYU, the no. 1 real estate magnate.  Just beyond in contrast you can see the stunning historic NYPD building which is now condos for the uber rich BUT IT HAS A SENIOR CITIZEN CENTER IN THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE BUILDING so unlike the Christa Dora, the symbol of gentrification which to date has never honored the history of the building with something for the community as all the mega dorms in the East Village should as well because as I understand it -- they used the term "community facility"  to supersize yet exclude the community and that includes NYU with way too many mega dorms and buildings including the pink leased building on the Bowery and 2nd Street, New York Law, SVA, The New School, and of course Cooper Union.

I asked NYU way back when and than I asked Mayor King Bloomberg on the John Gambling show.  The link is on my biography section in youtube  Suzannahartist

Friday, October 24, 2008

my thoughts posted on The Call blog

If only they could have flashed how much slush money each council member that voted yes received of the 20 million dollars that mayor admitted to plus indirect money via other routes. Christine Quinn was laughable mentioning the other big joke in NYC, the conflict of interest committee that apparently never sees any conflicts of interest. One council member stated he voted yes and he did not receive any money from the mayor.

Also note John Sexton, Pres. of NYU, the no. 1 real estate magnate in NY and not for profit to boot, ran down to testify on behalf of mayor Bloomberg to protect NYU"s real estate need and greed to expand. The mayor's competition would never support NYU's tear down.

I do feel Bloomberg is in like Errol Flynn already because he has so much money to buy popularity.

Suzannah T.

John "the church killer" Sexton, pres. of NYU, no. 1 real estate magnate rushed down to testify for the mayor who help tear down St. Ann's from 1847

I heard a joke: After Amanda Burden leaves office -- she is going to be NYU's city planner since they own so much of New York city, oh, that's right she is already!

Anybody who would have been Mayor the next time around would not be a friend to NYU like Mike Bloomberg and mega millionaire socialite city planner Amanda 
Burden all  who put student housing and the rapid tear down of historic sites ahead of affordable housing and determining the truth that it was not in the best interest of the communities to supersize by subway stops and in areas where the infrastructures are old and delipidated below the streets as well as the streets themselves.

John Sexton ran down there to protect the number  one real estate magnate NYU's interests (and not for profit to boot)  real estate investments  so off he went and NYU has benefited mega bucks = real estate grabs. The developers who pushed the tear down of St. Ann's thru, I would like to ask them how much money they made making a mega dorm in record speed for NYU?

The people who testified for the mayor it seems to me have benefited greatly and will continue to do so.

The only thing the mayor, the city planner socialite mega millionaire Amanda Burden and John Sexton have not done for the community is provide NYU buses and trolleys to move us out to make room for NYU's unending need and greed to expand. Instead they park these trolleys and buses on Lafayette Street and Broadway as if these congested New York Streets are their property as any empire would despite the fact they own some much property a few blocks away they could park their fleet but no that would not do for the evil empire, the purple reign of terror, they have that attitude they are above it all and they are.     That very attitude brought the continued fall outs and fall of arrogance.   I predicted this year would be the fall of arrogance and it was beyond anything I could have imagined and it is clear more is to come.

It was important John Sexton ran down there -- he as to protect NYU's future expansion and unending greed and need to buy up as much as New York as possible and in this economic fall out John Sexton is licking his chops here and in Brooklyn.

Which reminds me of a joke...

I heard a joke: After Amanda Burden leaves office -- she is going to be NYU's city planner since they own so much of New York city, oh, that's right she is already!

