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Monday, January 27, 2014

NYU Tragic Fall from NYU Mega Dorm East Village Not a Surprise

Huge concern when NYU got away with yet another zone busting mega dorm in the East Village the last one St Ann's Church was a concern that once NYU got away with the illegal air sale from the USPS that yes own the air rights over the church that the St Ann's Mega Dorm would replace the Bobst Library as the NYU hot spot for suicide.

Very tragic very sad -- not a surprise....  This dorm is just half a block away from St Ann's mega dorm Amanda the People's Burden -- the worst city planner commissioner pushed through --- and in the old days emaciated heroin addicted sex workers would stand outside the 3rd Avenue dorm waiting for NYU students to take them inside.

NYU Tragic Fall from NYU Mega Dorm East Village Not a Surprise

John Sexton is the Bernie Madoff of real estate --- he made off with the Village east and west --- oh and in the name of higher ed but it was about higher greed...

no surprise students getting high and or committing suicide....  Bobst Library cut down on suicides by installing suicide barriers.