May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Cy Vance Pay to Play DA One Term Blog Celebrating Count-down corrupt racist, misogynist DA out it is a matter of time!

Resign Cy Vance Pay to Play Racist Misogynist DA!: Cy Vance Pay to Play DA One Term Blog Celebrating Count-down corrupt racist, misogynist DA out it is a matter of time!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Clayton Patterson Unfiltered great interview Yrs ago -filmed #NYPD violently beating People

Clayton Patterson Unfiltered  great interview Yrs ago -filmed #NYPD violently beating people Tompkins Sq Park Lower Eastside pre YouTube pre cop watch Little brother watching big brother! In film #Captured watch it on iTunes! Listen to the interview

How Clayton came to NYC... before Cop Watch and smart phones he was at the forefront videotaping Gangs of NYPD violent crimes beating victims Tompkins how film NYPD is legal and necessary. He fought to legal tattooing and has massive Lower East Side Archive

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Bill de Blasio, Bloomberg Their NYPD Corruption Crimes for Sale No President Job

Bill de Blasio delusional and has no chance of becoming president and I never thought I'd say this but he's a worse mayor than Michael Bloomberg -- Eric Garner and I started out pro se  under Bloomberg and corrupt Ray Kelly and puppet Charles Campisi and  chokehold Chief Joe Esposito who Bill feels he hast to financially prop up to the tune of almost half $1 million and no one's investigating that odd relationship and Eric Garner is dead and I've had three police commissioners and their top cops and Zachary Carter protect very serious crimes committed from a doctors office to the 1st Precinct --

Bill de Blasio and his wife deceived us -- I stood on the steps of City Hall for survivors rally and their staff and NYPD intelligence  division detectives (bodyguards to mayor and family) and supervisors attempted to violate my civil liberties and  I have video evidence of one of their bodyguards and NYPD intelligence Det. actually violating protocol lying to me and he's not been punished but with 300 women on the steps  my fellow women protesters would not allow  The mayor staff and corrupt NYPD  detectives to violate my civil liberties! Under Mayor Bloomberg when NYPD intelligence division  violated protocol the kind I documented on the steps of City Hall w/  then why PD intelligence Det. lying to me and it's posted on YouTube, CCRB held them accountable under Bloomberg but not this time because this mayor de Blasio is even more corrupt --

 We also have major corruption involving the technology corruption from Giuliani and Bloomberg and instead of doing something about it de Blasio and  Scott stringer and Dept Of investigation are covering up all crimes and FYI tied to pensions so shhhhh --  example the fact that it's open season to steal  overtime using CityTime a flawed  payroll system that Rose Gill Hearn and went to NY1 and said it works and did an iinfomercial for CityTime which was shocking and dishonest and  she was the head of Dept Of investigation and got to kick back jobs for her role covering up major crimes inside New York City government along with contractors and there were no arrests let's say for example 911 tech rupture not want to rest and only $60.5 million returned which is way too low!

CityTime is junk a
 Taxpayer Tech titanic that should've been thrown out and  corrupt cops like Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy easily stole overtime ( do you want to steal overtime use the lowest technology available a pencil or pen ) and the Manhattan DA and top cops One Police Plaza Internal Affairs protected all crimes just like in my case but my case very serious crimes  most do not have a statute of limitations --protected by top brass we're talking a fast cross-complaint a letter from my attacker to Detective Andrew Dwyer openly threatening me warning me not to come back and file second-degree assault because that was truly the crime my attacker committed along with menacing stocking me filing my patient right stealing a note I wrote my MD, Delita Hooks sexually assaulting me forcible touching and NYPD detectives falsified police reports downgraded all crimes zero crime  racing all crimes including their own and they got promoted like Detective Andrew Dwyer to the NYPD FBI task force or they were allowed to retire.

Google nypd  det. Andrew Dwyer Delita Hooks letter threatening me
Google Dr Fagelman assault

 The doctor is a liar who committed perjury like he was sneezing no big deal he littered his lies with occasional truths but he did not fire the woman who punched a hole in my retina like the game knock out the Jew a running punched my head and she violated me and my patient rights menaced me and stalked me --  she still there she would've been fired if she worked at McDonald's or Starbucks or anywhere but he has her training people he thinks it's hilarious and he put his full trust and confidence in NYPD to coerce me threaten me!

 Clearly doctors are up above the law and the NYPD are his patients and they're very grateful to him and they don't like me but they broke laws and violating my civil rights and however long it takes I demand justice and also compensation from the city of New York for covering up Crimes for failure to supervise and train properly and also arrest corrupt cops in my case in other cases that should be civil lawsuits because they're too many of us that are victims of a corrupt police administration in this case in powered by Mayor Deblasio and in Eric Garner and in my case at Michael Bloomberg

Google Dr Fagelman assault This took place in Soho and the doctor lives in the Tribeca  battery park downtown area  and the 1st Precinct caters to the rich the rich literally pick up the phone and call the cops like they're calling a deli to get fixing in favors the city needs to hold these people accountable.

 Why has City & State NY ever reported that the Manhattan DA asked to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex offender status and that the Manhattan DA has never told us what happened to a top official inside the DA who sexually assaulted an intern I'm just wondering what's going on with city and state covering up  wrongdoing inside the Manhattan DA and One Police Plaza ?

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Children's Magical Garden Violently Attacked Please Contact City Officials To Take Action!

Please Forward
Children's Magical Garden

Breaking News

Immediate Release:

What: Breaking News, Attack on Children’s Magical Garden, Youth Meditation Area Razed to the Ground, Press Conference at the Garden Tomorrow 7.30 am

Members of Children’s Magical Garden were heartbroken and outraged to discover as they came to the garden on Sunday that a trespasser had illegally broken into their property and senselessly destroyed many of their treasured plantings, including their mature and flowering nectarine tree, elderberry bushes, butterfly bushes (which attracted monarch butterflies to the garden each year), mature boxwoods, and perennial flowers.

The Gardeners are concerned about this latest attack against their property and what David Marom might do next.  We are asking the community to call your representatives and let them know what the Children’s Magical Garden means to you. Coucilmember Chin 212-587-3159, Speaker, Corey Johnson: (212) 564-7757, Public Advocate, Jumaane Williams: (212) 669-7250

More Info Below:

Where :  Children’s Magical Garden, 129 Stanton Street, Lower East Side, Manhatan, Link to map:


When: 7:30 AM Tuesday, April 9th, 2019
Coffee and donuts served! 


Dave Currence, Children's Magical Garden Board Memeber

More Info: The