The New York Times did censor me

Oh well, there were hundreds of responses posted but not mine. The New York Post cartoonist had Christine Quinn in position to kiss the mayor's backside so maybe that is a more polite way of summing up what I was saying.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The New York Times City Blog let me know I am no. 384 and my comment is awaiting moderation


384. October 23, 2008
8:17 pm

Christine Quinn’s comments were laughable including “the conflict of interest committee” not thinking City Council voting themselves a raise is a conflict of interest to swearing there were no back room dealings when the mayor has admitted to a 20 million dollar slush fund and Dan Doctoroff left to work for his private empire. I only wish when council members voted it was revealed how much money they were received from Bloomberg’s slush or from his friends or his organizations. Democracy is going the way of Wall Street, the more rules and limits given away the closer to an infrastructure collapse and in this case it is democracy.
Suzannah B. Troy

Suzannah B. Troy on Mayor King Bloomberg's 3 bid win and predication for city council members that voted yes

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Peter Vallone jr has made his decision VERY DISTURBING a piece written by Suzannah B. Troy

 Apparently Peter Vallone jr. took all this time and has finally made  a decision!!!!!!!!!!!  

I wish New York 1 could have flashed all the slush money this guy received every time he wasted New Yorkers time bothering to speak and pretend he was listening.  He received or 2.2 million dollars according to The New York Post for  2008 and 2009 combined plus more.   Everytime a council member's face was shown or the spoke the money they received from slushes I WISH was flashed on the tv screen and I wish they had a big screen in city council so everyone who showed up to testify could see and people who testified that received money also I wish the money they received was flashed up on screen.   I wish we could have this for all levels of political office to go for more transparency.

AM I SCARED ABOUT WHAT IS COMING?  Yes, very and would I like a financial whiz hero mayor to help get us through this?   Yes, and that was my original reason for voting for Mayor Bloomberg twice but I feel betrayed and suckered.  He doesn't have to worry because he at least was not awful when I spoke with him while Amanda Burden was a horror show.  

  I believe in a democratic process or what is left of it.   I worry democracy is going the way of Wall Street in more ways than one. 

 Just my dark humor but if he had just gotten a quick marriage with Christine Quinn they could have ran on her ticket but again she has gone out of her way to alienate voters and she seems completely unaware of that fact.

I use humor to cope but seriously we are  in a very dark phase I call sub zero trickle down and NYC may go bust.  We were never flush despite some p.r. and if anyone was to get a raise it was the NYPD and lowering the starting salary was a huge mistake.

This  must be the largest amount of slush to find it's way to city council in NYC's history and yes I know there were a few hold outs on city council that did not vote themselves a raise and also have not taken slush money.

I woke up in the middle of the night.  I feel ill and I decided to right this.

Trying to go back to sleep it is almost 3:30 am

Mayor Bloomberg's email to me on term limits and my response + the link to the John Gambling Show

Dear Friend:

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about term limits.

In recent weeks and months, I've listened to many different New Yorkers with lots of different opinions on the issue of term limits. But as Wall Street has entered its worst crisis since the Great Depression, and our economic situation has become increasingly unstable and worrisome, the question for me has become far less about the theoretical and much more about the practical. And that means asking a very basic question: Is it in the best interests of the City to give voters more choices in next year's election?

I understand that people voted for a two-term limit, and altering their verdict is not something that should be done lightly. The City Council - a democratically elected representative body - has the legal authority to change the law, and if it does so, the final verdict would remain with the City's voters. On Election Day, it will be up to the people to decide which candidates have earned their vote, and which have not.

I've always supported term limits, and I continue to do so. But I also don't want to want to walk away from a city I feel I can help lead through these tough times. If the Council passes an extension of the term limits law from two to three terms, I plan to ask New Yorkers to look at my record of independent leadership - and then to decide if I have earned a final term. Whatever the Council decides, I'll remain focused on doing my job and finishing this term as I began it: by working day and night for New Yorkers and the City I love.

Thanks again for taking the time to write.

Michael R. Bloomberg
+Folks this is ironic because I spoke with the mayor on the steps of city hall and he did turn and walk away. I has asked him to come visit the East Village, LES and Bowery. His response involved NYU and was provocative and I responded in kind. He walked away and I shouted honor our Fire Police and EMS as the WTC site!!!!!

Dear Mayor: Thank you for your email on term limits. I made the youtube video "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York" and I hope you don't get in a 3rd time because I voted for you twice and you let NYU destroy what was left our neighborhood.
You ignored our community demand that you help us and you seemed to care only about NYU's student housing and not the fact evictions continue to rise of tenants and small businesses and more.
However if you do get in, to save the city money I suggest you get rid of city council and also get a special amendment passed so you can be Governor of New York as well and even be special Vice President for which ever Pres. candidate wins because you are so gifted.

