May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jackson Galaxy Looks Like a Hell's Angel Rescue Yourself Adopt a Pit T shirt Might Mutts

Suzannah with bad cold from stress of abuse so horrific at a medical office in Soho NYC
fixed by the NYPD -- a year later still suffering -- trying doing what Dr Andrew
Fagelman's receptionist office manager did to a dog.

Jackson Galaxy and Mighty Mutts Rescue Yourself 
Adopt a Pit T-shirt   Holding up a pink Might Mutts T shirt I bought for $10

I have a cold from the stresses of dealing with being victim of a savage attack
by Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist + NYPD IAB fixing and I am in
Federal  Court suing City NYPD IAB -- unlike Jackson Galaxy I didn't
have his kind of demons to battle but I found him on Netflix and love him.

If dr andrew fagelman was a vet no a 
Soho Internist and Delita Hooks did
what she did to a dog the ASPCA 
would have arrested her. I caught NYPD
IAB fixing like they got Viagra from the
medical office. 

After almost a year the NYPD re-opened 
the case like thieves in the night, found out by luck.  Than I got her false criminal
report and the City of NY lawyer not responding to my email promptly knocked out my immune system along
with on going insomnia and PTS. When Delite aka Delita learned I went to the NYPD she went the next day and filed a False Criminal Report also a crime as was making a hole in my retina when the video goes black.

I read the intro to the book -- deeply
moving.  I adopted a 10 year old Daisy
left on the street to die and Whiskers 
put her in their window blind in one eye 
I adopted her only to learn she had
glaucoma level 80 -- for a human or cat 
20 is the cut off point. 

Daisy also had a SEVERLY rotted front fang that had to be removed.  I was asked if they could save her tooth could I afford a root canal fee and I said probably not.  Dr Riback of Animal Medical Center told me after surgery the tooth was too far gone and filled with pus.   AMC gets an A for their interactions and care with me and my 4 legged loves.

We had 6 or 7 great years but the local Vet's employees get an F for how they handled putting her to sleep.  

Reading Jackson's thoughts about Benny deeply move me. 

The NY Times describes him as looking like a Hell's Angel but he is the opposite
of a fiercesome biker and helps cats and cat guardians that need insight in to furry
Felines and harmonious households.

I am so stressed out, the TV show stress release for me.

Jackson, FYI, I have documented proof the Wiki page on me being censored was vandalized
and the cyber vandals took a misogynisr swipe at my love of cats and I have the screenshot.

The abusers did this after this YouTube.   This was when I was hoping to keep Daisy alive
and going and AMC was helping me.

Wiki refuses to return the page pre vandals.

I also bought a Might Mutts T Shirt to support adoptions of dogs including Pits as well as Cat Rescues.

Meeting friend for lunch them home to bed.  Wiped out from cold and stress.