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Saturday, June 8, 2019

East Village MTA Bus Driver Deals w/ Mentally Ill Violent man unlike BloomdeBlasio Peacefully

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Bus driver, good Samaritans stop crazed man with knife in East Village #MTA bus driver hero he did not kill mental ill man under mayor de Blasio NYPD Bratton, O'Neill has killed staggering amount of mentally ill and non…
SPECIAL REPORT: NYPD’s Mental Illness Response Breakdown
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Mayor de Blasio and his wife  were  supposed to champion the mentally ill but it was all a fraud it seems like they were just funneling money it's staggering how many mentally ill people have been killed under the last few years with mayor de Blasio and his Fake Pr police commissioners  Bill Bratton and nypd pc O'Neill although under Bloomberg deaths the DEATH  toll mayor de Blasio and his wife as mayor it is staggering!

The NYPD are out of control when they're not killing people or breaking laws they're killing themselves and I am a victim of their crimes fixing favors for wealthy doctor and I'm waiting for Justice in apology but it's going to take a mayor and the police commissioner that are not corrupt and unethical and so far it's been Bloomberg and de Blasio corrupt unethical  they and their top cops continue to treat me like a Jew in the early stages in Nazi Germany  protecting a pileup of crimes from a doctors office and SoHo to the 1st Precinct to One Police Plaza including Internal Affairs.

 I'm not surprised the NYPD has so many suicides considering how much corruption they are covering up how much wrongdoing I don't know how you can reconcile that if you believe in G-d.

 Zachary Carter and his predecessor sent in lawyers to lie they lied and legal documents and Zachary Carter signed off on it because I was coerced I don't know how these people live with themselves.

Zachary Carter Dr Redacto redacted  documents obstructing justice center Dept Of investigation investigation into the lower Eastside dirty deal involving the nursing home and I am told that's not the only document he was busy redacting he took an oath and he violated it just like the Manhattan DA and all the dirty cops a break laws I'm just surprised I want more suicides .

 I can't determine if NYPD suicides are because they can't bear the wrongdoing there witnessing or partaking in I really don't know except the NYPD just not do proper screening evaluation they don't have proper psychological evaluations which have to be used before hiring and revisit it during there are years on the job because how many cops broke laws in my case like it was no big deal to falsify police reports and attempt to violently coerce crimes violently coerce me

Eric Garner and I both started out pro se under Bloomberg and corrupt Ray Kelly.

Below a Bloomberg ray Kelly double disaster when  The NYPD are called to deal with the mentally ill person the mentally ill person is killed and the cop in charge commit suicide.

The cops are broke laws in my case one of them Internal Affairs Mary O'Donnell when I tried to track her down to serve her I found her online it appears something like she's president of the NYPD women's Christian group yet she violated her oath she broke laws and she acted like anything other than a Christian and her shockingly sadistic on ethical behavior she was the one who read me Delita Hooks letter and showed me Delita Hooks letter OPENLY  threatening me yet again this time with the second false cross complaint so it's another crime it's another threat to meet the victim and Internal Affairs Mary O'Donnell a sergeant at the time we're letting me know they're protecting all crimes if you're protecting a threat and you read it to me then haven't you just threaten me  top?

Google Dr Fagelman assault youtube

Google NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer Delita Hooks letter openly threatening me

I mean what is this mental illness? A violent crime at a doctors office
Fixing favors corruption to police commissioners, three chief of detectives two heads of internal affairs for Chiefs of Dept covering up fixing favors erasing Crimes and how many cases including mine.

What's interesting is this Internal Affairs Capt. Wright if you read the entire story look into this it's hard finding and shocking and there's no way I believe that was his first time far from it yet he was protected and he was assigned to the ramos  case in the Bronx where even the Feds shut down any further investigations in to fixing favors by NYPD when it was common knowledge it was  prevalent throughout NYV  not just the Bronx.

IAB captain busted in NYPD gal-pal assault

The NYPD have way too many people breaking laws at their desk or worse protected by Internal Affairs and One Police Plaza James O'Neill must resign along with Zachary Carter and the Manhattan DA and his staff and ADA Gaffney and Cy Vance need to explain under oath why  they tried to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex offender status are they mentally ill?  Maybe all these people that work for city government that we're breaking laws obstructing justice whatever wrongdoing they were doing as they collect their paychecks and pensions maybe use mentally illnesses to explain all their wrong doing?

Bloomberg's NYPD Intelligence  Division Det.  Took a gun and shot a rival a man he perceive to be his romantic arrival - He did it off duty and he lied about it and he passed his psychological evaluation in fact every cop that broke a law and Is sitting in jail pass their psychological a valuation test but for every cop sitting in jail there are so many more because it was more than one or two bad cops in my case and none of them are sitting in jail and they broke laws they have no fear they thought this is a big joke they left and when I served Lt Angelo Burgos when I sued in New York state court he asked to be my linked in friend!   That is sick and all protected.

 When is Supervisor learned Eric Garner was dead - his text summed up the mentality behind why so many nypd break laws in our cases.... They clearly don't value our lives and clearly the NYPD psychological evaluations process is a broken one along w/  corrupt police commissioners and cover crop top cops

I'm sorry for the mess,' fatal Tasering cop Michael Pigott wrote in suicide note to wife - New York Daily News

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