In the meantime our infrastructure is in the worst shape in the city's history in a long time and I lampoon you asking for a special city council position with millions of slush money awarded to me because YOUTUBE is my art and I am surprised Saturday Night is not lampooning you so I thought I would!!!!!!!!!!!!
Consider this email part of my art!!!!!!!

+ go to link
pick the top option for "archived link" which gives you the stream with out down load
move the cursor to 29 minutes (almost the end!!!)
OCTOBER 19, 2007
Live from City Hall with Mayor Mike and John Gambling

I also asked for community outreach resource centers directly with NYU reps before this radio show in 2007 and I spoke at rally to save Whole Earth Bakery and demanded them but The Villager which I believe sold out to NYU completely erased me from the rally saying I didn't say anything different and they were concerned I was running for office AND YOU CAN HEAR THE MAYOR'S RESPONSE which is a just a few people feel the way Suzannah does.
Dear Mayor: Thank you for your email on term limits. I made the youtube video "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York" and I hope you don't get in a 3rd time because I voted for you twice and you let NYU destroy what was left our neighborhood.
You ignored our community demand that you help us and you seemed to care only about NYU's student housing and not the fact evictions continue to rise of tenants and small businesses and more.
However if you do get in, to save the city money I suggest you get rid of city council and also get a special amendment passed so you can be Governor of New York as well and even be special Vice President for which ever Pres. candidate wins because you are so gifted.

In the meantime our infrastructure is in the worst shape in the city's history in a long time and I lampoon you asking for a special city council position with millions of slush money awarded to me because YOUTUBE is my art and I am surprised Saturday Night is not lampooning you so I thought I would!!!!!!!!!!!!
Consider this email part of my art!!!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kiss another East Village staple Kim's Video good bye and NYU the predator tried to grab the video film collection!!!

Go to youtube and hear the latest on Kim's Video store on St. Marks closing it's doors and of course the predator NYU, the evil empire offered to buy up the video film collection but thankfully Kim said "NO!" a word Mr. Sexton has yet to understand or respect so much for higher education understanding a two letter word but in this case they have too. I include The New York Post article in the link.

Another Corrupt politician skit by a NYC comedian -- what you won't see on Saturday Night live and he mentions Mike Bloomberg

This was made before the Bloomberg mega bucks slush fund was revealed.... Of course we will never see the slush funds parodied on Saturday Night Live and how fun would it be to parody Mike changing political parties as well as handing out mega bucks, job offers, not so anonymous donations, etc to be King Mayor. No, I am not a republican but why is he above being lampooned by the main stream comedians?

The comedian is wearing an "NYPD" t shirt that parodies the NYPD starting salary being lowered and this was around the time City Council VOTED THEMSELVES A RAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYU the Evil Empire, the purple reign of terror is at it again!!!!!!!!!!

I posted this:

NYU is the evil empire of the East Village having mega dormed the East Village to death and this is all part of their purple reign of terror.
NYU should not be able to use the historic Washington Square Arch as their logo because their tear down our historic buildings. There logo should be the St. Ann's mega dorm at 120 East 12th Street with a dollar bill.
NYU is the no. 1 real estate magnate in NYC and with a not for profit status. Time to put a cap on not for profit real estate and can we charge NYU for using the name New York since we are in a massive budgetary crisis?

Yo Oliver Stone and tomorrow night a bring you an Lower East Sider who can't wait to see "W" Oliver's new film!!!!!!!!

