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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

NYU Mega dormed the East Village to Death with Cooper Union, NY Law, etc but NIGHT LIFE WAS A KILLER TOO


"Party promoters in New York are part of a complex game that most don't even know they're playing. Max Pearl reports on how property developers and gentrification are irreversibly shaping the city's dance music scene."

We know some real estate magnates (some posing as higher ed college presidents but they were really about higher greed and using higher ed as a tax shelter to supersize and destroy communities, green spaces....etc.

East West Village etc.  that are going to get some prime real estate in hell with the NYPD they bought like cheap candy -- NYPD and retired top brass.....

but oh yeah night life was a killer too....

NYU John Sexton his pal Amanda the People's Burden, Rudin and his many flunkies -- Rudin bad xeroxes of their grand parents...who makes a Trauma level 1 hospital in to luxury condos with horrific ads "live any where you want..."

Well you can't die where you want --- you will die on your way to a hospital far far away....?