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The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg HP SAIC 911 Tech Corruption CityTime and 311 Historic Tax Payer Titanic (s) Ssshhhhh

The Wall St Journal Reports on 911 Problems but not in NYC Bloomberg's biggest Tax Payer Titanic and more corrupt than CityTime

Posted this comment on WSJ article

Emergency responders say the location data provided by cellphones isn't precise enough  Too bad the power brokers of NY media won't allow any reporting on the largest most historic corruption bigger than CityTime the 911 Tech corruption originally called ECTP -- 1 billion 4 million dollars over budget and the 2nd emergency commander center is not up so if Brooklyn ECC gets knocked out than One Police Plaza gets the 911 calls. For that kind of money you think you might be able to text 911 and the NYPD would show up promptly and the correct address ditto EMS but worse is mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn where notified by a whistle blower years ago as well as than head of DOITT Paul Cosgrove about HP and maybe because Mike loves HP they way he loved SAIC, HP like Team Bloomberg Teflon?  HP was not alone -- this was like CityTime but bigger scale and our lives at risk.

FYI:  The AP reported on a Friday so by coincidence hard har har no NYC media reported that someone -- we don't know who -- was trying to get HP biggies ousted from the NY Pension board.

My guess is Mike Bloomberg appointed them and if he didn't Rudy would have as Rudy was wooing the big contractors before Mike for the same reason he wanted entrée to The White House.

HP is one of the top 20 military contractors.

My guess is John Liu wanted their ouster.

It is amazing who are the lobbyists on the uber corrupt historic rip-offs NYC gov starting with  CityTime and even bigger 911 ---   I can't even get the figures on 311 but 311 is the tax payer's titanic as well.