Above is the link to the documentation of the United States Postal Services illegal air sale over St. Ann's from 120 East 12 so NYU could tear down the stunning church from 1847 and set a world record pace supersizing. The State of New York should have been notified to examine this sale because the site was historic and the State of New York would have examined is this in the best interest of the community as well as environmental concerns. I believe there are huge infrastructure concerns and it is right by other mega dorms and the subways which are in awful condition and ditto for Cooper Union who is supersizing by a delipidated subway stop"and I believe again in endangering our community with their greed to supersize and Cooper Union plans to lease the future "supersized Science building for 99 year. Even the last adminstration's city planner Rudy's city planner said NO! It is a shell game but not Amanda Burden.  
ps   Besides the air rights sale that was pushed thru at high velocity, knowing how many firemen died 9-11, I would have to walk outside my home of 20 years and see the fire hydrant blocked by the USPS trucks day after day and far worse stories but for another time other than to say NYU and the USPS were the worse neighbors and my worst nightmare.  The real estate wheeling and dealing and the Wall Street madness had no policing just the opposite as the mayor pushed these deals through supersizing NYC at a tsunami like speed with so many infrastructures in jeopardy including now democracy!
Thanks to Andrew Berman who discovering and documenting this illegal air sale and doing so much to try and save our historic city.

Karen here are the links to The New York Observer articles that mention my youtube videos on Bloomberg and City Council

I am quoted from my youtube video “Gloomy Bloomy Sub zero trickle down”

Hear Suzannah B. Troy confront Mayor Bloomberg on the John Gambling show about NYU's mega dorming the East Village to death and Bloomberg's tsunami of

+ go to link
pick the top option for "archived link" which gives you the stream with out down load
move the cursor to 29 minutes (almost the end!!!)
OCTOBER 19, 2007
Live from City Hall with Mayor Mike and John Gambling

I also asked for community outreach resource centers directly with NYU reps before this radio show in 2007 and I spoke at rally to save Whole Earth Bakery and demanded them but The Villager which I believe sold out to NYU completely erased me from the rally saying I didn't say anything different and they were concerned I was running for office.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

East Village bloodthirsty to see Sarah Palin or Tiny Fey go to my other blog, Halloween East Village

Yo Oliver Stone do a film right here & now about NYC, wall street implosion, real estate developers like NYU, the purple reign of terror

When you go to my youtube click on more to read more of my thoughts and by the way "Mike 'Wizard of Oz" by Adam Lisberg and Kathleen Lucadamo is a must read in today's The New York Daily News which includes Robert DeNiro's stance which is why no American film will be made and shown in this town anytime soon about what is going down. Yeah we get Nixon and W but no cinema on what is history being made in the greatest city in the world or was...By the way I am independent and I am not a fan of either party although I am for the people having housing and healthcare and a democracy!   NYU, the Evil Empire of the East Village, the Purple Reign of Terror changed my life forever and they couldn't have got the job done without the help of their good friends Mike Bloomberg and Amanda Burden and we the community and people from all over the world asked for their help and to protect us from NYU tearing down St. Ann's and pointing out the USPS did not notify the State of New York as legally required so the State could come in and examine is this in the best interest of the community and address environmental concerns.  It never happened.  I voted for Mike Bloomberg twice and he did sub-zero answering my call and Amanda Burden was just brutual...I almost regret she answered my call except it is in my poem "Buy Town Stuy Town Affordable housing oxymoron" .  Do I think Mike Bloomberg is going to get his third term?  Yes.  But he has to do it the democratic way and that is allow the people to decide with a referendum and than they can vote him in -- read the article in The New York Daily News -- apparently he may be willing to pay 2 thousand dollars for your support!   I won't be voting for the mayor.   Read the text that accompanies this video down to the last link for a good laugh.

White platelet donors needed + my thoughts

10 year old , Katlyn Bolander, is in urgent need of platelets and whole blood donations. Katlyn has been diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) and has recently undergone a bone marrow transplant at Sloan Kettering. MDS is typically referred to as "smoldering leukemia". This transplant requires chemo over a long term and a long stay in at Sloan Kettering. Anyone who is eligible to donate and is interested in doing so please contact the coordinator at Sloan, Mary Thomas, to make an appointment or to ask any questions (212-639-3335). Please mention that it is a direct donation for Katlyn Bolander.

*It is important that all donors meet the eligibility criteria. The criteria for whole blood and platelets is the same. Please note that the e-mail appeal contains our web site where donors can access donation criteria:* * *

*All blood types are acceptable.

*Directed donations must be made in our Donor Room. Whole blood donations take about one hour and can be stored for thirty days after testing. Platelets take approximately 2 1⁄2 hours for the entire process and can be stored for only five, two of which are used for testing. Therefore it is important to spread out the donations so they do not all expire on the same dates.

Small groups can be arranged. Please contact me if you require any additional information for this worthy effort. Your willingness to distribute an appeal to let people know about Katlyn's need for blood and platelets is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Mary Thomas
Blood Donor Relations Specialist

Dear Readers of my blog: You already know I donated my white blood cells twice. I can do platelets in one hour but white blood cells take 2 hours with a needle in each arm. In theory I would like to have babies so I should not donate my white blood cells but I didn't know that at the time and more and more I grow older and more tired and drained especially by selfish abusive uber narcissists who accuse everyone but themselves of being what they are! I also had to contend with racism yesterday -- anti-semitism but their abuse somehow apparently doesn't in their mind make them hate mongers or racists just like the crazy narcissists, what a crazy, crazy world.

I am so tired and if I donated again I would want a big bad Hell's Angel that has to do some community service or good deed for the day to drive me up and sit with me for 2 hours and than take me on a ride. Why? Because they have the most beautiful motorcycles in the world and people who kid themselves they are good citizens have done everything but actually murder me so at least I would have some company with someone that wears warning labels. It is really hard to do selfless loving good deeds while feeling very very drained by some of the things I describe. I have throat burn, stomach aches, my hair is falling out and I feel very tired...could I donate, yes but it seems I need to put myself first and rest. I hope you can donate. Help this little girl or some other person who needs blood. NYC is in a perpetual crisis when it comes to needing blood donors.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jennifer Hilton's fund raiser for her cancer battle and a percentage goes to cancer cares

I went to Teddy's, an amazing bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a community fund raiser for Jennifer Hilton.  Please go to her website and you can see a New York 1 video of her with her doctor and the new headway or hope to for the future to have more ways to catch colon cancer through blood tests but when Jennifer's colon cancer was discovered it was already stage 3 and lymph nodes were removed as well.

I took a look and a percentage will go cancer care (click on Jen's story for more info) so go to her blog and read the information and donate if you can,  I know times are tough for so many.

By the way, when I walked in I asked one of the owners of Teddy's how do we know the money will go where it needs to go... and so I introduced to a gorgeous woman who answered my questions and surprise it was Jennifer Hilton.  She has been through so much including chemo and yet she looks so beautiful and she has a glow, a life affirming glow.  I feel the opposite so I know it is time for more changes in my life.

Suzannah B. Troy between 2 blogs feel dislocated like my move after 20 years under duress

I keep going back and forth between blogs hoping never to return to this one, feeling waves of exhaustion, more hair loss and stomach pains, can't seem to find my equilibrium....The traumas, stress and duress that lead me to sell my home of 20 years so I just can't seem to find that feeling of home that for way too long was taken from me by way too many invasive situations from noise pollution from NYU-ville party central nightlife bars and more to a city that never seems to sleep and awake 24/7 days a week madness....speaking of which got nasty phone calls from Jim Mosaic Man Power and I forbid him to call so I get angry text messages which some how feel way less assaultive.   No good deed goes unpunished.  This guy is the Bill Gates of the disenfranchised receiving what feels like billions of dollars of good will, love, energy, compassion and a lot of tolerance from so many...oh well, what's new?

The Wall Street Journal, The city can survive with Bloomberg

Here is my response and thanks and gratitude to whomever gave me the 5 star rating.



On 2008.10.16 04:09 pm, Suzannah said:
There have to be term limits set in place and with the new economy of mega wealth turning to politic office with the deepest pockets and most powerful connections including with the media willing to publish puff pieces for their rich friends -- we need term limits more than ever and I would add to senate, congress and to community boards where we don't even get to vote for the people that supposedly represent us.

Suzannah B. Troy
youtube "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York"

Christine Quinn is "in like Flynn" in terms of City Hall PART 2Youtube part 1 so go testify plus evictions rise 2 legged and 4 legged

Christine Quinn is "in like Flynn" in terms of City Hall Youtube part 1 so go testify plus evictions rise 2 legged and 4 legged

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The New York Observer, a reporter reports on NYC politics understands me Suzannah B. Troy artist

Anyone who runs a marathon knows it is 26.2 miles not 26 miles.  I have run 2 NYC marathons and I can only explain the feelings like I had this morning as hitting "the wall" but when I found this article and read this report on the New York political scene with the author "getting it", understanding my art -- this is my art it was like my 2nd NYC marathon where I was feeling the pain big and bad and their is a distinct memory of the people that line the way that inspire you to keep on going.    News reporter, Azi Paybarah, you are my muse today.

This morning I was listening to Jim Morrison singing "People are Strange" and I know first hand what it is to be an artist and they way people treat you...It is just mind blowing to find an article on line written by someone who does not know me but I feel completely understands "Suzannah B. Troy artist".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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The New York Observer on line mentions me wanting city council to unvote themselves a raise

The New York Observer link has a Suzannah B. Troy quote from 
 "Gloomy Bloomy News subzero trickle down", a video on made and posted on youtube.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jim Mosaic Man's tribute to Mayor Bloomberg

Alec Guinness starred in a superb film  "The Horses Mouth" which as an artist I identified strongly with but hearing about Jim's "visit" brought on his telephone call to John Gambling Show asking to speak to the mayor  now I think of Jim Power as well or even more so.   Jim gets zero funding and we all are angry about the funding for a waterfall phony bogus structure posing as art and Jim would be grateful with a small percentage of that funding along with many NYC artists.   His art is a major tourist attraction and tells the story of NYC, America, Rock and Roll and honors local small businesses characters like myself, the NYPD, the FDNY and our rescue workers that died 9-11 just to cover a few of his topics.

So sad to that Mayor Bloomberg can't give Jim Mosaic Man a minute of his time since Jim has included a tribute on his light poles along with other mayors, Presidents like Honest Abe Lincoln but no, anything but.  Jim is a Viet Nam Vet and the most prolific East Village Artist under the most dire circumstances mostly homeless where he has been robbed, even beaten up and he needs a hip replacement and is missing the majority of his teeth and his legally blind.

Jim is a subject of a documentary that is being made that will show for 20 years he has engaged the most diverse group of people including I have seen first hand a severely handicapped young girl - who Jim got to use her foot via the electric wheel chair to push a piece of mosaic in to the light pole.  I have photos and you can see them on my myspace page.

To read more and see some footage of the film maker's go to my web page on apple

Suzannah B. Troy, Elvis sighting in the Bowery, Jim Power news flash!

Yo, I have moved back to blog on my Apple blog site for now so you can find my youtube videos on you tube -- just type my name in the search engine.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Emily Lloyd resigns!!!!!! Some good news in city government

First Dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff leaves mysteriously, than the DOB head is forced out and now Emily Lloyd the head of DEP is leaving for a private sector job....I am assuming it is not in the Bloomberg empire but elsewhere.

All of the above plus Con Ed should have listened to the many of us city wide that loudly expressed our concerns for the safety of New York.

Gee, do you think the lasted water main break and the massive list of concerns that were brushed aside for this way too rapid tsunami of community crushing development had anything to do with her departure?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New York City's downward spiral + another infrastructure break this one by the Holland Tunnel

Homeless man sleeping on grate by a massive "infrastructure expansion" that makes Houston Street look like a bomb exploded there and it has been there for a very long time.

I am in this video from NY1 in front of a medium sized water main break in the East Village.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mayor Bloomberg & Christine Quinn to toss out term limits and democracy?

My computer is being fixed so

I am in Apple using their computer and I go in to local cyber shops so it is rough. I am scary body and mind can't seem to rest enough to recharge me batteries.

The terrible duress which I pray makes it to the big screen one day to show in a small way what was going down here in NYC and the duress of having to start again after 25 years in the Village area, moving all my life crammed in 20 years of living in one room with a lot of storage space in the life, ceilings and the new space which have not adjusted to and may never...

it has been rough. I also kept trying to donate blood and hour long platelet donations because the NY Blood center always needs blood donations big time -- yet another deficit.

Apple customer service is off the charts to they called me yesterday when I happened to be in the store and they had my portable hard drive ready to go so I was able to upload my phone call to Christine Quinn's office.

I just made another mini movie this morning on the go and you can see how tired I am....just feel like I am always on the run and never allowed to fully rest because the city is party central.

Thanks for your support and interest and I wish you what you are sending me 100 fold! All the best!!!! A
special thanks to the people that came to youtube and gave me five star ratings. Back at you!!!

I pray we get Bloomberg out. Who ever comes in next has one of the greatest challenges ever in NYC's history because it has been all smoke and mirrors and the city is is shambles.
As soon as I get my lap top I will be back to blogging on my Apple mac blog site.

Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen continues to fight eviction

Jim Mosaic Man Power on do a search there are a lot of videos with him!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mayor Bloomberg suffers from a Napoleon complex and we have to lose term limits and what is left of democracy because of it

My computer is being repaired and the video of me calling up Christine Quinn's office and leaving a voice mail on Kate Seely-Kirk's voice mail which was inspired by my "commentor" on is in limbo land until mid-week so I went in to an apple store and made a 2nd video which should be up on youtube later today.

Are mayor bloomberg and Christine Quinn and other city council members willing to throw out term limits and democracy with it?

Do we give up democracy because Mayor Bloomberg has a Napoleon complex?

Go to you tube and listen to my theories and the state of our infrastructures as in possible collapse here in NYC and the next infrastructure maybe democracy.

Michael Bloomberg wants to be KIng of New York

Tour Buses NO!, Tourists Yes!

(I feel the same way about NYU buses and trolleys including NYU using Broadway and Lafayette as their parking lot for their fleet when they have so much property to park them.)

Photo above of protestors
Write or Call or email the following government officials urgetn passage of laws regulating sound amplification and alternate bus routes for sightseeing buses throughout NYC,=.

Council speaker Quinn (my question: isn't she pro throwing democracy and term limits out the door?)
phone 212-788-7210

Council Member Alan J. Gerson 212 788-7722

Committee on Consumer Affairs/legislation on Sound Amplification for Sight Seeing buses
Council Member Leroy Comrie, Chair
250 Broadway Room 1865, New York, NY  10007

please take action today
Council Member

Suzannah B. Troy's 2nd you tube video Mayor Bloomberg NYC Oligarch Central" read NYDaily News 20 mill dollar mayoral slush fund to city council allies

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, Suzannah B. Troy 1rst youtube video and 5 star rating

George Bliss and Scout of Hub Station at the back of bicycle parade today in East Village

Jim Mosaic Man Power Viet Nam photo, drew a peace sign on O in Power on his uniform


Friday, October 3, 2008

Suzannah B. Troy on

Yo, you can see and hear me and my first video "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York" got 2 five star ratings and I love the commentor who urges us to contact our city council rep.

I justsubmitted "Christine Quinn, Hello, No to extending term limits"

I may have written yes to term limits but yes is yes to corruption.

We need term limits in place.

I had to drop off my apple note book where I make my videos and I am so wiped out....I can't express in words how tired I feel and unwell. Time to rest and again I am grateful for my first video getting 2 five star ratings.
I have "Whole Earth Bakery" needinghelp fighting eviction and
also up on
now I hope to rest.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Listen to my podcast and also seem me busting out of my seams

Yo, go to my new site and listen to "NYC Oligarch Central Part 2" and you can see I look very upset and I am busting out of my seams.

I am holding an article from The New York Daily News in my hands "I gave $20 Million to pals on City Council, Bloomy sez" and I will point out to you how mayor Mike Bloomberg is not about to break any laws because hey, that would be criminal but he isn't above changing the law!!!!

We need term limits in place and if the financial markets almost imploding we need more checks and balances in place not less you can hear me call for more term limits set in place -- tune in or not...